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The Iraqi Resistance strike back! (yet again)
In the article above on my blogsite, I wrote about the sham that the US was philosophically bringing Iraqi’s onto their side. Now, the BBC reports under the title: “US accused of killing Iraq allies” show us that these opportunists are unproductive towards the goal of the coalition of the killing and whose usefulness has fallen since General Betrayus has poured out the spin and downright lies about the attempted conquest of Iraq in front of the passive US Congress. The US killers and vile Blackwater(US) Aegis(UK) mercenary troops dont give a toss about killing Iraqi’s that have been bought off or not. They just see someone in Arab garb and brown skin and so shoot them for entertainment.

The opportunists had become known as various parts of the ‘awakening councils’ since the time of the ‘great’ awakening council leader (now dead, triumphing a few week rule) Sheihk, Sattar Abu Reesha – the fake Sheikh. In desparate Iraq, money talks!

Here’s one of the latest Iraqi Resistance reports on the “Awakening Council’…

Resistance men ambush collaborator “al-Anbar Awakening Council” puppet police convoy Tuesday night, sparking half-hour firefight.

In a dispatch posted at 10:12am Baghdad time Wednesday morning, the Yaqen News Agency reported that fighting erupted between Iraqi Resistance men and collaborator tribal contingents of the so-called “al-Anbar Awakening Council” puppet police in areas to the west of al-Fallujah, 60km west of Baghdad, on Tuesday evening.

Yaqen reported eyewitnesses as saying that a force of the collaborator “Awakening” police including more than 10 vehicles came under attack when a Resistance bomb exploded by their convoy on the highway leading to ar-Ramadi at a place about 80km west of Baghdad.

After the explosion Resistance men who had been hidden in the area began pouring fire on the convoy. The collaborator “Awakening” puppet police responded with wild gunfire in various directions showing their panic. The witnesses said that the gunfire went on for more than half an hour but no more details were available because the engagement took place at night and visibility was limited.

Well actually the ZUSUK (Zionists, UK and US) are still in with a shout of winning the war, only in respect of grabbing and controlling Iraq’s oil. They are going to be militarily defeated of course, but they sill leave behind one or two units to continue to train some corrupted militia to ‘disappear’ as many is as needed to prevent too many attacks on the exploitation of the oil. It is the permanent bases where these ZUSUK units will remain and train.

However the Iraqi resistance seems more and more determined to continue its repulse of the ZUSUK invasion and military success is assured. Unfortunately, I cannot see the IR having the political power to succeed if they manage to overthrow the US puppet government. But hey, their success so far is phenomenal. I just hope that whatever political avenues are present after the military defeat of the war loving occidentals that it’s the people of Iraq who don’t continue to lose out. May God bless the long suffering people of Iraq and Palestine.

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