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Polar Bears and the things we need to do to protect them

Global warming is a real threat to out way of life.
If the Ice caps melt, then how are are going to capture polar bears, make them go crazy – wagging their heads side-to-side, walk backwards again and agian and again, treat them like crap, let them wallow in their own filth, and give them stupid names like Knut (be careful if you type that). TAX ALL CO2 to save the polar bears.


Look behind BBC’s most popular Newz:

Top Europe stories.

Georgian president re-elected
– Pfizer reject allegations viagra link to dislexia

Soldiers bulldoze Naples rubbish –
– Driver, Israeli Italian, believed Female acticist was hidden inside.

Anne Frank story musical to open –
– Audience complain as cast sing too quietly in case Nazi’s hear.

Most Popular Stories Now

1) Iran boats ‘threatened US ships’
– Gulf of Hormuz incident in preparation.

2) Day in pictures
– Odeon manager’s ‘free porn offer’ more popular than expected.

3) Trinian’s star ‘is new Bond girl’
–  Chris Langham to become new Bond

4) New Polar bear test for Germany
– Resit offered after 9/10 Germans sill thought it was a Russian general.

5) Clinton aims for New Hampshire comeback.
– 2 time President denies new obscure fetish.

Big Pfarma at it again – MRSA


This time we have this lovely bit of reporting from the worlds most honourable and factual news organization: The BBC.

Titled: “MRSA ‘could be treated at home” we have this peach of a snippet:

“The issue is discussed by independent experts in a report, funded by the drug company Pfizer, about managing MRSA.”

– LOL.

 “They say moving away from treating patients in hospital with antibiotics administered into their veins could save the NHS significant sums of money.” – Yeah, let them sleep in their own beds the bloody scroungers. Come to think of it, why dont the winging gits source out their own medices too, or even the growing number from naturally produced medicines from China, Uganda or Russia? When it comes to the drugs bill, think of all the money that the NHS wouldn’t have to fork ou… errrm, no that’s going a bit too pfar. Pforget I said that.

From the same report:  “But the experts’ report said in many cases those treated for MRSA in hospital were otherwise medically fit and could be given antibiotics “ – Would that be the same bacteria that is resistant to many antibiotics. but Pfortunately, the just happens to be some Pfarmaceuticals, a wee but pricey, that one can take to help stave off some an attack should you have been unPfortunate leave hospital early, which again. completely by chance just happens to boost the ‘turnaround’ statistics up so the managers can get that nice juicy bonus at the years end.

 Continuing now with a more general moan…

“If they were sent home instead, it could slash the annual £1bn cost of treatment, the report added. “ – Hourray. The govt could cut funding to the NHS by £1bn! Yippee yippy yoo!!

 “One NHS trust in London that tried such a scheme saved about £100,000 a year. “ – And of course the people who took that decision to tell people to      ing well go home, weren’t really bothered about this:

“However, people with weakened immune systems (for example due to other illnesses) or who have undergone sugery (for example heart surgery or hip replacement) can develop more serious problems. In more vulnerable people, Staphyloccocus aureus bacteria have been known to cause boils, abscesses, impetigo, septic wounds, heart-valve problems and toxic shock syndrome. In extreme cases, it can result in death. “

Although no doubt the managers would counter: “If we sent patients home early after their triple bypass, there risk to exposure to MRSA, being increasingly found in hiopsitals, is reduced – It’s perfect, give us a break”

Hey what are thinking about? Why MRSA became virulent in hospitals in the first place, and why isn’t that getting a serious mention on the BBC report? Well dont! you… you… you…. You ANTI-SEMETIC TERRORIST sympathiser you! {well why not? It works most other times}

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Viva Palestina - break the siege

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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