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Back on home base: Conspiracy. VIRAL !!! – Loose Change Final Cut


Loose Change SE was a good movie – not the best 9-11 movie perhaps, but a good one all the same, however it contained a number of rather weak conjectures. It spawned a large and conceted effort to debunk it. Quite a few of the points of criticism were reasonable,  but I think debunkers missed the point somewhat. On reflection, it seems that LC SE was raising questions and suggesting alternative explanations (ALL of which were far more plausable than the official 9-11 conspiracy covered up by the Zelikow-Kean commission report), and not a definitive be tower of unquestionable fact. (Although there are many factual elements in it of course)

Anyway… Here’s the new one. Loose Change Final Cut:

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David Ray Griffin v. George Monbiot — 11-29-2007 (spidered)


Just had to photocopy this here but it’s just a partial copy.
Please go here : for the full monty…


David Ray Griffin | George Monbiot | James Whale

EDIT: Even though Monbot was an egregious twit, please thank James Whale for hosting this debate, and offering a non-hostile, non-Mockingbird venue:—11-29-2007—James-Whale

On November 29, 2007, UK radio jock James Whale hosted an informal debate between David Ray Griffin and George Monbiot. In a childish display of ill manners, Monbiot can’t help but blurt out and interrupt Griffin, when Griffin begins to give answers at the beginning of the debate. Later in the debate, when Griffin returns the favor, Monbiot gets all in a snit and acts wounded when Griffin turns the tactic on him. What a sod!

Monbot (sic) gets it wrong in lots of ways, including top-down demolition, so here is an example of top-down demo once again, just for the Monbot!

He’s also wrong about the length and breadth of a hypothetical conspiracy. Some blogger by the handle of GeorgeWashington says 9/11 could be argued as a 7-man Job. The irony inherent in Monbot’s position, as with all other debunkers who take the same position, is of course that they see no problem with just 19 guys pulling off 9/11. According to them, then, the official conspiracy theory is impossible! It would have taken hundreds! Thousands to pull it off!

It’s just sad.

Thanks to VAB for getting this out there so fast, here are more options, including the full three hour program which features further interviews with Tim Sparke and Dylan Avery. (The Griffin/Monbiot bit ends abrubtly, but that’s all there is.)

-1st hour:
-2nd hour:
-3rd hour:

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