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Spincity central. Latest: BBC being economical with the truth



Rock fends off key shareholders
Object d’art BBC timestamp: Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 January 2008, 18:22 GMT   

“It has been given about £26bn of Bank of England emergency loans, but with government guarantees to savers and other lenders, the total aid package underwritten by the taxpayer comes to more than double that.”

Why is the BBC not reporting the ACTUAL values here? What’s all this “about” and ” more than double that” vagueness. The BBC is collapsing into its own ever diminishing footprint.

Let me be the first to say Good Bloody Riddance.

Jesus cancels appearance after Rabbinical and Roman protests


Today Jesus announced plans not to turn up today citing complaints from Rabbis and Romans, 67 of whom said that Jesus might have claimed in the parable of Moses and the burning bush, that energy was radiated in the form of fire without combustion – a process which contradicts the laws of thermodynamics and must therefore be false.

There are no Muslim Hero’s becasue they are Muslims

15-year-old Boy Scout Mohammed Jaisham Ibrahim saved someones life
by grabbing the attackers knife. But so what – he’s a Muslim.

Se ye ‘ere

If it’s not fascism…

Brian Haw.
Best British man of the 21st century, savaged by fascist cops.

Why is it the scruffy looking, possibly unbathed, ‘no runway 2’ type people, seem to be more abundant on the streets actually trying to resist the fascist leviathan that is gradually crushing the testicles of the persons known as liberty and justice in the UK?

These people are HEROS for their courage in standing against neofascism. They are the front line helping to stave off biting oppression, an oppression that will one day be detaining you, naked and bruised, lying on a cold stone floor of some torture dungeon one day. No legal representation, no contact with anyone, with just the next meal of slop to look forward to, handed to you as a reward after admitting under torture what ever bad thing they can be bothered to levy at you.

You really believe that by not opposing this fascism that you wont be scarred don’t you? But where is your humanity? How can you live with yourself while people are being boiled and drilled alive while their kids are raped with broken fluorescent tubes?

Fascism is here and now. It’s been here for a while. It is growing. You must resist or support those who do. At the very least, hate it in your heart and speak out against it.

And if it’s not fascism, then what the hell is it?

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Viva Palestina - break the siege

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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