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200 lashes and 6 months.

200 lashes and 6 months.

I cannot read God’s ‘mind’ and admittedly I am deeply ignorant of Islamic law, but if that punishment is what God would have us bestow upon that woman then I cannot and will not argue against it.

But it seems so opposite to common sense. Yes, ‘seems’ is an emotive term, but it looks so unjust! Is my ignorance of Islamic law so bad that this ruling by the Saudi judiciary, ends up being alien to my perception of Islamic justice?

A couple of years ago, Professor Amina Wadud of Virginia Commonwealth University, a Muslim scholar living in the US, conducted Juma’a (a Friday prayer) and there were men in the prayer. She did it to highlight the discrimination against women in Islam.

Professor of Islamic Studies, Amina Wadud

This woman was condemned for what she did but those idiot critics missed the point and actually proved her right perfectly. How? Because there was NO condemnation of the men who took part in that prayer! If the men had left the congregation and didn’t take part in the prayer, then there would have been no problem. Not even Amina Wadud or anyone else who has commentated on the case has realised this point, and it is a point which would should have made her critics flee in shame at their narrow mindedness. (Note: I am not endorsing their acions that day)

Professor 1, unthinking people 0. 

Since when have women in Islam been a peripheral issue, almost like an annoyance? Where does God decree that women have no say in Islam or their free will to follow a “must” in Islam. Islam is dominated by a male interpretation of the Qur’an yet I see no bligation for it to be this way. 

So, back to this poor woman in Saudi occupied Arabia. 200 lashed – Can you imagine that??? I certainly can’t and I wouldn’t be surprised if it kills her).

Islam is being portrayed in a bad light and I really don’t think it’s my possible ‘western-liberal’ tinted glasses that are the problem here, but rather that this ruling may not actually be Islamic law, but rather the ruling of Saudi male judges.

It was said that the woman’s sentence was doubled after appealing against the leniency of the seven mens sentences (2 years in jail supposedly) and for supposedly trying to use the media to support her campaign.

But It has been said that the punishment for rapists is death. Why are these rapists not being demented to death for rape?

“The 19-year-old, who has not been named, was travelling in a car with a male friend last year, when the car was attacked by a gang of seven men who raped both of them.”[1]

What happened to the man who gave her the lift? Isn’t he too guilt of being in a car with an unrelated person? He was supposedly raped too. What is his punishment?

200 lashes and 6 months, to a gang raped woman and having to do time in a Saudi prison.

 Is that Islamic justice or male Saudi Justice?


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