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23 years old or 23 years of service?

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23 years old or 23 years of service?

No intro, just a question.

Is there a case that the Government misled the house (no politician is stupid enough to lie, but they are certainly deviously slippery enough to ‘suggest’) that the small fry blamed for the loss of the 2 CD’s containing child benefit related data, the junior officer, was actually an officer of 23 years standing? Some people are suggesting there is a case.

The person is suspended [1,2,3] and of course his age and position will be known.

If he is not 23 years old then won’t the government just say they never mentoned his age and that junior official refered to his rank. They will also say they are just reporting to the house what they were tolb by the NAO and HMRC.

Side issue: Alisatir darling in his commons statement[4] suggests it is becasue we don’t have a biometric ID system that the loss of the 2 CD’s is an issue at all. The little weasel.

See what your leaders predict about you and the world.

From the British Ministry of Defense.

 Thanks to Stef and the Antagonist, two highly respected individuals, for bringing this to the attention of all. Please read Stef’s specific article and a comment the Antagonist made at the J7 forum on one aspect of this publication.

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