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Looking at Child porn

In my youth and later, I have seen numerous horrific things. One such example is seeing people slice off their firgertips with a chizel, people being tied between two cars which accelerate only to have the victims arms be pulled off. Sick and demonic acts right? But who hasn’t seen such images?

Who hasn’t seen the monk setting himself on fire?

Who hasn’t seen people jumping out of the NY WTC on 9-11?

Who hasn’t seen victims of the nuclear bombs the US unleashed upon Japanese people?

Who hasn’t seem pictures of Iraq’s whose facial flesh has detached from their head and lies crumpled on some smouldering rubble?

Who hasn’t seen the beheadings of Bigley?

And so on…

The point is, are the people who look at these images as sick or as guilty as those who carry them out? I’d say no. I’d couldn’t do such acts myself, and I got no pleasure when seeing it. In fact I remember seeing one ‘killing’ video involing a Russian soldier (I think he was Russian) and I was in a state of shock afterwards. And when I was in my teens I was in a state of shock for over a week after seeing something gross at a friends house.

So why do I sometimes look at clips of these kinds of things? It is simply curiousity, and when death in involved it is of course chilling but darkly curious, as I know that I myself, will have to go through death. From watching the clip or event, it gives me a clue as to how I might feel, what it might be like, how quickly it happens should it happen to me and how I maybe able to cope with it, also does knowing any of this stuff benefit me?

There isn’t anything pleasurable about it at all, and I find as I get older, I am less able to see such things – even on the TV (which I seldom watch) it is hard to watch even mild violence and so on. Should I go to jail for what I have seen, both innoently and wilfully?

So onto the point. British Comedy actor Chris Langham[1] was sentenced to jail for viewing child pornography. I actually believe what he says about it – that he looked at it for reasons other than pleasure (read the link) . I recall Pete Townsend of the 70’s Rock group ‘The Who’ said he saw some pictures of Child porn but did so for research. – Actually I found it hard to believe him, but could not dismiss his claim becasue he apparently informed a police officer about what he was doing.

Now I can imagine people reading this will get the wrong idea that I’m pro-kid porn. If you think that, you couldn’t be further from the truth, but isn’t this an example of ‘thought police’. People who look at child porn are not actually doing/capturing child pron (and Langham said he didn’t pay for it – therefore not providing incentive for people to make more of it) so why is it illegal to look at it?

Perhaps there’s a ‘gateway’ arguement here, in that viewing porn gives people (men) a ‘head of steam’ to go out and sexually assault and kill the child, or get sucked into the murky child porn culture, but adult porn is allowed (in some “liberal” countries). Who says the effect on men looking at Adult porn won’t feel the same and then go out and do the same thing to a woman? What about homosexual or gay porn? How again can so called ‘liberals’ allow heterosexual gay porn but not child porn? Gay stuff used to be illegal, who is to say in 50 years time the similiar legalization of gay porn won’t happen to child porn?

When does pornography become illegal? When the physical measurement of time moves one second and strikes 12:00 midnight signifying legal age for pornograpic acts where as one second before it was illegal?

Personally I’d welcome destruction of ALL child porn, just I think self proclaimed self-applauding “liberals” on this (and other issues) tie themselves in knots and show that their perceptions are stupid trying to paint shades of grey into things that are actually black and white. Langham’s case demonstrates this well.

Which liberal should we listen to exactly? The one that says 12 year old sex/porn is OK? 16 year old sex/porn is OK? What if the Queen mum (100+ year old) stated in a porn film or some other partially ‘lost’ mental faculties person was involved in such a thing . Would that be OK? And strangely enough the closest thing to Child porn I’ve seen was on the telly in drama’s about child pornographers – typically BBC dramas/thrillers and so on. Should that be illegal too for raising the subject and implying chold porn?


Is anyone recording this – NR’s announcements ?

I had been relatively quiet about NR’s calamity, not just becasue the blogging community were doing quite a few superb pieces on it (e.g. see Stef and all the top commentaters/contributors on his famous for 15 megapixles site) but also becasue it seemed like it was only massively overpaid suits that would be the main losers in all this {the majority of the sensible folk taking their money before NR liquidators did!}

But now I believe as indicated in the previous post that ordinary people are going to have to pay for NR’s greed, magical and hyperbolic financial practices (and it must be said: NR’s investors – yes indeed!)

So if NR collapses, will the NR’s statement(s) it makes on it’s website and in other mediums (snapshot below) come true or not?


If not, then if you have recorded these claims, can the people making those claims inc. the government/BoE  be sued for fraud and deception?

Northern Plop.



An appropriate title given the appalling way in which public funds have been used to ‘bail’ out the private company, Northern Rock. Now I can smell the familiar odour of the spin doctors trickling out the news that the taxpayer is going to have to pay the bill.

I suggest we all start asking these questions. Write to your MP (see below)

1) first I want to know this: Where has the £24bn[1] ($49 USD) gone in the space of 5 weeks[2].

2) I want a list of names of MP’s who have financial interests in the NR

3) I want a list of MP’s families who have financial interests in the NR

4) I want a list of known or ‘immediate friends’ to MP’s if you will, of Government ministers who have financial interests in NR

5) I want a list of Labour party supporters and donators who have interests in the NR

6) I want to know why Applehead was telling people everything was alright but then continually borrowed more and more money. He also told people to reinvest. Wasn’t that an act of deception?

7) I want to see the Appleheads communications and personal financial transactions 6 months before the collapse, released to the public..

8.) I want to see the last two NR’s auditors reports before the crisis.

9) I want to see the board of directors personal financial transactions at least a year released to the public.

Given that I think we’re being softened up to pay £900 for the sinking ship, Northern Rock, (not to mention all the other banks who are showing peculiar practices like Barclays etc.).  I think it is a necessity that the government – no scratch that – an independent body should publish such information. After all, THEY ARE OUR SERVANTS !!!

  Get your MP info here: 





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