See what your leaders predict about you and the world.

From the British Ministry of Defense.

 Thanks to Stef and the Antagonist, two highly respected individuals, for bringing this to the attention of all. Please read Stef’s specific article and a comment the Antagonist made at the J7 forum on one aspect of this publication.

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2 Responses to “See what your leaders predict about you and the world.”

  1. 1 The Antagonist December 1, 2007 at 5:15 am

    “Highly respected”? I’m obviously doing something wrong! ;)

    Thanks for the kind words, the link and putting this story out there. It certainly looks like the next 29 years are going to be interesting one way or another.

    Still, it’s awfully nice of the M.O.D. to the let the plebs know that, despite everything thrown at us by the self-preservation society often referred to as ‘The State’, it is still afeared that we the people have sufficient resourcefulness and fighting spirit left in us to sort things out.


  2. 2 lwtc247 December 3, 2007 at 7:14 am

    “Highly respected” – amongst conspiraloons – better?
    and other people who are still stupid enough to care.

    I suppose we gotta consider ourselves fortunate that we’re still able to find out about these things, ‘cos I can see a day, and soon, when we can’t. Then again I’m just a batty conspiraloon. What do I know.

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