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Bhutto Assassinated?

Wow. All my predictions were that she was to be the be next PM and she and Perverse Musharaf was just setting things up. Wonder who killed her? Well she was going to let the US into Pakistan and wanted to kill more Afghanistani’s as well as Pakistanis in the NorthWest Frontier so there’s probably thousands of people breathing a sigh of relief tonight. Her death is just one. What about ALL the countless, nameless, soulless Iraqi’s and Afghanistan? What about them Benny?

But you have to ask… When will the killing end?

Al Fathiah.

Aao’thu bilahi minash saytanir rajeem.

Bismillahir rahmanir raheem.
Al hamdulillahi rubbil aal a meen.
A rahman nir raheem
Maliki yeow mideen
Iya ka na budu ya Iya ka nastaeen
idh dinas siratalmustakeem
siratal la theena anamta alai him ghairil magdubi alai him ya lad daaa leeen.

God rest her soul and the millions of all other Muslims who NOBODY ever cared about.

25 Jun 2007 – 03:06:10 So, killer Bliar wants to convert to catholicism?


I wrote that headline and post 6 months ago. And finally the multi-million killer did it.

Well bLiar you mass murdering sh.. Your spin, lies, deceipt, and cunnuing doesn’t wash.
You think that pretending to be a Catholic will fool us again? Are you once again displaying your sickening arrogance and lies in pretending to believe in God so that your fellow man will forgive you?
You ignorance, evil acts of murder and gross crimes and defiance of the Pope and utter opposite beliefs to Catholicism dont wash (the blood off your hands).  

If I outlive you, I’m going to dance on your grave you piece of scum, if I don’t, I want to haunt you, If I can’t I want to testify against you as you stand temebling in absolute fear as stand before judgement of God (that you likely don’t believe in).

Forgive me father for I have sinned.
by lwtc247 @ 25. Jun 2007 – 03:06:10
So, killer Bliar wants to convert to catholicism?

Forgive me father for I have sinned. It has been 54 years since my errrm… actually this is my first confession.

Continue my son. Tell me what have you done to displease the Lord.

Well, I broke my election pledges and ended up charging students for their education, then we broke the…

Father are you still there?

What? oh. Who? Errm yes, my son, I haven’t fallen asleep, I mean I’m still listening. Please continue.

Well, you know, then I agreed to support the PNAC plan, becasue, you know, we needed our cut too. So we did 9-11, well, when I say “us”, primarily, obviouly I mean, the Americans, so we did 9-11 to put the PNAC plan into action. It went swimmingly early on but then we got a bit worried. They just wouldn’t stop with their demands for an enquiry. It was quite extraordinary really, only a few people able to raise a few questions deduced by what we did on that day, and they wouldn’t shup up, no matter how George tried to make them look like they were sympathetic to the terrorists. They were able to force the enquiry, and reject Kissinger. But it is also strange that despite more and more people knowing we did it, we still managed to avoid facing the music. George certainly owes one back to Zelikow. Well, OK, I mean I’ve got an international arrest warrant against me at the moment, but we quite safe on the little archepelligo I bought from my kickback from BaE and Al-Bandar. Tim, I told you about Tim didn’t I, Tim Osman that is, he’s there too! Although, got to be a bit careful sipping those coconuts of course, what with that old kidney problem. But I’d like to say the anthrax Idea wasn’t my bidding. In fact we were worried that Dr. Zack would start sending letters to us, becasue you know noone else at Fort Detrick knew what Philip was doing at the time, so father, not guilty on that one.

Yes, Still here Tony.

Then of course, Iraq. We decided to hit Iraq and so had to fix the intelligence around the policy. We had to get our unit in Italy to forge those documents about the Niger uranium. We made a number of cockups, like when in the demonisation phase, we started going on about Halabjah, but then people spoke out that it was our chemical weapons that Saddam was using, people also publically spoke out against the way we buried criticism of Saddam at them time, and that he was our friend then. And I said it still wasn’t too late for Saddam a day or so before we invaded. And that Scott Ritter. What a Bast.. errrm, what a difficult person he was, what with actually ensuring Iraq was disamed. And Blix of course, trying to be impartial. Well, overall thanks to Ali, we did a good job of fearing the country into believing they were 45 minutes from doom, Well, sorry, auto PM mode there, I forgot I have to be honest. I mean we managed to avoid having the document from becoming completely useless when Ali and Scarlet magicked and spun together disinformation and cherry picked nonsese from a students thesis. But we managed to avoid any derailment of the plan thanks to Butler and Hutton, which reminds me, we killed Kelly too.

Then of course the 52 we killed on 7-7. You know, It’s quite amazing how we repeated almost all the same cock-ups that the Americans did on 9-11, but the timing was great, what with sipping champagne with Geldof on my Yacht off Tuscany, conning people into believing we were helping African “debt cancellation” while offsetting it against aid, hah hah hah *cough* sorry Father. Well we managed to get a foot in the door of approving their governments, and blow down the door for our companies to eventually be able to charge the earth for their utilities. And being doing 7-7 when the G8 members were in Scotland. That was a classic.

Then allowing the Israelies to kill over 1000 Lebanonese…

Errrm… Tony? Actually God is all knowing. I think after conduiting through me for -pause- 8 and a half hours, that God doesn’t need to hear any more.

Oh, has it really been that long?


So Father, what must I do for forgiveness?

I don’t think it’s practical to issue a number of hail Mary’s. Errrm… I know you’ve received millions of pounds and are trying to earn more from your memoires, the US dinner speach circuit and the like, so if perhaps you were to donate all the personal profit you made from your actions as ten years as primeminister, and devoted your life to God and always end your prayers asking for forgiveness, then perhaps God will forgive you my son.

Golly Farther. -pause- Tell you what, how’s about a K or a P instead?

Population. Reduction or otherwise?


It is never a good idea to post too rapidly on a blog. The short-termism that has come be be a strong social driving force in most of our lives, either by choice or necessity, means that previous blog entries ascend into blog heaven at a greater pace than is sometimes useful, however, somethimes the urge to post is just too strong and it’s what I’m going to to here. Oh dear.

This post comes from Stef, famous for 15 megapixls[1] post: “C’mon baby take a chance with us“[2] and “The Andrew Gilligan Drinking Game“[3]

A large number of very important issues were raised. I want to extract some of those issues to discuss them more deply. No offence Stef, but I think the they deserve at least an entire thread to themselves (so I post them here)

The first one is population levels.

 There are 9 possibilities:

1) population reduction, food produce increased
2) population reduction, food produce levels maintained
3) population reduction, food produce reduction

4) population level is maintained, food produce increased
5) population level is maintained, food produce levels maintained
6) population level is maintained, food produce reduction

7) population increases, food produce increased
8) population increases, food produce levels maintained
9) population increases, food produce reduction

For the sake of arguement, ‘food’ can be thought of as being replaceable by ‘resources’ or even ‘sustianability’

To me, options 7-9 and in rank order, are the least sensible kinds of situation to get ourselves into. These possibilities would be the likely product of uncontrolled population growth, surely there is some point where population growth is too great for the planet to cope with. This amount would be very difficult to quantify and hence is simply not worth entering into a game which is likely to resemble Russian ruolette. 

The remaining options mean that some form of population control (redutive as in option 1-3, or static in option 4-6) is prudent. This is sensitive issue amongst NWO critics such as myself, but of course, it is very much dependent on how it is done. If it is by consensus and leads to a situation whereby the position of the elite scumbags don’t gain (preferebaly they would lose!) then I can’t see the problem with that. As for consensus, well obviously not everyone would agree to one side or the other, but if the majority of people agree (no kobold diebold’s please!) the only other option is to go back into the more risky 7-9 choices. Population control is strongly associated with eugenics (I hope my good internet buddy antireptliain can make a comment there) rejection of which is of course a no-brainer, but I don’t think anyone (other than the plutocrats) is advocating such a method.

Many people automatically impose their own population control in their own lives. For example, my ex-driving instructor said he didn’t want another child becasue he couldn’t afford it. Others only have one or two becasue that is all they can cope with. China has population control. It has faults no doubt, but perhaps that example of local population control is necessary?

To me I think population reduction (again ensuring the cake that’s left doesn’t go to the elite – danger is of course, how to prevent it from doing so?)  is perhaps the most reasonable choice IF the planet is going to face energy challenges and this seems quite likely. 

But I would hazard a guess that our current population level, albeit high, is currently sustainable. I see market stalls, shops, supermarkets, restaurnats and so forth turn out into the bins, loads of old or slightly damaged produce simply becsue it didn’t meet the critera of profitability. I see natural produce go unpurchased or rejected in certain supermarkets (when they slip through the net) becasue they have some kind of russeting or have an unsymmetrical shape or whatever. I see traders even in poor countires with loads of goods which is also likely to be discarded if they are not exchanged for money.

Credit where credit is due, the big supermarkets ‘Whoops” thier perishables near closing time, albeit to the panic of store mangers who envisage a cue of all customers forming just waiting for the ‘reducred’ labels to be stuck on goods that seconds before would have sold for a higher proce.

I believe is there is enough food for all, and given the power to do so, I would force the most big supermarkets to give say 10 to 20% of the value of their profits to the poor in vouchers either discount or FOC to the poor, and some of this in the form of foodstuffs for people overseas (obviously foods that could be in good enough shape after transport, tinned cans, smoked meats, dry goods, grains adn rice etc) either that or have the supermarkts use this percentage to pay farmers in countries closer to the hungry to ship goods DIRECT to the poor via a non profit organisation, NGO or otherwise.

But I’d go further, I believe option 6 and 3 must be looked at becasue I think the method of food production these days is actually constructing a time bomb for later generations. Sloppy intensive farming – pesticides, GM, ionic non-complexed fertilizers and so forth are already causing us problems[4]. I would like to see a regession to traditional farming methods and put the unemployed people onto the land under the direction of those farmers who know what they are doing and use low level methods of farming organic and GM free.

What is the point in having so many children anyway? I think we’ve all seen examples of where poor people (some sufferingly poor) have large families, sometimes with the rationale that there will be more chance to have a breadwinner in the family. Well, if there were less people in the world, one can imagine there would be more bread per head of population – but as ever, the difficulty is going to be ensuring they actually get that food and not life the life an animal so that some tryant leader , greedy and ungreateful oil Sheihk or some CEO can live the life of Riley.

I think it is beneficial if a world audit (next topic perhaps – a global centre or government) of population and food / resources could be made. I guess someone has already done such a report but I’ve yet to hear about it. Whatever, the side issue of all this is the fact that some are living on the edge of existence while some eat gold leaf fine cakes is disgusting and drastically needs readdressing. Thing is, it involves the whole world undergoing a holistic revolutionary change, and right now, that just ain’t gonna happen.

What’s your view on world poulation levels and resources/sustainbility?


[1] Stef, Famous for 15 Megapixels.

[2] Stefs “C’mon baby take a chance with us”

[3] Stefs “The Andrew Gilligan Drinking Game”

[4]Caulerpa taxifolia – which I suspect is proliferating in synthetic nutrient rich waters

MP’s pay

I am pretty sure ALL married couples have some serious arguments and fall-outs at times. The reason is partly because after a while, you get to recognize the bad and annoying habits your husband or wife has. Harry Enfields squabbling couple sprint to mind but I couldn’t find a pic of that so I’ll put this beautiful couple up here instead. Don’t they look nice!

And so it is with friends too. Perhaps it’s a measure of the strength of the relationship whereby despite it all, you still love (even if the form of love changes over time) each other enough to want to be together, warts and all. 

And so it is to one of my friends. George Galloway. the more I listen to him, the more I find points on which I disagree with him on. This latest one is on MP’s pay.

He seems very much in favour of MP’s getting even more high pay. Once on his radio show’s he said in relation to low pay (BTW: an MP’s salary isn’t actually low!) “If you pay peanuts you get monkeys.” and I think he was specifically referring to MP’s at the time. That disposable phrase is often said about MP’s i.e. If a good Salary is on offer then you get good people wanting to go for the job.

1) But MP’s pay shouldn’t be about the money. It should be purely about PUBLIC SERVICE.

MP’s shouldn’t get ANY pay. Instead, they should have their needs catered for by the state and as a reward be given a good standard of ‘pampering’ (for want of a better word) while serving their country. After their public service stops then perhaps they can start earning cash, but are given practical but basic buffer facilities before they land themselves a job. (P.S. any post public service employment should NOT be one obtained from graft!)

2) Not only that but I seriously question the ‘worthiness’ of the numerous captains of industry and commerce we have today. I am tempted to say people like Adam Applegarth, but that would be too easy and critics would equally say some other person like Richard Branston to pickle out my argument.

3) GG showed the flaw in his purrfect perceptions while frequently lambasting those who give poor pay to nurses, teachers, firemen, police, prison guards and so forth. Yes there people are poorly paid when they start work (like most people starting a job) and there is a case for lobbying on behalf of the persistently poorly paid. But these people, firemen etc, KNOW the peanut level of pay before they go for the job. So GG is calling them monkeys. But of course GG isn’t doing it deliberately, it’s just the consequence of him shooting off one of these stupid phrases, spouted by many and unconsidered by most. So he really has to junk that soundbyte he uses when trying to win his case on this issue.

4) What happened to equality? Why should already well off MP’s get a pay ris when there are people so poor their have to live in run down council housing (what’s left of it that is) and under very testing confitions?

Well, that’s all I want to write on this subject for now. GG has his flaws, but we ALL do. On balance, when it comes to the most important issues, he’s still well worth supporting. If you can’t let inevitable gripes slide, then you yourself become as useful as this…


Data leakage won’t stop issue ID fascism.


I refuse to carry a UK ID card. I refuse to have a biometric passport. I Refuse to have my DNA taken.

I know that stance is going to cause me problems in the future and I am definitely not looking forward to it.

The reason why I take this stance is because I am utterly convinced the UK government will use that data for tyrannical means, and of course others WILL manage to get it and also use it for nefarious purposes.

In contrast to the governments stinking lies and spin about ID, it won’t be anything other than a new powerful tool to allow them to toughen their fascist grip over the people and spy on them with ease and impunity; The establishment still don’t get it do they? Their role is supposed to REPRESENT the common citizen,  NOT ‘rule over’ then, dominate them or oppress them. A government of the people for the people. Difficult for elitists to come to terms with that isn’t it? – Power to alter other peoples lives is an awesome aphrodisiac. Loss of it must be avoided.

Anyway, perhaps I shouldn’t get so steamed up about it. After all it’s a nakedly secular system, something I must disagree with, something that will always be doomed, being built upon the flippant and erroneous perceptions of mankind, laced heavily to allow the pursuit of selfish indulgence. That’s secularisms bedrock, but it would be foolish to ignore that there is some well intentioned people and policy that accompanies it. But I do get steamed up about it because secular laws impinge upon me, those I love and those I regard as friends. Not only that, but I energize myself on this topic because it is to detriment of my fellow man whether they realize it or not, and given the practicalities of le heure d’jour, who not make the most of a bad situation? After all, didn’t Joseph (Yusof) – the prophet with the amazing coat, advise the Pharaoh (Fir-a’oun)? Yeah, I’m not Joseph of course but perhaps the lesson can be applied?

But I predict, like in almost ALL other cases, my fellow Brits will just obey the Sheepdog. Perhaps they’ll hold a ‘feel-good’ march and then kowtow afterwards leaving just a handful of highly principled people behind. Certainly, that’s what the historical body of evidence suggests will happen.

I dunno… Sometimes you have to wonder what’s the point in doing it?, not just about this topic, but other related issues too. In the end, if your life to have any meaning whatsoever, you really do have to take a principled stance on some issues. And I am quite happy with the level of research I’ve done into all this to believe that I am in the right camp.

I just hope it will mean something when it all pans out.

I’ll finish on these quick points:

The more ID we have in this world, the more ID related problems we will face and the greater the seriousness of these problems. I want a society where is about the same as the current level ID or perhaps even a lower level than what we have now, because I believe that the liberty from anonymity is more beneficial than any problems that stem from less anonymity.

More ID will not stop terrorism. It will make any terrorists harder to spot.

Why do we need more ID as opposed to the ID level we had previously? Were on a circular esculator here folks!

Latest ID pantos:

Anger as NHS database records lost

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