Dear George Galloway…

GG hammering Norm Coleman 

I am a huge fan of George Galloway (GG). I am also a member of RESPECT. I share many of GG’s views, which are the principles on which RESPECT was built on. Perhaps because I like him a lot that I feel extra sad when GG says things which I believe are ill founded. True to form, in my belief that NO man should go unquestioned no matter what message he delivers (voices for truth included – as truth can never give a bad answer to a question), I want to raise a number of issues here, about GG – the best politician I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. I also contributed to his legal fund against the Telegraph which ran the stories on the fireproof documents (forgeries of course) ‘found’ in the burning Iraqi ministry of oil. – P.S. Despite reassurances that the money would be retuened after the case, I havent got mine back yet, although I’ve not asked for it either.


GG presents a radio Show called “the Mother of all Talkshows” on TalkSport radio. You can go to GG website called spidered news to listen to it. And please do. It’s great to hear his views and a number of the intelligent callers who discuss wmongst other things, political issues.

26-10-07 SpideredNews Galloway

GG: Here’s Mark in Hampstead. Go ahead Mark
M: Yeah Hi George how are you doing.

GG: Hi.

M: Just a question for you. There’s a guy on the internet, I don’t know if you’ve come across him , called Frank Weltner, who talks about a lot about Zionist conspiracy theories.

GG: No I’ve not heard of him, no.

F: Oh right I just really wanted to see what your views are but if you’ve never heard of him…i suppose…

GG: I’ve not but, I’m against most conspiracy theories and when I heard the words Zionism and conspiracy in the same sentence Mark, I always get nervous, because I don’t like anything that smacks of racism and anti-Semitism is of course, racism of the most poisonous kind.

George, what on earth are you talking about? A man of your intellect connecting Zionism with anti-Semetism? Good grief George, you seem to think Zionism is a Yiddish or Hebrew word for Judaism. It’s not! I was flabbergasted when you said this. People who attack Zionism are not being racist. Zionism is a political philosophy which iteself is a great and powerful source of racisism. People who oppose Zionism are not racists, rather, they are the ones who OPPOSE racism. How could you be so utterly wrong my good man?.

There are white Christian Zionists and there are White and Middle East Jewish Zionists (white European Jew converts i.e. Khazars and Semeties respectively) and It’s my opinion there are some Muslim Zionists too (e.g. some Turkmen and some Arabs). Indeed you yourself frequently decry the tyranny of Muslim puppet governments and corrupt Kings. Zionism contains within itself superiority and domination. It draws occidentals and Semites and even black people into its ranks under the guize of monotheastic apocalypic religionis, and then these very people discriminate against the Jews, Christians and Muslims who do not panser to their perverted doomsday vision that what they are work for is what God has proclained in Judaic, Christina and Islamic prophecy, whereas in fact, they are doing the UTTER reverse. It is these Zionists that are ushering in the exact opposite. The tyrannical, evil blind hatred anti-christ prophecy. The evil, oppressive murderous tyranny the Zionists are working towards will not bring the Messiah back, but the Anti-Christ, the dajjal. the beast. You can see it with godless Israel today. None of the Jews or Christins or Muslims that support the godless fake state of Israel today are implementing the code of practive God has revealed to them in their scriptures. Instead they follow the most bleak and hideous and enduring apartheid we have ever seen.

I cannot believe a man of your intelligence can be so totally wrong about this. I strongly advise you to get some research done on this topic George as it is very much to your detriment that you are deeply ignorant on this issue.


27-10-07. GG’s 4 hour marathon. Spidered News.  48m:15s

GG: Here’s Diane in Newham. Hi Dane. Welcome

D: Hello George.

GG: Hi.

D: It was about the time the Americans were either going into Afghanistan or had already gone into Afghanistan, and in those days, I used to listen to a different speeh radio station that I think took their news from ITN. And this was a short news trail, and it was Ariel Sharon, and he turned round and said yes, today Afghanistan, tomorow Iraq and then Iran. I just couldn’t believe my ears.

GG: There’s no doubt Diane that one of the most powerful motives for attacking iran is becasuse it would be an attempt to destroy the very last country in that region that has any ability at all to stand up to Israeli expansion and Israeli dictat. There’s no doubt that the strong supporters of the war in washington are the strongest supporters of Israel and there’s no doubt that Iraq was broken to suit Israel as well as many other reasons and Iran would be as well.

D: YEs but what it means {is that} we’re fighting Israels war.

GG: Well were really fighting Americas war becasue Israel fights Americas wars. Its not that America works for Israeel its that Israel works for Americaa Dian.

D: YEs but it was all those those years {that it was} already planned.

GG: OK. Thank you very much Diane in Newham
George is straining in his description of the Iranian opposition against Israel. I get the impression he is trying not to  tell the actual reality that the good people of Iran would like nothing better than for that evil fake state to disband so that Palestinians could regain control of their lands once more, I.e. for whatt we know of as Israel to simply collapse. Perhaps he doesn’t want to give any kind of support to those who make those false claims about what Amhadinejad said about Israel, i.e. the lie that Ahmadinajad said he wants to wipe Israel off the map – a lie which is meant to imply total military destruction.

But I have to say, that’s not my Impression. This call has left me with the impression he didn’t mention the reality becasue he would argue against those who say Israel DOED NOT have the right to exist.

And he absolves Israel from blame in US war mongering.

Once again however, he could not be more completely wrong when he gives the ‘corrction’ that Israel is fighting America’s wars. George, answer me this. If Israel is fighting Americas wars, Where was the Israeli contingent in Central and Southern America, Gulf War I (Desert Strom), Bosnia/Kosovo, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Norea, Cambodia, Laos, Somalia? George, you are absolutely 100% wrong on your ideas about the Israeli/US relationship and that of Zionism. Scarily wrong. My most excellent comrade, you need to spend some time researching this. My advice: do it today my son, and do it now!

How could you not know this? I am sure you did your homework on Senator Coleman when you went to Capitol Hill to answer questions on the bogus oil kickbacks allegations. I’m sure you did your homework into the funding of a number of US senators and congressmen. How could you not already know that the heavy pro-Israel Zionist Jewish and Zionst Christian presence in both houses and also the pro-Israel US president. Donb’t you know every presidentail candidate has to publically declare his intention to protect Israel before he can be elected-cum-selected as US president. Don’t you know many of the Media’s tycoons and businessmen are pro-Israeli Zionst Jews and Christians?

26-10-07 sPIDEREDnEWS galloway.

71:20 Here’s Damien…

GG: And By thy way, I’m not holding any candles for Ahmadinejad. I don’t even like him.

Have you ever met him George? Have you discussed politics with him? Have you researched his politics George?


George. You calim to be a man of God. Religious dogma from scripture indicated homosexuality is a sin. Yet, you seem to fight on the side of those who wish to engage in homosexuality and against those who oppose homosexuality. If you would be so generousm, I’d appreciate it if you would explain why on this issue you believe in God yet rebel against Gods condemnation of this practice.
54: 50 26-10-07 sPIDEREDnEWS gALLOWAY.

GG: Here neal in ealing.

N: Hi George how are you doing man.

GG: I’m doing fine son thanks for calling

N: Listen, I’ve got enought respect for you George,  yeah,

GG: Thanks mate.

N: You know, a member of parliament and speaking out for people and doing everythign you can. But can I ask you one question

GG: Yeah

N: I just want to ask you one question yeah,

GG: Yeah yeah.

N: The country and everyting in the world, its in like, it’s in catatastrophy yeah. Right, now there’s one book, I’m indian by the way yeah, I was born in Hinduism, I just want to let you know that right, but, there’s this(?) book on this earth, that proclaims there’s a prophecy, There’s a prophecy and it’s being fulfilled now. It is actually happening. everything that’s happenened, you know from day one, is happening now.

GG: OK whats the book an what the prophecy Neal

N: The prophecy, that Gog and Magog, will rise again, yeah the west, yeah, and everything which, everything that the Bible has proclaimed has been/is being fulfilled. Believe me. I was brought up in Hinduism, yeah bit I’ve searched every religion and the only explanation I get, yeah, and exactly with England as well, England based its foundation on Christianity, but in recent years, like the last 20 years, it’s lost, it’s divorced the only God that would make it survive.

GG: I think thats probably enought of that from Neal in Ealing.

7 Responses to “Dear George Galloway…”

  1. 1 steph November 13, 2007 at 4:18 pm

    Galloway is Old Labour: he’s not a revolutionary, an anarchist, a Marxist or even a Marxist-Leninist, like the SWP that are part of respect. He holds very authoritarian views on some things and liberal views on others, bottom line – he’s a parliamentarian, he appeals to his electorate and can sometimes when it suits him, he can be very partisan.

    His take on Iran is like that, he uses imperialist terminology, calling Iranian Ayatollahs, Mullahs – that’s just plain disrespectful. He is still in the mindset that being pro Iranian is being anti Iraqi, or being pro Shia is being anti Sunni. Ahmadinejad is the opposite, he is pro Muslim unity and pro Arab and Iranian unity. Ahmadinejad is a religious conservative but politically and economically, he’s a radical left wing revolutionary. I wonder if Galloway knows that.

    On the words Zionist and conspiracy – I wonder how open talk sport is to those discussions? Why has Galloway never discussed Israeli involvement in the London bombing of its own embassy?

  2. 2 lwtc247 November 14, 2007 at 5:13 am

    I agree there are some things GG’s says and does which really he accuses other of but from the opposite political direction.

    But in life I think no-one can represent all of our views (most other people seem to have it the wrong way around, they daftly let parties shape their views!!! – LOL) but we must work with them on occasions to further our goal (if of course they don’t betray us). GG is adamantly anti-war against Iran as he was against Iraq. That stance earned my respect and support. Once war has been prevented then hopefully we can try and show GG he has wrong perceptions about Iran. But he is VERY stubborn on some issues, I fear he has no time for a theocratic democracy.

    “Ahmadinejad is a religious conservative but politically and economically, he’s a radical left wing revolutionary. I wonder if Galloway knows that.” – I don’t think he does know that as I think GG may like him for that. GG likes Craig Murray but identifies Murray with conservativism. Murray is honest and plain speaking – I think that is why GG likes Murray.

    Another odd thing. GG is very dismissive of Zionist propaganda spin organization “Memri” yet seems to adopt some of Memri’s spin on what Ahmadinejad says. I must say that GG does not in any way accept the lie about Jad wanting to wipe Israel off the map, GG is very good and clear on that point, but other things that really, GG should know show much better judgement.

    Oh well.

  3. 3 DCM January 2, 2008 at 1:42 am

    “There’s a guy on the internet, I don’t know if you’ve come across him , called Frank Weltner, who talks about a lot about Zionist conspiracy theories.”

    Well in this instance George was right to smell a rat – Frank Weltner is a notorious racist white supremacist and is associated with a nasty hate site called ‘Jew Watch’.

    Thank goodness George didn’t let that caller air views the of this particularly vile far-right fascist.

  4. 4 lwtc247 January 2, 2008 at 4:09 am

    Hi DCM.
    Thanks for contributing. I agree right wing fascists should be opposed, and I’m not going to make any excuses for them.

    It seems to me however that anti-Zionists are left with a problem. Many Jews subscribe to Zionism as they think it is simply political Judaism. It isn’t. It’s exactly the opposite. Becasue so many Jews subscribe to it, the term Jew, which used to be applied to the people following Judaism, can now validly be used to describe these Zionist Jews.
    The word Jew as Weltner uses it, is, from my perspective anyway, in that sence. And the barbarism of Zionists (synonomous with Jews) is well known.

    So I can see why Weltner is critical of ‘Jews’.

    The problem is therefore, that even if a fascist speaks the truth, what he says isn’t falsehood becasue he said it, so the heart of the matter is “Is what Weltner says true or not?” He may have nasty and perverse Ultra right wing views but it still may be the truth.

    One example of what Weltner says, If memory serves me correctly, disputes the numbers of Jews killed in the holocaust at Auschwitz, (As David Irvine does – another man GG despises). His(their) reasons for doing so seem perfectly legitimiate to me. i.e. the deaths record/log at the camps. It’s usually the olocaust issue which people take up when they debate Weltner / Irvine etc.

    I think some people like Weltner are simply putting themsleves on the side that they find is more substantiated. If what Finkelstein calls the “Holocaust industry” has all the correct numbers and details of the holocaust then they should prove it rather than just keep a number from verbal tradition.

    Similiar things happened about Jewish skin being used for lampshades and Jewish fat being used for soap.

    I haven’t seen any ‘hate’ from Weltner and I don’t know what he thinks of groups like Jews against Zionism, Neturei Karta, Jews not Zionists, and so forth (incidently Jews who also speak out about the Zionism, hence neo-Jews)

    What’s your position of the validity of truth(or otherwise) by people firecely contested as being ‘evil’?

  5. 5 lwtc247 January 2, 2008 at 4:23 am

    oops forgot to add.

    I don’t think GG smelt a rat. He seemed quite sincere that he’d never heard of the guy.

    And it wasn’t that GG ‘didn’t let’ Mark in Hampstead discuss it. Mark seemed quite genuine in that he wanted to discuss it becasue of the way Mark reacted when GG denied he knew of him. (although if GG did know of Weltner, his reaction would be wholly predictable)

    But I understand what you are saying (correct me if I’m wrong) which is ‘Right wing fascists shouldn’t be able to speak on these issues’ – yes?

    This point formed the basis of most of one of GGs shows when he discussed Irvine and Griffin who were to give a speech at the Oxford union. Actually I support their right to say whatever they want. I feel that if fascists and hatemongers speak out then those in the opposite camp sould also speak out and intellectually debunk such fallacious points. The problem is the voices like the BNP go laegely unchallenged due to significant apathy.

  6. 6 DCM January 2, 2008 at 7:34 pm

    Well I do not support the right of fascists to speak out. Weltner is a white supremacist and a racist and a disgusting anti-semite. It is people like Weltner (and sadly you by the sound of it) that allow Zionists to call those opposing Zionism ‘anti-semites’. Zionist is NOT the same as ‘Jew’. There are plenty of Jewish people who fully identify with their Jewish roots but oppose Israel and there are less Jewish people than ever who identify with or support Israel.

    If you have read up on Weltner and still do not think that he is spreading hatred then I would start to seriously wonder where it is you are coming from. It is not the most dedicated fighter of racism that would creat a site called ‘Jew Watch’ and talk of Jews being on a mission to ‘enslave the world’. That should leave a foul taste in anyone’s mouth to say the least.

  7. 7 lwtc247 January 2, 2008 at 8:21 pm

    “Well I do not support the right of fascists to speak out.” – Fair enough. It’s understandable and I think many more hold your view on that area of free spheech than do mine.

    Zionists call others ‘anti-semites’ becasue it is an effective tool at stonewalling opposing views. Racism is clearly wrong, and religion, judaism in this case, is something which others should tolerate. Judaism is very respectible (and I admire it grately. I have issues with bits of it though – in regard to I think parts of it have been changed by Rabbi’s [e.g. usury over gentiles] over the years and religious history describes well the rebelliousness of the ancient Jews at various times – see Moses for an example) as judaism as it’s central role is about worship of the one God, the creator of the universe.) and that is why the anti-semite slurr is so effective. Zionism cowers and cloaks itself with respectible Judaism so it can pretend to be sticking up for Judaism when Zionism is attacked. Its very effective and very cunning.

    “Zionist is NOT the same as ‘Jew’.” Yes I know, I’ve criticised people in the past for adopting that term, but as I mentioned above, I understand why the interchangability has occured, even if I don’t particularly agree with it. But you see, it’s yet another very clever consequence of the make that Zionists adon.

    “There are plenty of Jewish people who fully identify with their Jewish roots but oppose Israel and there are less Jewish people than ever who identify with or support Israel.” – Actually there is not as many who fit this description as there are Jews who align themselves (many of which are tricked IMO, commonly from lack of thought and self analysis). Those Jews like Finkelstrin and Pappe etc are Jems and even if they consider them selves secular, they are arguerably closer to Judaism than Zionists are. The ratio of Jewish pro-Zionists to anti-Zionists is so large that we get the problem of ‘Jews’ (therefore ALL Jews) being lableed as ‘evil’ people ans what have you. It seems like I didn’t manage to get this point across in my previous post, hence my repitition of it here.

    I’m not too sure what you mean by “(and sadly you by the sound of it)” – It seems like you think I too an a fascist as you describe Weltner as. I dont really know the guy, I’ve just seen some of the info he’s published on his site – specifically the number of Jews in and around the time of WW2 from historical census data and also multiple reports of the numbers of Jews killed in the holocaust.
    If you are tarring me with the same brush, I don’t think I deserve it. I think people who have read most of what I write would realise that comparison between me and the face-value appearance of Weltner is unsustainable.

    “If you have read up on Weltner and still do not think that he is spreading hatred then I would start to seriously wonder where it is you are coming from.” – Again I don’t think that’s fair. I could spend so much time reading about people who the Zionist ADL/ B’nai Brith label as hate mongerers. I’ve got my own things to do. If Weltner stirrs hate (or opposition to those who don’t deserve it, e.g. Zionist opposing Jews) then that’s clearly wrong and he should be condemed for it. I’m not going to get distracted in join the ADL throng of denunciation. If a hatemonger publishes info thats has academic credibility I’ll use it.

    “It is not the most dedicated fighter of racism that would creat a site called ‘Jew Watch’ ” – I get your point, but I’ve mentioned why that terminology may be flawed. He should focus on Zionists.

    “and talk of Jews being on a mission to ‘enslave the world’. That should leave a foul taste in anyone’s mouth to say the least.” – Once more, inappropriate terminology here is a major issue. As for enslavement, the Talmudic alterations in regards to the Gentiles (and we see this clearly with the treatment of Palestinians in occupied Palestine today) do actually lead to supremacy and hence enslavemewnt. I’ve never really investigated this, but it’s been implied that the Rothschilds et al (surely one would find it hard to argue that people of the elitist ilk arn’t enslavers) have Jewish roots which is perhaps why Weltner says that kind of stuff. I don’t really know, just speculating.

    Fascists should be resisted. It’s just a pity they are so common.

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