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The last of the Gatekeepers.

I’ve got to know of Naomi Wolf when she did a great passionate and stinging podium speech against the powers that be a few months ago. It was so pleasing to the ear, that her self-pleasure in the limelight was completely forgiven, {Ed: I am wrong. My unfamiliarity with Ms. Wolf made me confused with Dr Dahlia Wasfi  M.D. – who I was also just beginning to know. The stinging speech I refer to can be found on YouTube and is called Dr. Dahlia Wasfi – Life in Iraq Under U.S. Occupation. Sorry. lwtc247} and has since been proceeded by this lecture: “The End of America: Letter of Warning To A Young Patriot” given October 11, 2007 at Kane Hall on the University of Washington campus.

And she is right. Fascism is coming, in fact it’s already here, it’s in the process of strengthening. But what she and other intellectual or politically aware commentators (such as Chomsky) consistently fail to do, is to peel back the fascist ‘onion’ to its core and see what lies at the centre.

It is clear this fascist onion stems from ZIONISM.

Wolf and others blinkerdness to this, leaves them open to legitimate suggestions of ‘gatekeeping’. Allegations of gatekeeping are difficult to prove, but their blindless to Zionism is frankly, himalayic, and so the suggestions cannot be disciunted so easily. However, even if such people were gatekeepers, they are playing an utterly cruical role in exposing the tyranny that we see today, are helping educate people about it and helping to grow public opinion to demand an end to it. In doing so they ned to induce a paradigm shift of perception in the minds of the public, a public who believe we are the righteous ones. In doing so, we can expect such liberated minds to progress through the coincidently named “gateway theory” of intellectual development and then start to query other previously held beliefs and cruically pick up on the huge numbers of fingers pointing towards the utterly nasty doctrine of Zionism which dominates the western world.

And becasue Zionism has its hands around the most proflifc wear/death machine (the US and UK) it is the greatest threat facing the world today.

Even before it was philosophically formalized by Hertzl, the elements of Zionism were already observable in the world, which many researchers such as Skeikh Imran N. Hosein and attribute to the the Khazars – a tribe of non-Semitic, white Europeans who “converted” to Judaism, added to the rabbinical distortions which lead most Jews to departed from their beautiful God given tenants of Judaism of Justice, anti-oppression, charity, knowledge and worship.

So I propose, these or any gatekeepers are actually engaged in a continuous game of one maned Russian roulete.

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