Guarnteed – perhaps.

Y I man, ya knaaa like. Northern rock like, it’s a geet hard name man. Champion.

Read this:

Did you notice anything bizzare?

Cutting through much of the politician poo-speek we get this this poo-speek by Alistair Darling (chancellor of the Exchequer). The BBC reports Darling said:

 …deposits of savers would continue to be fully guaranteed – and that if the situation was set to change – plenty of notice would be given.

Listen Darling you utter nitwitt…

If it’s “guaranteed”, then NOTHING can can change that!!!

What you really mean is…

We (i.e. the taxpayers will be forced to)  guarantee it for now until I (Darling)  change my mind.

Be honest you piece of muck!

If / WHEN the governmnet decides to pump cut and run having pumped taxpayers money into the NR (thereby losing that money), taxpayers should refuse to pay tax for a whole year. Dirt like these politicians need to be taught a much needed lesson.

I seriously suggst these financial playboys are investigated for conflicts of interest!


1) The auctioning of G3 licences

2) The Raiding of Pension funds

3) This Northern Rock fiasco, as PM and therefore boss of Asistair Darling, and also as chancellor of 10 years experience compared to Darlings 6 months or so.


I wonder if my cousins company had a fund problem, would the government help? What criteria are used to warrant govt. intervention? Surely it isn’t at the whim of a politician?

You know, I’m sure A Darling said funding the NR was in the national interest to do so. No, its in what HE things is in the national interest, and maybe, probably in fact, it ISN’T in the national interest to put 24 billion pounds, 24,000,000,000 – count em!, of taxpayers money at risk. And what happens when HE arbitrarily decides that it’s in the national interest to pull the plug??? Will it then be in the national interest to jail the stupid saugage so he doesn’t jeopardise the country again?

National Intrest indeed! Pathetic Darling!

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