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The Mother of all Conspiracies – The research of Ahmad Mokhzani


My dear friend Ahmad has managed to circumvent the IT problem that was halting this very important interview. Thank you all for your patience. Remember, please hold back any questions you may have, until the interview is concluded.

Multidisciplinary scholar – Ahmad Mokhzani

This article is dedicated to the work of a researcher I met in Salford, June 2006. I have had many comminucations with him and I feel his work is highly worth publishing and discussing. Hopefully here, I can post a set of Q’s and A’s here as a kind of rolling interview.

What follows are links to his web-based work and other sites he reccommends. After that, will be the start of the interview. If you have questions, please wait until the interview has ended. Thank you.

– Introducing Islamic Jurisprudence In Contrast To Other Versions Of Jurisprudence
– Genesis And Development Of Zionism In Relations To The Antichrist. Israel Is Fulfillment Of The Advent Of Christ Of The Fundamentalist Christians, The Twelth Imam And Moshiach Of The Jews. Appearance Of The Antichrist As The Twelth Imam Of Iran, Christ Of The Holy See And Moshiach Of Greater Israel.
– The Community Powerhouse Of The UNU Group Serving The Globe. The UNU Group Is Envisioned To Be The Future Global Business-Revival Leader In Serving The World Nations. We Strive To Reveal The Hidden Truth Behind Various Global Events As Well As To Educate Humanity Towards Knowing Their Creator. We Are Science And Philanthropy Wing Of The UNU Group
– Introducing Islamic History In Contrast To Other Versions Of History
– Reccomendation. Emphasis on Palestine and its Occupiers.
– Reccomendation. “See through the murky waters”
Zionism and Shi’ahism


First off Ahmad, to get the ball rolling I’d like to ask this of you:

1) For the benefit of those who have no knowledge of your research, summarize for us if you will in a paragraph the essence of what you have been studying.

 (old, now defunct) NOTICE:

Hopefully this post will develop and produce a rolling interview – It’s just that Ahmad has some annoying IT problems lately. Having been through some panic problems with data loss myself a few months back I have full sympathy. The link will remain and produce something soon. Thanks for your patience.–

A Short Speech by Craig Murray.


A Short Speech by Craig Murray.

(World Can’t Wait forum(?), USA, 2nd Oct?)


Something worthy of being transcribed – like most of what the superb Craig Murray does and says. An compassionate human amongst devils. – lwtc247

I was British Ambassador in Uzbekistan, central Asia, Immediately North of Afghanistan. I had been in the country for two weeks when I went to attend a dissident trial. Some gentlemen were charged with terrorism, membership of a group connected to Al-Qaeda, and a variety of terrorists acts.

I can only compare the atmosphere of that trial to one of Hitler’s show trials. The judge was screaming and haranguing the defendants, and making gratuitous anti-Islamic remarks like “how could you find time to commit so many crimes when you have to stop to prey 5 time a day”

They were surrounded in that courtroom, they were emaciated, beaten, they were sat on a low bench 3 off the floor in a sort of humiliated position and something happened that set me on the path that lead me here.

an old man had given evidence that two of the accused who were his nephews, were members of Al-Qaeda and had travelled to Afghanistan and met with Osama bin Laden in person. This old man was giving his evidence and he was a very bowed and defeated figure. He was obviously terrified, he was old and quite frail and giving his evidence in court, and suddenly, he seemed to find an inner strength. Suddenly courage came to him, and he stood taller and he said in a much louder voice “This is not true. This is not true. They tortured my children in front of me until I signed this statement. We are good Muslims but we are poor farmers from Anderjan. What do we know about Osama bin Laden?” and as I sat in that courtroom, as it happened I was within a yard of him as he spoke – I could have touched him. And you could tell at that moment he was speaking the truth. and he must have known that he was very likely signing his own death warrant when he said that in that court, because the Uzbek regime is an appalling totalitarian regime.

Very shortly after that, I obtained on my desk, an envelope with photos of a dead man, who had been, he we was one of some 10,000 political prisoners in Uzbekistan. His body had been returned to his mother for burial. She had taken photos of it which came to me. I sent them off the UK for pathological report. The report came back and it said that his fingernails had been pulled out, he had been beaten about the face and neck, and he had died of immersion in boiling liquid and it was immersion not splashing because there was a clear tide-line around the upper torso and upper limbs and 100% scalding underneath.

This regime that boils people alive, I was under instructions, I was British Ambassador, I was never to speak in public without starting by saying “how grateful we were to that regime for its cooperation in the war on terror and the fight against Islamic fundamentalism and how grateful we were that it was a member of the coalition of the willing, and had sent a small contingent to Iraq.

President Karimov has had tea in the white house with President Bush, Donald Rumsfeld visited three times while I was there, and in that year that guy was boiled to death, 2002, the United States gave over 500 million dollars in US taxpayers money to the Uzbek regime, 120 millions dollars of that the Uzbek armed forces and over 82 million dollars to be precise to the Uzbek security services. When they boiled that guy to death, the American paid to heat the water.

At the same time, at the same time as British Ambassador, I was seeing CIA intelligence coming out of the country. Once Uzbeks realized that I was taking an interest and trying to do something about this human rights abuses, they came to me with their stories, and we built up a dossier of hundreds of cases of people who had been tortured. We met some of the people themselves, we met their families, we had letters smuggled out of the prisons, we had photographic evidence and we also found what they were having to do when they were tortured. They were having to confess to membership of Al Qaeda or groups linked to Al-Qaeda. they were very often having to confess to having gone to Afghanistan and having met Osama bin Laden, and they were having to sign up to long lists of other people who they had to say were members of al0-qaeda, very often not always in Uzbekistan – these could be people in the United States, in the UK, where ever. Very often the person being tortured had never head of these people. But if they are plunging your arm in boiling liquid, if there raping your daughter in front of your eyes until you sign, and all those things happened… you sign!

And at the same time as British ambassador, under the US UK intelligence sharing agreement, I was seeing the CIA intelligence coming out of Uzbekistan, and the CIA intelligence, came from the Uzbek security services. It came out of those torture chambers and it said exactly the same stuff. There were long lists of members of Al-Qaeda and it was vastly exaggerating the threat from Islamic extremism in Uzbekistan. In fact, there was hardly any Islamic extremism in Uzbekistan until the US government started supporting the dictatorship and that’s the kind of stupidity which causes the terror they claim to be fighting.

Much of the CIA material was demonstrably wring. I recall for example CIA material about a man who was said to be a member of Al-Qaeda and I knew him and he was a Jehovah’s witness. The CIA intelligence material was so firm, they have Jehovah’s Witnesses as Al-Qaeda members. I don’t think al-Qaeda even tried to recruit Jehovah’s Witnesses, almost certainly Jehovah’s Witnesses would try to recruit Al-Qaeda if they could find them.

But the purpose of this false intelligence was to build up a threat of Islamic extremism and exaggerate it. and when you hear again and again and again, that intelligence is why people, Muslims in the UK and US, are continually being arrested in their thousands under anti-terrorism legislation, and that the arrests are based on intelligence, remember that that can be product of a torture cell, anywhere around the world under the extraordinary rendition programme. And that’s what this legalisation of torture means. It doesn’t just mean an appalling term, Bush isn’t a neoconservative, this is neo-medieval-ism, neo-medieval-ism! They brought back torture and they brought back the crusades and they are trying to demonise Muslims and cause Islamaphobia by ratcheting up the fear scale again and again and again with terror plots which I can tell you from first hand experience are often completely fabricated and we are not going to fall for it any more.

And it’s used to erode our civil rights and characterise Muslims as non-humans, so when they arrest and torture Muslims we will accept it. So when they tell us that habeas corpus is gone we will accept it, so that when they invade Muslim to get their oil and gas we will accept it.

Well we have seen through it! We are not accepting it any more!

It is the anti-war movement in the United kingdom that has caused Tony Blair to have to leave three years before he wanted to.

The architects of this crusade are being driven out. Aznar has gone, Berlusconi has gone, Blair has gone and now Bush will go.

Thank you.

23 years old or 23 years of service?

BSB high speed lubricant.
Every slippery politican wants some.


23 years old or 23 years of service?

No intro, just a question.

Is there a case that the Government misled the house (no politician is stupid enough to lie, but they are certainly deviously slippery enough to ‘suggest’) that the small fry blamed for the loss of the 2 CD’s containing child benefit related data, the junior officer, was actually an officer of 23 years standing? Some people are suggesting there is a case.

The person is suspended [1,2,3] and of course his age and position will be known.

If he is not 23 years old then won’t the government just say they never mentoned his age and that junior official refered to his rank. They will also say they are just reporting to the house what they were tolb by the NAO and HMRC.

Side issue: Alisatir darling in his commons statement[4] suggests it is becasue we don’t have a biometric ID system that the loss of the 2 CD’s is an issue at all. The little weasel.

See what your leaders predict about you and the world.

From the British Ministry of Defense.

 Thanks to Stef and the Antagonist, two highly respected individuals, for bringing this to the attention of all. Please read Stef’s specific article and a comment the Antagonist made at the J7 forum on one aspect of this publication.

– Click here to get your FREE copy today –

An unsurprizing hardening of religion.

A British woman Gillian Gibbons has been arrested in Sudan after allowing a teddy bear to be names Muhammad, apparently as it is an insult to Islam.

Ms. Gillian Gibbons

  The reaction of the Sudanese is IMO ott, but I’m not surprised. The attacks on things seen as being in the ‘arena of Islam’ have been attacked by haters of Islam far too long already. It is only natural that the action brings about a reaction. I think we see that here.

What Should have happened is that

1) The teacher is initially briefed on issues which may be “Islamically sensitive” before she started work, although her past colleague says “Certainly she is also very worldly wise and she is obviously aware of the sensitivities around Islam.”, but still, ‘non club members’ are less likely to know all the club rules!

2) Once the ‘problem’ of the teddy bear was noticed the teacher should have had a consultation with the Head Teacher and advised it was better not to apply the name to an inanimate creature or object.

3) Have a recognized and respected religious scholar have a discussion with her about the issue.

4) Have the religious scholar and the head teacher have a discussion with the  parents concerned – possibly even ask for a UK scholar come over and discuss with her and the Sudanese authorities.

5) Have the Parents discuss the issue with Ms. Gibbon.  Gibbon is a non-Muslim, unlikely to know of all Muslim sensitivities, and this is likely to have made a mistake. A case like this should have been easy to ascertain  if there was malice involved.

According to the BBC (yes dangerous to accept what they say without scrutiny) the pupils named it Muhammed. The teacher may well have thought that ‘the kids may not have called it that if it was so taboo’. I myself have used the name Muhammad at times when I’ve need to draw up a ‘John Smith’ instant name simply doing so because it is popular and comes to mind so readily.

BBC said “It is seen as an insult to Islam to attempt to make an image of the Prophet Muhammad.”  This is what will be buzzing around in the heads of some Muslims. Thinking that the teacher (and not the pupils!) is saying the bear is the prophet Muhammad (saw) which surely is nonsense.

Besides, there is a story about one part of the life of the prophet, and that is, of a woman who used to throw rubbish on him. I see from that Sunnah that the very clear insult to the real live prophet wasn’t met with any action such as lashes, jail and a fine.

It seems to me that non-Muslims are reluctant to talk about this lest they be seen joining in on an attack (in some way) on Islam. So the Muslim community should speak out a bit more in cases like this. I remember the good Iranian people holding vigils for those killed when elements of the US government helped distinguish 3000 lives on 9-11 as well as inflict health problems on tens of thousands more. 

But with the ever shortening fuse of Muslims, snipped way by the nations of Zion, it is not so surprising these things happen and understandable that Muslims are generally quiet about such issues.

200 lashes and 6 months.

200 lashes and 6 months.

I cannot read God’s ‘mind’ and admittedly I am deeply ignorant of Islamic law, but if that punishment is what God would have us bestow upon that woman then I cannot and will not argue against it.

But it seems so opposite to common sense. Yes, ‘seems’ is an emotive term, but it looks so unjust! Is my ignorance of Islamic law so bad that this ruling by the Saudi judiciary, ends up being alien to my perception of Islamic justice?

A couple of years ago, Professor Amina Wadud of Virginia Commonwealth University, a Muslim scholar living in the US, conducted Juma’a (a Friday prayer) and there were men in the prayer. She did it to highlight the discrimination against women in Islam.

Professor of Islamic Studies, Amina Wadud

This woman was condemned for what she did but those idiot critics missed the point and actually proved her right perfectly. How? Because there was NO condemnation of the men who took part in that prayer! If the men had left the congregation and didn’t take part in the prayer, then there would have been no problem. Not even Amina Wadud or anyone else who has commentated on the case has realised this point, and it is a point which would should have made her critics flee in shame at their narrow mindedness. (Note: I am not endorsing their acions that day)

Professor 1, unthinking people 0. 

Since when have women in Islam been a peripheral issue, almost like an annoyance? Where does God decree that women have no say in Islam or their free will to follow a “must” in Islam. Islam is dominated by a male interpretation of the Qur’an yet I see no bligation for it to be this way. 

So, back to this poor woman in Saudi occupied Arabia. 200 lashed – Can you imagine that??? I certainly can’t and I wouldn’t be surprised if it kills her).

Islam is being portrayed in a bad light and I really don’t think it’s my possible ‘western-liberal’ tinted glasses that are the problem here, but rather that this ruling may not actually be Islamic law, but rather the ruling of Saudi male judges.

It was said that the woman’s sentence was doubled after appealing against the leniency of the seven mens sentences (2 years in jail supposedly) and for supposedly trying to use the media to support her campaign.

But It has been said that the punishment for rapists is death. Why are these rapists not being demented to death for rape?

“The 19-year-old, who has not been named, was travelling in a car with a male friend last year, when the car was attacked by a gang of seven men who raped both of them.”[1]

What happened to the man who gave her the lift? Isn’t he too guilt of being in a car with an unrelated person? He was supposedly raped too. What is his punishment?

200 lashes and 6 months, to a gang raped woman and having to do time in a Saudi prison.

 Is that Islamic justice or male Saudi Justice?


One the ugly side of blogs… (continued)

For those that were following the Rachel (and her supporters) against FJL, cat-fight, as well as the very uncomfortably hunting of fjl, you may like an update:

catch the latest dispute.

s and they still haven’t managed to …

Kingphisher betwixt the Phisher King.


-“Sir Percival come to my aid, your Phisher King awaits you.”

— Inspired by Stef —



 I often slate the BBC for its utterly crap job it and its “journalsts” do.  It’s fully deserved and I plan to continue the endevour. But I still read it quite a lot doing a BBCwatch on it if you like – keeping on eye on the sewerage works for you and I. As well as its miserable political news section, its science section is just as crap. 

Reading the latest bit of unchallenging scientific moonery on the BBC, my eyes caught this headline:…

US plans permanent base on Moon    –   05 Dec 06

Wow. Abitious huh? Imagine all the hard planning and those d0ll0r$ being spent. The real thrust of this blog entry is the sequence of headlines which cummarises the pathetic speils the BBC pumps out without a moments contemplation. Still… the contents of the article are also amusing in their own right.

Here’s some extracts…

blah blah blah…The structure of the base and the exact duties of the astronauts stationed there have not been decided…. blah blah blah……Nor is it clear when the base will begin functioning.

comment:> Must be one HELL of a plan!

blah blah blah…The permanent base will be built near one of the two poles, as these are felt to have a moderate climate and more sunlight – essential if the base is to use solar energy.….then….”It’s exciting,” Shana Dale told the Reuters news agency. “We don’t know as much about the polar regions.”

comment:> Yeah. If I was going to build a base on a new ‘planet’ I’d build it in a place we know the least about too! Like I said… one H E L L of a plan.

Then we are treated to some proof by computer graphics… Aaaaa innit cute!


 But get this…. next headline showing how utterly crap the BBC were to simply act as reprinter of words without the slightest challenge to what it was being told.

Lunar dust ‘may harm astronauts’   –  18 Mar 07 |  Science/Nature


OB1 has taught you well – but not that well!

A good match?


Naaaaah. Even using the disgraceful tactics the Metropilitan police force used to try and justify murdering an innocent man (deliberately IMO), not even the hoodie can pull it off, nor can the beard trim & dye. Same goes for the eye baggage.

 What about this one then?

No sorry. Just as bad. Hey I propose a new name… Osama bin Ladens.


Excerpt from comments on an article featured at ICH (…..

 Here’s the official 9/11 story in a nutshell:


Once upon a time, in a remote cave in Afghanistan, there lived a multi-millionaire CIA asset named Osama bin Laden who suffered from kidney failure. I know what you are saying: “Why would a wealthy man who was seriously ill choose to live in a cave when he could afford a top-of-the-line modern health care facility?” Sorry, this fairytale doesn’t answer that type of question. (Maybe he had a generator and a dialysis machine in the cave?)

Osama decided to attack America. His motive was simple: “He hated our freedoms!”

Osama left no evidence because he conspired with his followers only through mental telepathy. They were 19 devout Muslims living in the USA who–oddly enough–liked Las Vegas, alcohol, pork, prostitutes, and lap dances. (Is all that in the Koran?)

The 19 armed themselves with boxcutters, made themselves invisible, sneaked onto four commercial airliners and flew around US air space (these know-nothing playboys turned out to be phenomenal pilots and navigators!) crashing them into buildings in New York City and Washington DC. For two hours, the mighty US Air Force just sat on its hands and watched passively.

An hour after the crazed fanatics crashed into the Twin Towers, these steel buildings mysteriously pulverized themselves (they looked like peeling bananas!) and dropped to the ground. The young men made one plane invisible before crashing it into the Pentagon. They crashed another in Pennsylvania, leaving no wreckage. To top off that very strange day, several hours later a third steel skyscraper, Building 7, sunk into its own footprint just like a controlled demolition!

And it’s not over yet! After 9/11, nine of the men who had been identified as hijackers stepped forward (alive, obviously) and proclaimed their innocence!

And Osama lived happily ever after.

Some splendid reading:1)  Why It Is Important To Understand 9/11

2) The Fake 2001 bin Laden Video Tape

3) Osama bin Laden: The Newest Fake

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