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Stomach bug sweeping the country (UK).

Professor Steve Field, said: “Wash your hands regularly so you don’t infect anyone else and stay at home two days after the symptoms have gone.”

 Hummm… I don’t remember this last year or the year before or the year before that!

What on earth could be the reason for this I wonder??? Let’s look at it reverse: If washing makes it better, so not washing may make it worse. Now what could possibly have happened – uniquely this christmas, in line with this unique problem, about not washing something?? Something that probably sounded really really stupid or out of place and was about not washing. Boy that’s a toughie.

On the lobbox of the credit crunch

The latest lobbox from the BBC:

“banks less willing to lend because of the higher cost and reduced availability of credit.”

Tosh! Credit is limitless. It’s not physical where is the finite reserve of it. Credit is pulled out of the hat whenever people take out loans. The Interest made on it depends on credit. That’s the ultra exploitative usury system they created.

“Both secured and unsecured household lending have fallen “due to lenders reducing their risk appetite”, the Bank said.”

So it’s wrong to say debt has never been higher? Ans when was the last time you considered your ‘risk appetite’. What lobbox by the anonymous BBC journo.

“…’expected changes in the cost and availability of funds, would point to lower credit supply’.  The Bank last cut rates at the start of December, reducing them to 5.5% from 5.75%.”

So by cutting rates people arn’t going to take out more loans wich incidently isn’t available. I am reminded of the time when after yet another talentless performance, a certain Johnny Rotten asked the crowd”Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

Cynthia McKinney, an angel amongst devils


Cynthia is running for President.

Sadly, I don’t think she can win. There are too many C&J Zionists and they are financially powerful and exert undue influence on the MSM.

Perhaps her bid will bring some (not so)common decency back to USans that still believe that might is right.

Anyway, here’s t short videos from the fantastic site Snowshoe films ( ) for you to learn a little something about this courageous soul.

Part 1
of if u like tinyURL’s =

Part 2:
tinyURL’s =

(the 2nd video isn’t the same as the first)

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