Northern Plop.



An appropriate title given the appalling way in which public funds have been used to ‘bail’ out the private company, Northern Rock. Now I can smell the familiar odour of the spin doctors trickling out the news that the taxpayer is going to have to pay the bill.

I suggest we all start asking these questions. Write to your MP (see below)

1) first I want to know this: Where has the £24bn[1] ($49 USD) gone in the space of 5 weeks[2].

2) I want a list of names of MP’s who have financial interests in the NR

3) I want a list of MP’s families who have financial interests in the NR

4) I want a list of known or ‘immediate friends’ to MP’s if you will, of Government ministers who have financial interests in NR

5) I want a list of Labour party supporters and donators who have interests in the NR

6) I want to know why Applehead was telling people everything was alright but then continually borrowed more and more money. He also told people to reinvest. Wasn’t that an act of deception?

7) I want to see the Appleheads communications and personal financial transactions 6 months before the collapse, released to the public..

8.) I want to see the last two NR’s auditors reports before the crisis.

9) I want to see the board of directors personal financial transactions at least a year released to the public.

Given that I think we’re being softened up to pay £900 for the sinking ship, Northern Rock, (not to mention all the other banks who are showing peculiar practices like Barclays etc.).  I think it is a necessity that the government – no scratch that – an independent body should publish such information. After all, THEY ARE OUR SERVANTS !!!

  Get your MP info here: 






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