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Update: January 30th, 2010; ScienceNews, Vol.177 #3 (p. 15)
Symmetry found hidden in supercold atoms
Complex E8 patterns detected in physical systemBy Rachel Ehrenberg

end of update.

For the semi-mathematically inclined among you (the Maths boffins will probably already know this), earlier this year, one of the most potentially signifiant mathematical puzzles was solved. Although the last great mathematical puzzle (Fermat’s conjecture or Fermat’s last conjecture) wasn’t solved for about 350 years until 1995, this one has less longevity, but its potential to be far more significant.

P.S. Kudos also to (not forgetting Grigori Perelman’s breakthrough of the Poincare conjecture, but that too, like Fermat’s, does not hold the potential for any near-time  tangeable advancements)

Anyway, the breakthrough was the completion of the characterization of E8, pictorally represented above. E8 could be described as inter-related description of the most complex symmetry we currently know of. It is useful beause Mathematicians and Physicists believe the descriptions within E8 are found throughout the universe, and could well be the relationship by which the very universe itself utilizes. Superstrings were herelded as being powerful proposals on which the Universe could be theorized, but it seems that superstrings are just a subset of E8 and most crucially of all, E8 could very well  act as the grand unifier of the 4 fundamental forces, Gravity, Electromagentism, Strong and Weak forces. It has been put forward as being able to yield what some believe are the last remaining ‘particles’ awaiting discovery.

No scientist has yet been regognised as managing to unify the four forces (although there is at least one hot candidate forit right now), so really, it is possibly the greatest scientific breakthrough ever! (yeah, I know, until the next one that is)

 OK, ok ok…  I just want to share with you the most sublime and funny comment I have ever seen regarding such a potentially monumental breakthough, from an online commentator…

Hmm. That E8 diagram has a line missing.”
Posted by Steve on November 19, 2007 11:35 PM (

Guarnteed – perhaps.

Y I man, ya knaaa like. Northern rock like, it’s a geet hard name man. Champion.

Read this:

Did you notice anything bizzare?

Cutting through much of the politician poo-speek we get this this poo-speek by Alistair Darling (chancellor of the Exchequer). The BBC reports Darling said:

 …deposits of savers would continue to be fully guaranteed – and that if the situation was set to change – plenty of notice would be given.

Listen Darling you utter nitwitt…

If it’s “guaranteed”, then NOTHING can can change that!!!

What you really mean is…

We (i.e. the taxpayers will be forced to)  guarantee it for now until I (Darling)  change my mind.

Be honest you piece of muck!

If / WHEN the governmnet decides to pump cut and run having pumped taxpayers money into the NR (thereby losing that money), taxpayers should refuse to pay tax for a whole year. Dirt like these politicians need to be taught a much needed lesson.

I seriously suggst these financial playboys are investigated for conflicts of interest!


1) The auctioning of G3 licences

2) The Raiding of Pension funds

3) This Northern Rock fiasco, as PM and therefore boss of Asistair Darling, and also as chancellor of 10 years experience compared to Darlings 6 months or so.


I wonder if my cousins company had a fund problem, would the government help? What criteria are used to warrant govt. intervention? Surely it isn’t at the whim of a politician?

You know, I’m sure A Darling said funding the NR was in the national interest to do so. No, its in what HE things is in the national interest, and maybe, probably in fact, it ISN’T in the national interest to put 24 billion pounds, 24,000,000,000 – count em!, of taxpayers money at risk. And what happens when HE arbitrarily decides that it’s in the national interest to pull the plug??? Will it then be in the national interest to jail the stupid saugage so he doesn’t jeopardise the country again?

National Intrest indeed! Pathetic Darling!

Application of Child porn – Forest Gate.

Nobody has commented yet on the previous post,  which is kind of a pity ‘cos I think it highlights well the ease at which) when man can departs from the pure and unbettered Divine doctrine, and the inherent hypocrisy of such a man made civil code. Oh well. My guess is people are even more scared of discuss tis than what they are about the holocaust lies {lampshades made of skin, soap made of human fat, numbers of victims etc…)

Perhaps we have found the ultimate ‘fear’ weapon, child porn? That is why the police planted child pornography on the electronic devices[1] in the Abdul Kahar household, targeting the Abdul Kahar brothers, better known as the victims of the “Forest Gate” attack, one of whom survived an attempt by the police to kill him.


 Dead men don’t talk you see, nor can they refute, fighting tooth an nail against the lies against police planted evidence, as witnessed from the murderous actions of the Metropolitan police force who planted cocaine on the corpse of the Jean Charles de Menezes – a completely innocent man murdered by British establishment death squads, therefore the lies of him being responsible for his own assassination go mostly unchallenged.

Mohammed survided his assassination attempt and the police started getting nervous. A mountain of questions about 7-7, 21-7 and 22-7 were blowing an enormous hole in the official narrative official lie. So the police swine engineered some elaborate rubbish about the aspects of where and how these images were stored.

Get this…

A Crown Prosecution Service spokesperson said[Ref 1]:

“To transfer to the phone [note: just one of the numberous devices], the suspect would have to have specialist knowledge. There was no evidence that Mr Abdulkahar had possession of, or access to, equipment or the technical knowledge to do so.”

WOAH! too bloody right mate! He didn’t do it at all – it was the bloody tech monkeys in the Met that did it! Perhaps the same ones what did such a crap job on 7-7 and put iron bars the bodies of the 7-7 bombers. If it wasn’t the Met (which it was) then Who the hell put those images there? WHO WHO WHO? Why was there no investigation into such a serious thing? BECASUE IT WAS THE SCUMBAG POLICE, AND THEY WANTED TO BURY IT!

And don’t forget this[Ref 2]…

“The officer who fired the shot which hit Mr Kahar was wearing two pairs of gloves as protection. The officer, known as B6, suffered a loss of sensation in his trigger finger and was unaware that he had fired the shot”

WOAH! Two pairs of gloves??? And wielding a firearm??? – To allow keep the ‘story’ open allowing the killers to help get away with the assassination of MAK. Don’t people see this utter BS that’s going down here? Bloody hell! WAKE UP SMELL THE BLOODY COFFEE!!! We have an serious evil gripping the land. Read that article in the Guardian please, you can see the numerous establishment lies they spew forth in attempting to get away with murder.

Far weaker evidence has been used to presecute child porn offencers. Difference is perhaps, offenders in those cases were genuinely guilty – no difficult answers stemming from a police frame-up to answer.

 I remember how they talked about Bin Laden sending secret codes encrypted in pornographic pictures in the planning of 9-11. All utter BS of course, but BS that nobody challenged. It seems like


[3] (leninstomb also suspicious of the how ‘specialist knowledge required’ images got there)

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