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We found him!


No plukky eyebrows, dental and scissor action’s gonna fool me. My teacher’s lessons were too good.

Please let there be a reward please.

Pig Peter ‘oil slick’ Hain caught with nose in trough.

Oink oink!

Rings out the well lubricated squeal by a Mr. Peter Hain esq.

Peter Hain

Peter Hain (different angle)

More war loving, Muslim killing, neoLabour filth who extraordinarlly reluctantly resigned his cabinet post.

No lw, you are wrong Peter Hain is a good man. Look:

From Peter Hain’s Website:
“I also believe in a society based upon the principles of mutual co-operation and mutual aid, not one reliant on personal greed in which affluent elites grow still more powerful and rich, whilst the weakest go to the wall, hence our socialist commitment to spreading wealth and ownership more evenly and our belief in high quality public services which we must all be prepared to fund through fair taxation. And also our policies for combating world poverty through record levels of international development assistance and providing debt relief for the poorest countries.
Our socialist vision is of a Britain that stands for justice, freedom and morality both at home and abroad.”{thanks to Crimes and Corruption of the New World Order News for the above excerpt. Please read the superb article}

How Peter Hain voted on key issues since 2001:

Read about how the voting record is decided.


And look at what the BBC tries to do. Make it look as if a good man has gone…


But if your read the Crimes and Corruption of the New World Order News article you would have seen this…

“He [Hain] was receiving money from no other than Isaac Kaye, a former supporter of the National Party in apartheid-era South Africa. Like proxy donator Abrahams, Kaye is a major investor in Israel and used a sophisticated tactic to hide his identity; a ‘think tank’ of reputed left-wing persuasion entitled the ‘Progressive Policy Forum’ which was established for the sole purpose of concealing the identity of Kaye and his cohorts.”

oinky-oinkey-peter-hain.jpg  = NeoLabour scum.

For the times, they are a changin.

Credit Crunch / Northern Rock etc, =
Bad loans (lobbox),
Lack of credit (lobbox and guffaw),
Lack of cash (yeah right, hence M3 flushed!)
Lack of cheap credit (guffaw).

What do we see?
ECB pumping HUGE quantities of cash into the system.
Fed making historical borrowing rate cuts!!!
Share values fluctuating wildly on a frequent basis
Gold jumping to $909/oz despite huge share gains.
Food prices of staples increasing sharply.
China has a meat supply problem
US debt never been higher.

Thoughtful of the US “authorities” to have all those camps ready, looks like there going to be receiving some guests soon.

Egyptian lobbox

Egyptian lobbox 


The Palestinians or to use the perverse Zionist perception; ‘animals akin to dogs’, have once again taken matters into their own hands in order to try and stave off another attempted genocide upon them. The US, UK, EU and UN, amongst others, have known for months what the slow choking of the Gaza strip by the Zionist occupiers of Palestine would do. And it was very predictable that the Zioslime would see fit to rob the Palestinians once again, this time of electricity. The US, UK, EU and UN, amongst others including the Egyptian and Jordan authorities of course, looked on – each no doubt nursing incredibly stiff erections grown by watching the noose tighten ever further around the necks of the Palestinian people.

Then, BOOM! last night the Palestinians blew up segments of the Egyptian Berlin wall caging in them in. Previously Egyptian riot police were employed to stop Palestinians from entering Egypt and as recent as a week or two ago, Palestinians protested at Egypt not letting normal border points to operate properly.

Now that slimy US puppet president Hosni Mubarak tries to take credit for this Palestinian act of desperation, showing as little fear of Egyptian Zionists as they do for Israeli Zionists.

Al Jazeera (English) is saying He ordered his security forces not to try and Prevent the Palestinians from crossing into Egypt because he was worried they were starving.


They’ve been gradually starving for months already. Mubarak has helped facilitate the Palestinians plunge unto even darker depths of desperation at every single opportunity. He does what he can to try and stop the Palestinians leaving Gaza – the largest open air prison in the world for years. There is NO way Mubarak would interfere. I bet he almost came in his pants when he first thought about letting his forces unleashing volleys of M16 bullets into the bodies of Palestinians trying to trump his good Ziobuddy Sharon. but then no doubt he saw a vision whereby finally, the good people of Egypt rebelled against his tyranny after been disgusted at the sight of layers upon layers of Palestinian bodies, oozing blood from Egyptian M16 bullet wounds, thereby robbing him of more years sipping fine beverages while ensuring millions live in fear of him and his torturing institutions.  

What’s a quick orgasm compared to more years of being a man people quite literally fear. Mubaraks todger obviously doesn’t rule his brain. No. Clearly ‘strong man’ puppetship does instead.

Download a recent BBC HARDtalk interview with esteemed Dr Azzam Tamimi
(22nd Jan 2008):



& Nov 2004.



NWO? He’s mm mmm mm mmma mad!

Anyone who thinks for example the US and UK are run by the same people and have the same policies is bonkers. I mean just look at the financial indicees… 



Ah shudddup you anti-semite (again)

Fugitive bLiar woos Wood conservation lobby


Today, fugitive Tony bLiar on the run from decent folk everywhere, suspected of mass murder and ritual slaugher, made a flash appearance at a meeting of the Wood conservation association yesterday.

Dragging behind him a heavy real sample with him, he delighted the crowd as he stood on top of it proclaiming:

 “And thanks to me, when we bomb Iraqi’s and Afghans, their bodies are soooooo fragmented {he paused}, we can pack the bits in these little coffins saving up to 60% wood per casket!!!”

And there was much rejoycing…

Classic pics – Tony bLiar 1 – Tony on Holiday

Between jobs…

Most people when between jobs get peacemeal placements. Obvious not so for some…

1) ME peace Envoy, (guffaw!!!)
2) JP Morgan,
3) EU comissioner (?).

 All stepping stones on the way to this perhaps?…

His Tonyness.

captions sought…

Here’s my guess

At what the filth are trying to do…


 See here.

The Messianic Jews are a disaster for Israel!


 [56:31] “The Messianic Jews are a disaster for Israel!”

This was a chant a mob of orthodox Jews who performed a ritualistic taunting outside what had become the home of an Yakim Figueras, Christain and Pastor (whose wife Debbie is from a Jewish background) in occupied Palestine.

Thing is – they are absolutely right!

Becasue Israel is a godless squat. The Jews who accept Jesus was the Messiah; Jews who believe Jesus will return are infact priviliged to have broken free from the Talmudic lies which lay gross slanders against Jesus, calling him a bastard, a fraudulent magician and a heretic.

In a heavily edited interview, Rabbi Tovia Singer is asked: “Is Jesus a heretic?” to which the Rabbi answers “Duteromomy Ch 13 in particular tells us ‘a false prophet is to be rejected.’ and he’s right, but if he stopped listening to the gross corruption of Rabbi’s before him, he might realise it’s not Jesus it’s talking about, but the Antichrist – the actual false prophet who will deceive the Jews.

This false prophet will claim he is Jesus, the Messiah, and will rule the godless state of Israel from Jerusalem and from it, the rest of the world, only to be eventually be destroyed by the real Jesus. As their false messiah lies dead, these so called Jews will realise with sheer horror their perverted lives and past blindness, proclaiming whilst panic stricken, acceptance of Jesus, but it is quite clear their ‘conversion’ will not be accepted, just like Pharoah, who accpeted God while drowning in the Red Sea, after mercilessly set out to attack and Kill the fleeing Jews under Moses. God rejected Pharoahs submission to God just moments before he died and will do so likewise to todays sadistic henchmen and apologists of intesne oppression that is the Zionist movement.

These so called ‘Jews’ which denounce and casue strife to God conscious Jews like “Jews for Jesus” are the same dirt that have invoked Gods ire for millenia. These Jews are the ones who are documented in the Qur’an as being the recipients of Gods curse, and it is they who have succumbed to the evil Talmudic elitism – essentuially a eugenic belief, falling for a second succer punch believing that Zionism is simply political Judaism. Their doom is promised along with ‘their Israel’ – a filthy imposter of the great and glorious Isreal of old. In fact, there is no doubt in my mind, and apparanrtly not in theirs either, albeit for different perceptions, that the ‘disaster’ will come and afterwards, it will once again become the most beautiful and pure promised land to those who understand Gods Power and Justice.

I offer a guess that when Jesus re-establishes the same doctrine thet he gave us almost 2000 yeaars ago, then once again, the direction of prayer will point towards Jerusalem at the temple of Solomon known as the Al Aqsa mosque.

I feel the presenter and researcher Dr Robert Beckford missed a readdress when he said Orthodox Jews see Jesus as a symbol of oppression, but Jesus never oppressed the Jews so the symbolism is false. Jews who suffered at the hands of “Christians” did so becasue the exact same cause – that of corrupting divine law – pulled the Christians away from righteousness into slaughter and oppression of Jews, which is EXACTLY the same as that Zionist Jews have been doing to the Palestinians for more than 60 years. But of course the ordinary and honest Jews must not be be exposed to such ‘subversion’, so we  so their Rabbi’s endlessly propagate their distractions and distortions upon their flock.



I have to thank Stef – Famous for 15 megapixels for proving assistance for ways in which I could get to see this documentary, but none of my personal views above should be thought of as his views.

P.S. I’ve tidied-up the errors in this post. The improvements do not change the context of what I said before and acctually they are very minor. However, as a comment has been left before tidy-up, I think this note is necessary. 

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