What does that mean anyway?…… “Bhutto was a honoured as a symbol of modernity?”
I’ll tell you want it means, it’s a swipe at Islam, that’s what this BBC jouro is doing here. Islam you see languishes you in a state of backwardness. Islam and disconnect from modernity are close friends. Or so they would have you believe.

How can Islam hold you back? It cannot. There is no Islamic prohibition on the adoption of current working practices, housing, use of transport, most medical advances, use of computers and the world wide web etc etc etc. None at all. What it does maintain, is a code of morality and ritual worship, but such things are not regressive, in fact it is today’s godless society with regards to morality, that have regressed from the great monotheistic moral codes restated 1400, 2000 and 5000 years ago!

But what of modern life? Lets see…

Is not seeing being able to see your kids for over 1/2 of the waking day, 5 days a week, increasingly experienced by BOTH parents (due to economic need) progressive?

Is modern life so good because porn is more widely available to youngsters?

Is modern life so great that now liquidity isn’t measured in terms of how much savings you have to spend, but by the extent of your debt ceiling?

What about Modern life for the poor in industrial countries, where they have little choice but to purchase highly processed foods, some of which have ever increasing GM content inside them? What of your kids’ education and the way they are being taught to think inside the box(pen)? Kids which suffer more commonly from asthma and behavioral problems. They live in a society where in which gun and knife crime cause quite serious concern, and drugs of every falvour are up for sale in a house a couple of streets away. And when not in “school” the kids sit on their bottoms playing computer games or watching utter tripe and propaganda on the TV, and blast their brains with EM radiation from their cellular phone?

Modern life where time for contemplation is a relic, as is the ability be anonymous, if you should so choose, where your life is increasingly bound up in red tape, you are forced to adopt greater levels of ID so that almost every aspect of your life can be spied upon.

What about a world that produces elements like plutonium where one millionth of a gram will kill a man and each nuclear power station produced something like 200 tonnes of Plutonium in its lifetime, not to mention all the other radioactive isotopes from pullution power stations and the hundreds of nuclear explosions that have taken place over 50 years, elements along with depleted uranium which have tetragenic, mutagenic and carcinogenic properties which ncreasingly covering the earths surface. Or where refined mercury is organically fixed into dimethylmercury which proceeds along a concentration gradient which we end up eating and dying from.

Where MASS starvations take place in countries like Ethiopia, Somalia and North Korea, because of political despotism and the political/national borders, and MASS refugee and mass killings occur where In places like India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, Rwanda, Armenia, WW1, WW2, 19th/20th Century South Africa, Argentina, Nicaragua, Shah’s Iran, Russia; Countries where Millions upon Millions of utterly innocent people die or are executed where women and kids are put in concentration camps as the British did in the Boer Wars and subjected the residents there to a scorched earth policy?

We rarely hear those aspects of Modern life, which I think probably negate any so called ‘advancements’ from “modern life”

But lets focus back on Bhutto. Exactly what has been her contribution to modernity? Come on? What exactly did she do? Introduce the motor car to Pakistan? the bicycle even? AC? Satellite communicaation? Did she advance their science sector, the education sector, the transport sector, the health sector? Advance the cause of local and international peace and reconciliation? I don’t think so. Once again another unsubstantiated claim gushes forth from a BBC author’s pen.

I think it’s clear why her supporters lavish this supposed accolade on her because he is perceived as having taken people away from the Islam that they have stuck to and embarked upon bringing to greater fruition having suffered so bitterly on the trail of tears a number of decades earlier, and she was set to attack those who oppose US Zionistic hegemony. If you side with that monster you are progressive.

Remember what false choice which that murderous prick tried to impose upon us ? “You are either with us or with the terrorists”

The BBC in that article says “she was a reluctant convert to politics.” Very clever. Keep the religious connotation and use it to cast a separation between it and politics. Such tricks are easily seen and they reveals the secular mindset – the only mindset that can be permitted to exist. We are being nudged to think Islam cannot be political. It it is radical and rigid. Or so they would have you think.

2 Responses to “Modernity???”

  1. 1 DrM January 4, 2008 at 10:54 am

    The revisionism I’ve seen around Benazir Bhutto’s record is the final nail in the western press’ coffin. The Bhutto family is to Pakistan what the Bush family is to America : Mafia.

  2. 2 lwtc247 January 6, 2008 at 11:28 pm

    Akum Dr M. and thanks once again for reminding me of te I owe the internet for once again being able to get to ‘know’ and communicate with yet another fine and honest mind.

    Yes, I agree. The swiftness of the revisionism was bewildering. More instant than instant mashed potato, and probably just as nutritious.

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