Big Pfarma at it again – MRSA


This time we have this lovely bit of reporting from the worlds most honourable and factual news organization: The BBC.

Titled: “MRSA ‘could be treated at home” we have this peach of a snippet:

“The issue is discussed by independent experts in a report, funded by the drug company Pfizer, about managing MRSA.”

– LOL.

 “They say moving away from treating patients in hospital with antibiotics administered into their veins could save the NHS significant sums of money.” – Yeah, let them sleep in their own beds the bloody scroungers. Come to think of it, why dont the winging gits source out their own medices too, or even the growing number from naturally produced medicines from China, Uganda or Russia? When it comes to the drugs bill, think of all the money that the NHS wouldn’t have to fork ou… errrm, no that’s going a bit too pfar. Pforget I said that.

From the same report:  “But the experts’ report said in many cases those treated for MRSA in hospital were otherwise medically fit and could be given antibiotics “ – Would that be the same bacteria that is resistant to many antibiotics. but Pfortunately, the just happens to be some Pfarmaceuticals, a wee but pricey, that one can take to help stave off some an attack should you have been unPfortunate leave hospital early, which again. completely by chance just happens to boost the ‘turnaround’ statistics up so the managers can get that nice juicy bonus at the years end.

 Continuing now with a more general moan…

“If they were sent home instead, it could slash the annual £1bn cost of treatment, the report added. “ – Hourray. The govt could cut funding to the NHS by £1bn! Yippee yippy yoo!!

 “One NHS trust in London that tried such a scheme saved about £100,000 a year. “ – And of course the people who took that decision to tell people to      ing well go home, weren’t really bothered about this:

“However, people with weakened immune systems (for example due to other illnesses) or who have undergone sugery (for example heart surgery or hip replacement) can develop more serious problems. In more vulnerable people, Staphyloccocus aureus bacteria have been known to cause boils, abscesses, impetigo, septic wounds, heart-valve problems and toxic shock syndrome. In extreme cases, it can result in death. “

Although no doubt the managers would counter: “If we sent patients home early after their triple bypass, there risk to exposure to MRSA, being increasingly found in hiopsitals, is reduced – It’s perfect, give us a break”

Hey what are thinking about? Why MRSA became virulent in hospitals in the first place, and why isn’t that getting a serious mention on the BBC report? Well dont! you… you… you…. You ANTI-SEMETIC TERRORIST sympathiser you! {well why not? It works most other times}


5 Responses to “Big Pfarma at it again – MRSA”

  1. 1 StefZ January 7, 2008 at 6:50 pm

    Whilst it wasn’t the thing the finally killed him my father suffered for something like seven months with a hospital caught infection and it brought him to death’s door two or three times. He was a strong man and kept coming back. It was a horrible thing to watch. Our faith in the current state of the NHS got progressively weaker as he did

    A friend of ours went into hospital a couple of years ago with a leg sore and was dead within a week from an infection, certainly acquired after she was admitted. She was 36

    and I’ve got some news for the BBC, people are already checking themselves out of our frequently bug-infested, often filthy, hospitals as soon as they can without having to be told.

    One family friend who was admitted to hospital with a broken leg whilst my father was there simply refused to eat any of the food and his family cleaned everything that came anywhere near him. He hobbled painfully out the second it was feasible to do so. Over top? Given my own experiences I don’t think so

  2. 2 lwtc247 January 8, 2008 at 2:55 pm

    I worded this post really badly. I’ve reworded it so I don’t look so sloppy this time round. (fingers x’d)

    Sorry about your Dad and your friend Stef.

    It is interesting that you say people are trying to get out ASAP without being kicked out. It matches my family experiences of hospital too, and being cynically minded (perhaps too much so), the thought occurs to me as to whether or not there is some force in the hospital to bring about that desire to get out, or nudge it in some way, like say telling the cleaners not to empty the bins so often or telling the nurses to check on the patients a bit less. I could be wrong, and I hope I am but that’s what thought does arise once in a while, prompted by issues like this.

    Like my family members and your Dad Stef, lets say most people do try and leave hospital ASAP. To leave you need to have a certain level of healthiness, which means the poor people left in hospital are the ones who essentially can’t leave, and it’s these people who will be under the ‘evil eye’ of the hospital administrators, and as we know.

    The way health spending comes under such scrutiny is really quite appalling. It’s all very well for people to bemoan how much a national health service actually costs (a service which it seems, is rapidly having its ‘free’ component under constant erosion) people such as those greedy sods who for example, ‘only’ make 80K per year after tax and so on. To those grunts who do this, how do you think those less well off feel when sitting in an under funded waiting room only to be told hours later their next weeks appointment is cancelled as the Doctors have to participate in a ‘bring and buy’ sale. Hearing politicians moan about the NHS is sickening as they never actually moan about the real underlying problems of the service – Equipment, morale and wages. Yes it’s costly, but there ain’t no better alternative. But you see, it’s got this way because the politicians primarily serve the rich (as well as themselves in the process) and the rich can afford the best doctors and treatments.

    The whole approach to health is wrong – and just about EVERYONE knows it. The current model is of course focused on putting right what has gone wrong, and not avoiding the fall into ill-health in the first place.

    But where’s the Pfat profits in that?

  3. 3 conor March 22, 2010 at 3:56 pm

    Vancomycin is the antibiotic used to treat MRSA and can only be given intravenously. I very much doubt they would trust patients to do this correctly at home.

  4. 4 lwtc247 March 24, 2010 at 9:18 am

    Hi conor.

    The BBC report mentioned “antibiotics administered into their veins” and did raise the possiblity of sending a nurse to the persons home, so perhaps there isn’t a suggestion for patients to do it themselves, but hey, if they could get away with not sending out a nurse, then what’s the chances they’d try to do just that?

    I guess most people would rather be at home convalescing than in some crappy hospital, but if complications developed while at home, away from the view of what we are told are “health professionals” working the the hospitals, then obviously it would be bad. Also the concern is hospitals will feel it’s ‘OK’ to boot patients out of bed earlier.

    For the record to piss off the BigPharma villians…

    1) Apr 2004
    “Orphans and babies as young as three months old have been used as guinea pigs in potentially dangerous medical experiments sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, an Observer investigation has revealed.
    British drug giant GlaxoSmithKline is embroiled in the scandal.”

    2) 19-Mar-2010
    Glaxo funded backers of ‘danger’ drug The Independent 2010-03-19
    More than nine out of 10 scientists who backed a drug at the centre of a safety scare had financial links to the pharmaceutical industry, a study has found. The disclosure will renew concern about the influence of the multinational companies on patient safety, where a warning about a drug can wipe billions from their balance sheets. The pharmaceutical industry has become adept at manipulating results and selectively withholding unfavourable data that could expose patients to harm. Now it is accused of skewing the debate over one drug, Avandia, prescribed to millions of people around the world…

    3) Jan 10 2010
    Glaxo offers free access to potential malaria cures
    The relatively unreported news: GSK denied people suffering from and at risk of Malaria by keeping 13,500 (likely patented drugs) away from public use before Jan 2010 because there was no money to be made from it. Neither is it reported the shrewd move by GSK to get others to finish the development, research/testing phases that GSK didn’t have the resources to to do. All spun to make GSK look good. Witty had promised to waive its patents, yet early on in the artivle Oxfam is reported to have said “Oxfam questioned whether other big drug companies would want to develop treatments from GSK patents.”, so the patents have not wriggled free from GSK IPR.

    It would be interesting to compile EVERY mainstream news report about the failings of these people/companies/drugs and their occasional evil practices.

  5. 5 lwtc247 March 24, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    Here’s some more shit from GSK…

    Rotarix rotavirus vaccine contaminated, officials sayBy Tom Watkins, CNN
    March 22, 2010 4:22 p.m. EDT

    (CNN) — Federal health authorities recommended Monday that doctors suspend using Rotarix, one of two vaccines licensed in the United States against rotavirus, saying the vaccine is contaminated with material from a pig virus.

    “There is no evidence at this time that this material poses a safety risk,” Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg told reporters in a conference call.

    Read ful article at:

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