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I can single handedly solve the suspected man made global warming crisis.


Consult gross asset worth on the table below. Tax per anum accordingly.
Global warming solved. I guarntee it!

Remind me who is it that made this problem in the first place?

 1,000,000 – 1,999,999 : 5%
2,000,000 – 2,999,999 : 6%
3,000,000 – 3,999,999 : 7%
4,000,000 – 4,999,999 : 8%
5,000,000 – 5,999,999 : 9%
6,000,000 – 6,999,999 : 12%
7,000,000 – 7,999,999 : 14%
8,000,000 – 8,999,999 : 16%
9,000,000 – 9,999,999 : 18%
10,000,000 – 14,999,999: 20%
15,000,000 – 19,999,999: 22%
20,000,000 – 24,999,999: 24%
25,000,000 – 29,999,999: 26%
30,000,000 – 39,999,999: 28%
40,000,000 – 49,999,999: 30%
50,000,000 – 59,999,999: 40%
60,000,000 – 69,999,999: 50%
70,000,000 – 79,999,999: 60%
80,000,000 – 99,999,999: 65%
100,000,000 – 124,999,999: 67.5%
125,000,000 – 149,999,999: 70%
150,000,000 – 199,999,999: 80%
200,000,000 – 299,999,999: 90%
300,000,000+ : 95%

Zapatero – a cool and soothing head.

Once again Hugo Chavez shows the much needed intolerance towards butchering murders who have been unchallenged for far too long. Chavez called that criminal Aznar a “fascist”, and implied Azbar less human than a snake’ at a diplomatic meeting in South America.[1] 

Aznar – was one of the triad who whole (dead)heartedly supported the deaths of over 1,000,000 Iraqi’s. He also sought to make political capital by instantly blaming ETA in the 2004 Madrid train bombings just before the Spanish general election, and I must say, those ‘bombings’ like 9-11, Bali, 7-7 and Hariri raise LARGE numbers of questions as to their official veracity. The late great Joe Vialls[2] questioned Madrid as he did Bali and Hariri.

Zapatero, is a man who must be applauded for having the wisdom to withdraw Spanish troops from the attempted conquest of Iraq.

Anyway, the King of Spain responded to told Chavez to ‘shut up’ and you could see the hostility in the Kings attack.

I've got a brand new Porple helmut

The King likes Aznar yoy see. Both of them aspire to power, ‘glory’ and wealth. Zapatero tried to deal with the spat very well and calmly. He showed his mediating skill. Zapatero, in response to the fascist crown Chavez aptly put on Aznars head, said Anzar was democratically elected and respect should be shown. Democratically elected Aznar might have been, but that does not nullify acts of fascism. Hitler was elected yes? It should be remembered that the majority of Spanish people, like many other right minded humanitarian and moral souls across the planet did NOT want their country to invade Iraq. Aznar showed his fascist bent in that case, and threw democracy – the political representation of the will of the people – into the bin, to gleefully participate in the Iraqi blood fest.

I do not agree with Zapatero’s mild panderence to the domestic War ON Terror, but the Spanish people are lucky to have him as their Premier. He is far more sensible than the terrible ministerz we have in the UK or the Zionist representives on Capitol Hill. Bush is allowed to call Libya, Iran and N.Korea parts of an axis of evil when reading out speeches prepared for him wooing the small but powerful neocon deathlovers in a number of western warloving countries but Chaves is criticized for being undiplomatic at times. I still hear the music of the UNGA podium of smelling of sulfur after Diablo himself spoke there the day before.


UPDATE: Chavez is amazing. After he, a 10 times (or was it 12?) democratically elected man of the people, who has improved the lives and dignity of many, many Venezuelans was told to ‘shut up’ by an elitist (blood drinking child abusing reptile – if some authors are to be believed) snob King who believes he has a divine right to treat people like muck and whose family tree contains lines after lines of money grabbing, mass murdering despots.

Chavez said “But I think it’s imprudent for a king to shout at a president to shut up. Mr King, we are not going to shut up.” [3]

Chavez brings his war against the ‘killing class’ more into the international stage. Chavez, you give me hope in a hopeless world. Hugo quizzed “It’s very hard to imagine the Spanish ambassador would have been at the presidential palace supporting the coup plotters without authorization from his majesty.” YES! Indeed. Lets hear what the Spanish were doing them? Killer Imperial fascist Aznar was president at that time, and we know the great people of South America have struggled for years dealing with the remnants of colonization.

Venezuela today still has many colonial descendants who are notorious for wanting to rid the masses of their basic power to determine their own future – in a fair and just manner, breaking the shackles of oppression these whites still seek to impose. Spain like Britain, has a history of death and tyrrany and apparently it is still perceived as a ‘golden age’ for those itching to regain that status.

The Spanish press are saying the people applaud this, but the Spanish press is yet another mainstream manipulative tool of the establishment, so believe that at your peril, and the press do not necessarily represent the view of the people.

I know who I choose to support in this class war and it isn’t porple helmut look-alike Carlos. 

[2]    { Myahudi Monsters Maul Madrid in False Flag
Op }

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