Quiet Turkey

Turley roll call 

I’ve not forgotten about Turkey, unlike much of the press – and therefore so too have most people. I stick to my prediction that Turkey will invade northern Iraq and occupy the oilfields there. The Turkish iching to do so gets more intense every time the price of oil increases by another worthless dollar.

Just waiting for the next absolutley-ridiculous-the-PKK-would’t-be-so-stupid cross border attack on Turkey. Oi! who shouted “false flag”? Quiet at the back there!

Turkey punch

Update from the best high-politics news website on the web: Information clearing house dot info


Turkish special forces enter northern Iraq : The Turkish military has announced that it sent several hundred special forces troops across the Iraqi border on Tuesday. However, it was not immediately clear if the incursion into Sirnak and Hakkari provinces was linked to earlier clashes with Kurdish PKK insurgents that left four Turkish soldiers dead.

Turkish helicopters hit North Iraq villages – TV: Turkish military helicopters bombed villages in northern Iraq, two Turkish television channels reported on Tuesday.

 The occupation is going to be a creeping one. Wonder if they’ll make speeking Kurdish in Northern Iraq illegal too?


2 Responses to “Quiet Turkey”

  1. 1 steph November 13, 2007 at 3:53 pm

    The PKK has had ties to the British government for years. It’s strange that Turkey has been given approval after the two main Kurdish blocs fell out of love with America and Israel and started overtly supporting Iran.

  2. 2 lwtc247 November 14, 2007 at 5:03 am

    Indeed Steph.

    I read about the history of the Saudi occupation of Arabia and of the role the Brits played in it. The Brits were playing both sides. The Sauds in the east of Arabia and the Hashemite King of Trans-Jordan. And it seems this is what the Brits always do. Should one side get stronger they put favour on him and if the other side should gain the upper hand they look sympathetically on them.

    The British involvement with the PKK is not surprising. It seems like the Brits have a fetish as wel as a belief of a divine right to control other peoples across the globe.

    I have very much enjoyed reading you analyses of the Turkey situation and agree with it, even if I may have a minor query on a point or two.

    I think if everyone was as knowledgeable on international politics or even just cared about it (not everyone can find the time to study it) then maybe we wouldn’t tolerate such dirty international games and killings.

    I believe Turkey is a Muslim Zionist state. It was one of the first states to accept and agree with the Zionist occupation of Palestine, it has held joint military exercises with the Zionist occupiers of Palestine and bought military arms off and has military treaties with them. It also allows the so called Israelies military access to its airspace and forces Iran to land at in Turkish airports to search Iran’s planes at the behest of the Zionist Americans. 80% of US “war goods” pass through Turkey (and idiots believe Turkey abstained from the Iraq war).

    Like all Zionist states, Turkey is fundamentally highly repressive and pretends to follow the path of God. Well it couldn’t be on a path in the opposite direction from God when it committed Genocide against the Armenians and it is still on that path now with its oppression against the Kurds and those who speak out about Turkeys dirty laws.

    Turkey is a British creation like the impostor state which pretends it is the Glorious Israel of Solomon and David. It is the British who have deliberately helped the Zionist scum which everyday murders Palestinians, to acquire a nuclear arsenal.

    Is there a Country as bad as the UK in terms of international politics? NO! THERE ISN’T.

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