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Russia tramples on the grave of the NPT.


Like ALL countries that have nuclear weapons, Russia has no intention to scrap them, in fact it’s upgrading them, Just like the UK is upgrading theirs, just like when France exploded nuclear explosions in the South Pacific.

Well done Russia for staying in the league of devils.

The NPT isn’t worth the paper it’s written on !!!

In light of this, we may empirical conclude that in order to best protect your country from savage regimes like the US or UK, then one should develop ones own nuclear deterrent.

Critics may argue that the more nuclear weapons we have, the more likely it is that they will be used – see Dr. Helen Caldicott[1], Founder & President, Nuclear Policy Research Institute (NPRI) speech in 2005 at the KL Peace Forum, in which she describes how we were within ten seconds from being annihilated in Jan 1995 when mad drunk Yeltzin opened the ‘football’.

But the US will never give up its nuclear weapons, either will Zionist occupied Palestine – ESPECIALLY Zionist occupied Palestine (read some religious history to figure out why) and so the ideal whereby nuclear weapons are a thing of the past, simply is just extending the time period that these nations have nuclear weapons as the ‘process’ of lobbying goes on (c.f. the Iraq anti-war movement in the occidental countries).

Is it possible that by proliferation, the danger of nuclear war WILL get so great that we will be forced to come to our senses on this issue and not just scrap nuclear weapons but actually seek global peace? Deadlines can do that and on the nuclear holocaust issue, the word deadline is both literally and metaphorically appropriate.

Put yourself in the hands of a country like North Korea. If the US attacks, what difference does it make to them if they are killed by chemical weapons (like white phosphorous that the US used in Fallujah) or by a nuclear explosion? At lest if they have a nuclear deterrent, the chance of a US attack is virtually nil.

So then, with yet another affirmation of the death of the NPT, shouldn’t smaller countries develop their own nuclear deterrent?



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