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Exploring the Origin of the Universe

Update: Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010.  Ancient dawn’s early light refines age of universe, Satellite images reveal new aspects of Big Bang’s relic radiationBy Ron Cowen Web edition :
 Age of the universe = 13.75 +/- 0.11 billion years old. via WMAP. end of update.

“A talk on the cosmology of the cosmic microwave background with discussion on the basic cosmological questions such as the Big Bang, dark matter link to some philosohpical questions.”

This Friday   :)

Humm… Dr. Ghassan Yassin by the University of Oxford this friday.

Arabic name (probably Muslim)  and  Person working in the seat of secular science.

I’m looking forward to this one. It will be very interesting to find out which side will show. I’ll take notes.


The talk was brief and informative. While not being my branch of science, I’m interested in it and usually can follow the Physics is a reasonable point (although I think my statment may be complete lobbox having recently looked at a couple of Physics – blogs of all things,  and feeling very very dumb!).

Well, religion wasn’t mentioned once! That disappointed me actually as from th description of the talk I thought it would readily dip into ‘the reason why’ aspect of cosmology, but I guess the people at Oxford etc have long ago ignored that very large elephant in the room.

Actually the wiki page on it is quite good and I recommend you read it.
I arrived as the intro was being read out. Mr Yassin was unaccompanied by other visitors and in chatting to people afterwards I found out it was his first time here. I don’t think he knew what level of knowledge the audience would have and so he kept the level quite simplified.

I’ll give a synopsis of what he said:

He was around “when the field was born” and is very much at the forefront of pioneering science. The field essentially boils down to Cosmic microwave background (CMB). He was a research student while Penzias and Wilson (1964) discovered the CMB, quite by accident, while building an antenna for ordinary communication purposes. Dr. Yassin He now heads the Experimental Cosmology group at Oxford University in the Dept of Physics. I believe his origins are Palestinian as he has a Palestinian accent.

I’m going to skip his bio as I wasn’t able to type and that fast…

Questions touched upon (in 50 minutes!):

a) Age of the Universe?

b) How did it evolve?

c) What is the density of matter? (a critical question under the theory of big bang (BB))

d) What is the geometry of the universe?

e) What is it’s fate?

Quote: “We have one Universe”  – Sorry you fantasy take physiciss with your talk of going through wormholes and parallel universes etc.

Age of the Universe?

15 yrs ago, a good answer would have been between 10 & 20 billion years old.

After recent measurement from WMAP now we say 13.7 +/- 3% bn years. – Note the extraordinary high level of certainty!!

Here was something I found to be a bit of a sore thumb: He said we need to theorize about matter we cannot detect*. This was part of the basis of my first question to him.

Previously measurements at age determination suffered a flaw – objects which scattered light were needed to be able to observe the light. This is the important feature of the CMB as it does not rely on scattering and hence can ‘see’ earlier in the creation of the universe.

Observations and the previous theory of matter don’t account for what was detected and so there was a need to theorize about matter we cannot see – dark Matter.

Geometry of Universe.

It has changed over last 5 years (the theory that is!). The current leading theory supports the flat model (this formed the basis of my second question). This flat model is one of three possibilities: a) Closed b) hyperbolic (infinity) or c) flat (Euclidian). Do not get flat mixed up with flat as in your floor or a table top. The word ‘flat’ as used by Physicists encompasses surfaces of cylinders as being flat as are doughnuts – think of surfaces or the surface of a balloon – you are stuck on the surface of the balloon, you cant go up or down, just walk on the surface, but, and this is where most people’s conceptualisation breaks down, th surface occurs in three (actually I think it should be 4 dimensions   – errrm I think :s )


The CMB is not isotropic (i.e. it’s anisotropic), that is, it’s not the same in all directions. Early CMB detection was not sensitive enough to detect variation. Now though, greater tech driven sensitivity leads to new ways in which to explore the CMB. CMB unlike visible light doesn’t depend on anything to scatter. The new tool, “the most important tool in cosmology”, to probe the CMB came online 15 years ago.

Most observations are made in the long wave part of the EM spectrum – Microwaves.

Time/distance figures:

1.3s from the moon to here.

8 mins light from the sun.

Sirius = 8.6 light years

Betelgeuse = 427 light years away

Andromeda = 2 m light years ago.

Our solar system = 4.5 bn years old

Radio telescope can see up to 5bn years ago. (before the sun was born)

Hubble able to see up to 13bn years – remember universe = 13.7 bn (“Firm belief”) years old.

But there is a horizon that we can never see beyond. Horizon = 13.5 bn years. At this point we enter the dark ages. The horizon is based on or, if you prerfer, is a result of the last remaining light reflecting object.

So we can never see what things look like now, but we can see what things were like in the past.


Big Bang: Universe emerged from hot a dense cosmic “fluid” 13.7 years ago. Gentleman who coined the term big bang never actually believed in it. But “it’s the best model.” Universe started from a singularity. (Talk of ‘singularities’ really gets my goat !!!)

Initially it expanded at an extremely fast rate (inflation) and then settled to uniform expansion.

1-0 s bb explosion     bb=big bang

1-10-32 s Inflation: V rapid expansion within the size of the university increases hugely

3-300000 Decoupling : Atoms were formed.

4-13.7 bn yrs: Present time.

Supporting evidence for theory of BB:

  • (nb: Abundance of He in the U. Stars made of 70%H 25%He – The He made from fusing H together i.e. H being consumed into He – Atom Fusion)
  • The Universe is expanding.

1928 Hubble observed the galaxies are receding “the further you are the faster they expand” – Note: Dr. Yassin made no mention that there are papers which say there are galaxies approaching us so the expansion model he has just advanced is wrong, but I guess he’s simplifying things for unwant of being sidetracked.

  • Cosmic Microwave Background

The detection of the CMB is the one that destroyed all other theories and made BB prevalent.

I’m going to leave this the rest of this post in note mode for now as I’m too buzy. If I’m free, I’ll expand upon it (no pun intended).

“In 4.5bn years the sun will explode”

If early Universe was hot and dense it would have radiated energy. Due to cooling, the radiated energy would now be in the microwave region, i.e. the CMB. (first starts about 4000m years ago)

How to detect it from the other EM signals in the universe?

We see the radiation set free when the universe was 300,000 yrs old and just reaching us now.

Cosmic rad discovered by Penzias and Wilson – 1964 from an antenna they built for simple communications. The hiss was remarkably uniform (isotropic – the same in every direction)

Radiation cooled down from 3000K to 2.72K

Theory says there should be a small variation 1 part in 100,000 but their equipment wasn’t sensitive enough to detest it. The Universe isn’t isotropic so the CMB wont be isotropic either.

The fluctuations:

They built eq to look for and map the fluctuation. 1989 (COBE) < 200m dollars – relatively cheap in terms of satellite costs.

3 frequencies (operating at frequency windows) 31.5, 50 and 90Ghz   In Cambridge they were building a 10-6 sensitive equipment but COBE sensitivity was only 1 in 100,000 (10-5) so Cambridge thought COBE wouldn’t find it, but COBE did.

The fit between experimental points of black body radiation spectrum matched theory well. The CMB is not completely uniform. Delta T/T is approx 10-5


To detect this data, they had to look at the same part of sky after a long period in order to get the data. However ground data matched the COBE data

A number of data sources, showed good mapping with various parts of the radiative curve with that of theory.

WMAP satellite (only 3 years ago – gave an excellent trace of the multipole) and resulted in the certainty of the age of the universe being 13.7 +/- 3% billion years old. WMAP gave much more resolution than COBE. It also gave us a better measure of the Hubble constant. An extremely important value for cosmology, for example in determining the date of the Universe. Now we say Ho = 71 =/-5% (Me: which apparently means the universe will keep expanding – no big crunch)

BUT For the theory to work we must assume that there must be a 96% more matter in the Universe that we cannot see or observe directly in any way. i.e. density of Universe is only 4%. There was evidence of dark matter before CMB (published 50 years ago by some scientist that there may be dark matter – postulated having watched the speed of rotation of galaxies, the resulting calculations concluding observed matter wasn’t compatible with the density of matter that we know about at the time)

Now dark matter has been subdivided into ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’ is proposed to support the flatness of the universe. We need more data to resolve this issue.

2 years ago: Supernovae expansion – confirms the acceleration of the expansion.!!! So Universe will not collapse. Therefore dark matter matter does not explain. Theoretical says: Dark matter is not gravitational. Now we call it dark energy.

Current content of the universe:

74% dark energy

22% dark matter

4% atoms

Skipped over much of the info about satellites.


In next few years we will be building about 1000 more sensitive. Light 2 props: 1) intensity and 2) polarization. It is the polarisation. Polarization is about 100 times weaker than just looking at intensity. Will take about 2 years to yield data. US building two. detector satellite to detect signals 100 times weaker than WMAP. On Andes mountains.

Different scanning: Azimuth = spinning.

Plank will have 50 detectors – ready next year. As its in space the lower detect

My Questions

1) “If I did an experiement and I found only 4% agreement with my theory, I’d be very tempted to reject my theory and not try and squeeze the 96% into my current theory, I’d propose a new one – please comment” – Dr. Yassin was very gracious on this one and to summarize, he mentioned about the history of cosmology and the radical shifts of opinion that have occurred over the years. He said maybe that happen.

2) “A few years ago, a Russian mathematician whose name I can’t remember, made a revolutionary discovery in maths {I really couldn’t couldn’t remember his name or what he worked on!} in which his method could be used to determine the shape of anything. Was his work applied to the cosmologists model of a flat Universe” – Dr Yassin said he thought he knew that I was talking about, but didn’t know if it was applied to the cosmologists shape of the universe.

[I meant this guy……  Grigory Perelman who found a solution to Poincaré’s conjecture – ]

3) “Cambridge and Oxford {Dr. Yassin worked at both} are perceived as a hotbed of Secularism. Can you mention something about the theological aspect to all this.” – I started to ask “do you guys in Oxbridge ever discuss God in all this” but he rather quickly stated to give a reply and I never managed to finish that point.

Dr Yassin said he saw no contradiction between big bang and theology (I have to guess he was talking in relation to Islamic because I think he is a Muslim (but I don’t really know if he is and so he is likely talking from his Islamic point of view) and because of conflict in the past between what cosmologists say and the Catholic church, and also I think he’ll be referring to Judaism. He also mentioned Hawkings meeting with the Pope, but said something like, to paraphrase: Hawking didn’t reveal cosmological leanings to God.

At the talk, one person got up to talk. The MC introduced ‘him’ as a young man, but then ‘he’ started to speak, the person sounded very much like a woman to me. The woman was I guess about 18 and shocked me by her manner. It was as if she was an expert in cosmology – someone who ate, breathed and slept cosmology. She had the aura of a new Hawking (minus the affliction). She asked about those mysterious Quasars. She was of Indian origin and her hair was short which is probably why the MC thought she was a boy.

Once again, I have been very impressed by Indian minds.

End note: Sorry about the order of all that. I hope there are some up to date gems in it for you. I’ve mainly had to just list things as they were being said. Smoke coming from my fingertips, I also wanted to think about what he was saying and hence notetaking ended up this way.


Best of spam # 1

Spincity central. Latest: BBC being economical with the truth



Rock fends off key shareholders
Object d’art BBC timestamp: Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 January 2008, 18:22 GMT   

“It has been given about £26bn of Bank of England emergency loans, but with government guarantees to savers and other lenders, the total aid package underwritten by the taxpayer comes to more than double that.”

Why is the BBC not reporting the ACTUAL values here? What’s all this “about” and ” more than double that” vagueness. The BBC is collapsing into its own ever diminishing footprint.

Let me be the first to say Good Bloody Riddance.

Jesus cancels appearance after Rabbinical and Roman protests


Today Jesus announced plans not to turn up today citing complaints from Rabbis and Romans, 67 of whom said that Jesus might have claimed in the parable of Moses and the burning bush, that energy was radiated in the form of fire without combustion – a process which contradicts the laws of thermodynamics and must therefore be false.

There are no Muslim Hero’s becasue they are Muslims

15-year-old Boy Scout Mohammed Jaisham Ibrahim saved someones life
by grabbing the attackers knife. But so what – he’s a Muslim.

Se ye ‘ere

If it’s not fascism…

Brian Haw.
Best British man of the 21st century, savaged by fascist cops.

Why is it the scruffy looking, possibly unbathed, ‘no runway 2’ type people, seem to be more abundant on the streets actually trying to resist the fascist leviathan that is gradually crushing the testicles of the persons known as liberty and justice in the UK?

These people are HEROS for their courage in standing against neofascism. They are the front line helping to stave off biting oppression, an oppression that will one day be detaining you, naked and bruised, lying on a cold stone floor of some torture dungeon one day. No legal representation, no contact with anyone, with just the next meal of slop to look forward to, handed to you as a reward after admitting under torture what ever bad thing they can be bothered to levy at you.

You really believe that by not opposing this fascism that you wont be scarred don’t you? But where is your humanity? How can you live with yourself while people are being boiled and drilled alive while their kids are raped with broken fluorescent tubes?

Fascism is here and now. It’s been here for a while. It is growing. You must resist or support those who do. At the very least, hate it in your heart and speak out against it.

And if it’s not fascism, then what the hell is it?

Simple Case study: The charter mark of quality journalism. Last Updated: Friday, 11 January 2008, 10:56 GMT

 (P.S. I’ve occasionally been putting a few of these time stamps on a couple of posts recently, but following a couple of sentences within the excellent refusal by J7 to take up an offer of being involved the hard hitting, no-stone-unturned “The Conspiracy Files” – Guffaw !!!,    I guess this timestamp serves purely as a curious piece of object d’art – See footnote 2)


US-Iran stand-off not mere propaganda

By Paul Reynolds World affairs correspondent BBC News website 

Aggressive behaviour or routine checking? 

The admission by the US Navy that Iranian speedboats might not have been the source of an apparent threat to attack American ships in the Gulf is a significant move that raises new fears about the chances of unintended clashes in the region.


I used to like Paul Reynolds. He got closer than many to outing murdering scum filth Tony bLiar’s lies about the WMD “dossiers”. But he never did actually ‘turn the corner’. Since then however, he’s gone down in my estimation and this latest report does absolutely nothing to counter that.  

Paul, I find your wording strange, particularly this “Admission that….Might not have…apparent threat“. Does this “might” mean there is still the possibility that the speedboats were actually have been the threat? If so, then what’s the point of the admission?

Let’s explore: With this second statement, the ‘admission’, the US have tried to pull off an unassertive binomial, but it only works if one ignores the initial impact of the first statement. The second statement is a corrective act, which draws attention to the erroneous nature of the first and therefore all but nullifies the first statement. Logically then, the strongest assertion is that the speedboats were in fact NOT the provoking act and we can be confident therefore that the video was an work of propaganda, which was selectively pieced together to focus on the presence of speedboats, scary sounding warning of the warships klaxon being blown at them the supposed attempted communications them and oh, the ambiguous “going to explode” part, which seems like a tid-bit thrown in for good measure to reinforce the preamble. However, for whatever reason, the USans had to make that tid-bit the main focus.

I wonder if Paul’s helpful report gives us an insight into why it now has taken pride of place.

So, Paul, why didn’t you seek clarification from the Pentagon as to exactly what was the main threat actually was, instead of letting the masses who don’t generally scrutinize mass media reports for logic and interconnectivity.

It should not be forgotten also that ‘your’ organization, the BBC – and I doubt it was alone, did absolutely noting but support that primary bout of Yank propaganda by printing it verbatim as fact without raising the slightest questions as to its veracity. You cocked up that time by acting as a Pentagon megaphone, and now once again you unquestioningly bullhorn the follow-up propaganda without even the faintest breeze of objectivity.

Assuming it’s not you personally that is casting this vague “might” into the public arena, then  what about this “apparent threat” issue. An apparent threat to who? I didn’t see or hear any apparent threat. Just because some Muslim hating Yankee Pentagon said there was a threat doesn’t mean there actually was one, does it?

Guess what? A methodology which yields a greater proportion of truth from the Pentagon and similar USUK supporting institutions and that is to invert their statements, and when we do that here, we conclude that in fact there  was no threat; the Pentagon simply manufactured one.

It has worrying similarities with the incident in 1988 when, in the same Strait of Hormuz, the USS Vincennes shot down an Iranian civilian airliner, having failed to monitor the radio traffic properly.

This is a lie and censorship by omission. It had nothing to do with failing to monitor radio traffic properly. What an utterly pathetic statement, and you fail to mention also that the Vincennes was in Iranian waters and they (the US) lied saying they were in international waters. 

The crew of the Vincennes became wrongly convinced that the airliner, an Airbus with 290 people on board, all of whom died, was an Iranian fighter jet.

No they didn’t Paul. You have just entered the grave sin bin of tripey journos. The crew knew exactly what that plane was, and even after they spun their lies about it and admitted they lied, the Captian of that ship, William Rogers, was decorated as a hero for killing 290 innocent people. That is sickening and so is your role as an apologist for that monstrous act.

The Iranian government said that the destruction of the plane was done in full knowledge of what it was.

And was it only Iran that said this Paul? Did no other countries condemn it? Did not other people on the planet condemn it? Or was it just the Iranians as your ‘history’ tries to impress upon us.

‘Scenario fulfilment’

The US government later suggested that one factor at play on the Vincennes was a condition called “scenario fulfilment” in which military personnel are under such pressure that they expect and then execute a particular scenario, as if in an exercise.

Total red herring Paul. There are millions of other soldiers around the world doing their daily job or as you put it ‘under pressure’,  yet news of other armies doing such acts is near zero. I suspect you say ‘under pressure’ as you are searching for people to give sympathy to these ‘stressed workers’ if so, it’s quite obnoxious Paul.

Whether the same expectation was at play in this latest incident is not clear.

So why raise it????? Hey Paul, WHY DID you raise it???? Forgive me for thinking you are trying to plaster on some of that sympathy you just tried to muster for US soldiers many thousands of nautical miles away from the US, interfering in the affairs of other countries.

What is clear is that there are grave doubts about who uttered the warning picked up by the US ships. A deep voice was heard to say: “I am coming at you. You will explode after a few minutes.”

Again I have to say, noted is your lack of criticism of the BBC and other western news organizations that reported it as reliable fact.

The video released by the US implied that the warning was part of a series of transmissions to the ships from the Iranian craft. It turns out that the warning was added onto the video. It was a radio recording made separately. Experts say it could have come from another ship in the area or from a radio transmitter on shore. The channel used by the Iranian vessels to make their inquiries is an open one.

You mean YOUR experts – the experts YOU choose to listen, speak to and report on,  experts that strangely don’t include any Iranians or those who suggest it could have been a fake transmission to deliberately make it look as though the Iranians were hostile and about to initiate the attack. Like the racist cowboy movies you probably watched as a kid and the racist ‘terrorist movies’ we are unfortunately bombarded with these days, they need the pretext of the savage native American,  “Indian” (which the west calls them in a display of their stupidity) or Muslim who shoots first shoots first and the good old cowboy is therefore justified in killing the aggressor, whereas in reality it’s the kill loving USans and their British pax-Zion scum that shoot first and ask questions (or conspire) afterwards and you have just aided that scurrilous perception.

Iranian version

 The Iranians later issued their own video, in which one of their sailors, in a much higher and quite different voice from the one which issued the “warning”, asks the US ships who they are and what course they are on.

No comment Paul as to what heading the US ships were on? I feel that if it was Iranians heading towards Iraq for example, then you’d have given a follow up comment on that.

He gets a dusty reply that the US vessels are in international waters. The Iranian video does not show their boats buzzing close (200m or so) to the Americans. The US said that in any case the Iranian speedboats acted aggressively. Iran’s version is that this was a routine check by its sailors. Beyond the propaganda

Propaganda you are doing nothing to dispel.?

This goes beyond the back and forth of a propaganda battle, in which once again the Iranians show themselves to be masters. It recalls the ease with which they ran rings round the Royal Navy when they captured British sailors and marines off Iraq last year, exposed them to damaging publicity before releasing them with handshakes by their president.

WOAH! OFF IRAQ? Phoarw Paul. The stench is getting unbearable.

The real concern is that a possibly misread radio transmission should be at the heart of this incident, nearly 20 years after the Vincennes disaster.

No Paul you silly billy. The slaughter of 290 people in the Iran air flight wasn’t from a misread of transmissions, and there wasn’t a misreading of transmission here. Red herring again Paul. Sloppy!

 Tensions between Iran and the US have diminished recently following the US National Intelligence Estimate that Iran is not building a nuclear weapon.

Again no comment from Paul as the implications of that NIE that the previous accusations and the accusations by the Zionist occupiers of Palestine made after was therefore an utter lie! BBC journalistic integrity shining bright. And of course opportunities to associate Iran and nuclear bomb must be taken when they arise.

 But there are still serious points of potential conflict between the two, with Iran always determined to exert its influence in what it insists on calling the Persian Gulf and the US maintaining strong naval forces there in international waters and in the waters of its Gulf Arab allies.

No Paul. The conflict is nearly 100% going to be initiated the US lead Coalition of the Killing. Stop making it look as if Iran and the US are itching for a fight together. That’s highly dishonest. I suggest this wording “But the Americans are looking to exploit any circumstance which they feel would justify a first strike on Iran, reassured that their technology will make it very much a one horse race, yet the Iranians show no sign of ceding their International rights to their territorial waters to a nation nowhere near its, nor of those US puppet regimes in the same region”

 Iran is also subject to UN sanctions, having refused the demands of the Security Council to suspend its enrichment of uranium.

Paul… Once again let me help you: “Iran is also subject to illegal but low level UN sanctions, having rejected the demands and threats refused the demands of the Security Council, the same Council that say a collapse of will to impose a third round of sanctions due to Russian and Chinese concerns, who wrongly tried to force Iran to stop its international rights, and was supported by the IAEA at least twice in reporting there was no evidence of an illegal Iranian nuclear weapons programme.”  

Iran, USS Vincennes, American lies, more lies, BBC propaganda, BBC failure to question official statements, Paul Reynolds, unworthy journalism


 FOOTNOTES: *    I fell into a hole when initially composing this article. I didn’t read it in its entirety when I forst composed it. I didn’t fully grasp the threads of thought in the initial paragraphs. Sometimes a reports can be commented successfully paragraph by paragraph, but in this case a complete reading first is more beneficial.  So this is a revised edition of the original article. As there haven’t been any comments yet, it’s OK. Most of it is the same anyway…

2) Quote from: :

Quote: There are several documented examples demonstrating the BBC’s guilt in editing stories on the BBC News web site where phrases implying details about the alleged bomber’s journey, such as, “Passengers on the 0748 Thameslink from Luton to King’s Cross”, have been edited out, yet the ‘last edited’ date and time has, rather disingenuously, not been updated to reflect these amendments. This is in direct contravention of the Press Complaints Commission guidelines which specify, “A significant inaccuracy, mis-leading statement or distortion once recognised must be corrected, promptly and with due prominence, and – where appropriate – an apology published.” Endquote

The extended peoplez newz late breakfast edition, 9-Jan-08


Kenya leader names new ministers
– Enduring row between Kenyan parents finally reaches conclusion

Clinton and McCain win US primary
– Questions remain on the ‘lottery issue’ of state schools.

Celebrity chef Stein’s dog dies
– One year on, Wembley Stadium report Geldof, Bono, Harry and William consortium, book Wembley stadium for second week in Jan 2017.

Sarkozy says ‘non’ to France 24
– Mossad Mason decrees world will end in 2012, so no point in future Olympic bids.

A little alcohol ‘can be healthy’
– New Guinness sponsored report finds.

China boom ‘cushions world slump’
– Although fears persist; cushions may be recalled at any time.

Clinton buoyed by primary triumph
– “I’ve always wondered what an A-cup would do” says Hilary.

Exclusive of the year: “Provocative” Iranian weaponry for sale on the internet.

  In a menacing turn of events, similar hardware which seriously threatened the entire US naval fleet in international waters a few days ago has now appeared on a jihadist website for sale – even to children under the age of 14.

Iranians have mastered the technology to produce this IRANIAN WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION which if deployed could reach our shores within 45 months.

The most popular one was the dual-seater dingy-1 which has near unlimited range (depending on crew) and comes, as an ex-Iranian official currently in exile near Crawford Texas informed us, bundled with links to organizations associated with ‘blowing things up”. The dingy-1 is their most prized version and the Iranians are so confident in their technology, they even offer a 30 day replacement warranty. A source in the pentagon says they have received communication that Kims Jong’s Ill, has been secretly trying to procure them, advising recalled diplomats to stash them in their diplomatic baggage.

Prize of the Iranian fleet: the dingy-1

The second one, the dingy-2 is an improved version with much greater range. A picture was obtained by our assistant researcher from MEMRI who we gave £50,000 to, (US $240m – yesterdays values) who then sped off in an unmarked car to meet an unknown personal source deep within the powerful Iranian military. The dingy-2 It is also longer therefore more capable of blockading our oil flowing through our Straits.

The dingy-2. Note: Iranian bearded Revolutionary guard in western disguise not included but is an upgrade option, subject to negotiation.

Lastly there is another model, dongie-1 which our researcher has learnt translates roughly to “A secret nuclear bomb to destroy all Christian, Hindu, Jewish and Buddhist’s, number 1” comes in the interior which is revolution red, said by our researcher to symbolize the blood of all Christians Jews and Hindus and Seven Day Adventists besides. It’s rugged design is to allow a firmer beaching / amphibious assault capability.

The dongie-1. Intelligence sources suggest it also encorporates Iranian stealth technology.

Finaly, we exclusively managed to obtain this exclusive picture, by exclusively hiring an exclusive local fisherman to sail in international waters near to the dark menacing ocean of Iran’s claimed territorial waters.

A dingy-1 being deployed in a hostile maneuver against the defenders of freedom.

Sadly, all of our cameras weren’t working that day, but this one frame proves the sizeable Iranian fleet is showing an increased audaciousness which our assistant says, is a flagrant display by the Iranians who are seeking to use this weaponry to further their goal to take over the world unless they are stopped soon.

The peoplez newz

Yet again, herez a closer look at the newz BBC website surferz find most intresting…

From the BBC website

‘Dumbest criminal’ caught in SA
– Special “on this day” report:

Eagle to patrol Italian airport
– refer to pic (below)


Recession in the US ‘has arrived’
– Almost refused entry due to mixup with Sheikh Ri Sheshon on no fly list.

Day in pictures
– Odeon manager extends free porn viewings festival

Healthy living ‘can add 14 years’
– HM prisoners set to ask for lessons in sloth.

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