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BBSee breaking news: Science, subsection Technology: Moores law about to be smashed (well, in theory anyway).

 Moores law can be summarised as “the processing power per $ of computers doubles every two years” but all that could be about to change.


Following developments (well, proposed developments) in quantum computing (well, fancy talk about quantum computing) the classical discrete method of processing information has come to an end (well, so we keep on saying) and new forms of computers are being developed (well, talked up that is). Now even chemical, DNA and plastic computers (well, idle theories about computers utilizing these materials) could be a thing of the past with the latest computer to hit the market (well, hitting the market in the same way as quantum computers have hit the market). 

Hail the mouldy bread computer.




 It’s simple really” said its inventor (well, proposer) lwtc247. “The bread is subject to a set of inputs, mould spores, which can be altered by a set of 3D UV laser beams. The direction the mould spreads represents a processing of these inputs (as well as a processing of the bread) and the results can be re-read later by the same lasers. lwtc247 predicts the mould computer will be as successful as… well, sliced bread. and is set to cost a fraction of today’s technology, possibly as little as 59p. lwtc247 told out our science correspondent, Mr John Fawning, “you can have different genus moulds too with different colours massively increasing the amount of data that can be processed and stored.” 

It is being marketed with Muslims in mind who almost always get their computers pinched by the police on hunts for evil ‘terrrrst sleeper cells’ in the US and UK. It is thought the police will simply not confiscate what they believe to just a pile of old mouldy bread. It also has the advantage that the police haven’t the technology to plant incriminating images of child pornography onto the bread, as happend to the Forest Gate brothers in London, one of whom was the viction of a Metropolitan police officers gun suffering from accidental discharge (well, shot by a wanna be Muslim killing cop) and then taunted and threated with being shot again over a year later.


“The potential is huge I’m sure you would agree” said lwtc247



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