Bhutto Assassinated?

Wow. All my predictions were that she was to be the be next PM and she and Perverse Musharaf was just setting things up. Wonder who killed her? Well she was going to let the US into Pakistan and wanted to kill more Afghanistani’s as well as Pakistanis in the NorthWest Frontier so there’s probably thousands of people breathing a sigh of relief tonight. Her death is just one. What about ALL the countless, nameless, soulless Iraqi’s and Afghanistan? What about them Benny?

But you have to ask… When will the killing end?

Al Fathiah.

Aao’thu bilahi minash saytanir rajeem.

Bismillahir rahmanir raheem.
Al hamdulillahi rubbil aal a meen.
A rahman nir raheem
Maliki yeow mideen
Iya ka na budu ya Iya ka nastaeen
idh dinas siratalmustakeem
siratal la theena anamta alai him ghairil magdubi alai him ya lad daaa leeen.

God rest her soul and the millions of all other Muslims who NOBODY ever cared about.

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