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 I often slate the BBC for its utterly crap job it and its “journalsts” do.  It’s fully deserved and I plan to continue the endevour. But I still read it quite a lot doing a BBCwatch on it if you like – keeping on eye on the sewerage works for you and I. As well as its miserable political news section, its science section is just as crap. 

Reading the latest bit of unchallenging scientific moonery on the BBC, my eyes caught this headline:…

US plans permanent base on Moon    –   05 Dec 06

Wow. Abitious huh? Imagine all the hard planning and those d0ll0r$ being spent. The real thrust of this blog entry is the sequence of headlines which cummarises the pathetic speils the BBC pumps out without a moments contemplation. Still… the contents of the article are also amusing in their own right.

Here’s some extracts…

blah blah blah…The structure of the base and the exact duties of the astronauts stationed there have not been decided…. blah blah blah……Nor is it clear when the base will begin functioning.

comment:> Must be one HELL of a plan!

blah blah blah…The permanent base will be built near one of the two poles, as these are felt to have a moderate climate and more sunlight – essential if the base is to use solar energy.….then….”It’s exciting,” Shana Dale told the Reuters news agency. “We don’t know as much about the polar regions.”

comment:> Yeah. If I was going to build a base on a new ‘planet’ I’d build it in a place we know the least about too! Like I said… one H E L L of a plan.

Then we are treated to some proof by computer graphics… Aaaaa innit cute!


 But get this…. next headline showing how utterly crap the BBC were to simply act as reprinter of words without the slightest challenge to what it was being told.

Lunar dust ‘may harm astronauts’   –  18 Mar 07 |  Science/Nature


OB1 has taught you well – but not that well!

A good match?


Naaaaah. Even using the disgraceful tactics the Metropilitan police force used to try and justify murdering an innocent man (deliberately IMO), not even the hoodie can pull it off, nor can the beard trim & dye. Same goes for the eye baggage.

 What about this one then?

No sorry. Just as bad. Hey I propose a new name… Osama bin Ladens.


Excerpt from comments on an article featured at ICH (…..

 Here’s the official 9/11 story in a nutshell:


Once upon a time, in a remote cave in Afghanistan, there lived a multi-millionaire CIA asset named Osama bin Laden who suffered from kidney failure. I know what you are saying: “Why would a wealthy man who was seriously ill choose to live in a cave when he could afford a top-of-the-line modern health care facility?” Sorry, this fairytale doesn’t answer that type of question. (Maybe he had a generator and a dialysis machine in the cave?)

Osama decided to attack America. His motive was simple: “He hated our freedoms!”

Osama left no evidence because he conspired with his followers only through mental telepathy. They were 19 devout Muslims living in the USA who–oddly enough–liked Las Vegas, alcohol, pork, prostitutes, and lap dances. (Is all that in the Koran?)

The 19 armed themselves with boxcutters, made themselves invisible, sneaked onto four commercial airliners and flew around US air space (these know-nothing playboys turned out to be phenomenal pilots and navigators!) crashing them into buildings in New York City and Washington DC. For two hours, the mighty US Air Force just sat on its hands and watched passively.

An hour after the crazed fanatics crashed into the Twin Towers, these steel buildings mysteriously pulverized themselves (they looked like peeling bananas!) and dropped to the ground. The young men made one plane invisible before crashing it into the Pentagon. They crashed another in Pennsylvania, leaving no wreckage. To top off that very strange day, several hours later a third steel skyscraper, Building 7, sunk into its own footprint just like a controlled demolition!

And it’s not over yet! After 9/11, nine of the men who had been identified as hijackers stepped forward (alive, obviously) and proclaimed their innocence!

And Osama lived happily ever after.

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