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BBC newz summary for the end of February 2008


26th Feb 2008, 14:43 GMT – MOST READ

Earthquake hits much of England
– John Prescott considers suing
Lincolnshire hotellier for not providing
‘sleep & roll’ safety bar
Democrats clash in crucial debate
– Obamas robe and Hillaries earings just don’t go.

Dollar falls to record euro low
– David Van Day beaten by Latvian entrant in famous
annual song contest.

Sea reptile is biggest on record
– Paparazzi telephoto lens snaps Prescott taking a
dip off Skeness. Met office dismiss Tsunami warning
as ‘coincidence’.

A giant airport for China’s vast ambition
– John Prescott given all clear to visit China

28th Feb 2008, 01:41 GMT MOST E-MAILED

Diabetic mice ‘cured’ with drugs
– “with 2mg/L of coke in your veins, who cares
about sugar man?” says Rodent woodstock organiser.

Sicily Mafia ‘restoring US links’
– BuSh rejects accusation that ‘war of terror’ lead
to neglect of old friendships.

Outcry in SA over ‘racist’ video
– Questions asked over security of national archive.

In pictures: Sudan cartoon protest
– That’s kind of the point.

New Haiti president takes office
– US backed presidents maintains tradition.
Citizens ask “will the looting ever stop?”


The Letter

There is a kitchen table chair
a wooden one, that’s dark brown.
The chair’s leg is plain but bowed.
between the leg and the floor there is a note,
white A5 folded, so you can’t see the writing.

It would be irrelevant if it weren’t for people.
Who put it there and why?

The floor it’s on is of polished veined marble slab
Smooth and hard – good for writing notes on.
The chair was raised,
and the note placed beneath.
I wonder why it was left there?

I now have to bend down to pick it up,
as its writer wanted me to.
But what If spilt milky cornflakes on it,
or sweet morning coffee by droppng a mug,
its shards resting in the sodden letter,
likely to slice it, if moved incorrectly.

The house is still, no noise save for the clock.
What noises did its author hear?
How many ticks did they think it would take
until it was noticed and picked up.
Why fold it so that you can’t see?
Why must eyes not see its message unless
liberated from beneath is entrapment?

What If I just left it there?
Could it result in people thinking less of me?
How will they know?
If it were important, wouldn’t it have on it my name and “urgent” and be left under a mug on the bench,
or something

What if I put it there? Yes!… was it me?
I don’t remember it, but I can’t always remember things
at times,
This is my house, so maybe it was me,
why would I do that?

I’m going to take it now.

The chair leg sings and it re-touches the marble
floor, dragging across it, slightly.
It is open and read.

” OH MY GOD! “

lwtc247,  26-Feb-07

Iran peaceful – who cares?

I’ve had to edit this post slightly, its message is the same

Not the neoconazis ot their media mouthpieces that’s for sure.

I’ve stated for about 2 years that the tactics used against Iraq are going to be and are being deployed against Iran. It’s a view that has been criticised by a number of respected analysts, but I think the signs are unmistakeable and today the BBC treats us to another example of this, in printng a story called “Iran weapons project ‘continued’” in which it says in an utterly unchallenged, uncritical and unblanmaced way : “material presented to the IAEA in Vienna came from multiple sources and included designs for a nuclear warhead, plus information on how it would perform and how it would fit onto a missile.”

Phew, what a stinker! but it’s similarity to the story I linked to the other day”Saddams Bomb“- report filed Friday, 2 March, 2001, 23:52 GMT ) ” in which warhead designs and so forth were supposedly in the hands of the Iraqi leadership were were undertainkg moved to make it a reality.

 All of which seem to have dropped down the momory hole (certainly w.r.t. the masses), as has the forged Niger yellowcake docs (from Italy) – a mere ‘flash in the pan, yet irrelevant’ to the hollywoodized public appear to be {your only as good as your last movie, as they say}  Not for public contemplation debate and continual sleuthing – so it’s hoped.

A few months ago the US National Intelligence Estimate (download it here h=ttp://  copy the URL then remove the hyphen after the first ‘h’) came out, and ultra extraordinarilly was made public – something that saw little if any comment by those who watch the daily unveiling of western neofascist government watchers and who are normally sharp eyed. It was an ‘fantastic’ pieve of propaganda but the world lapped it up.  Its killer punch was that it implanted in peoples mind that Iran DID have a weapons program but stopped it a few years back. This of course is food for Nazi’s like BuSh say later “oh, wait, they continued it, but it was made to look as if it had stopped.” I read virtually no predictions that it was suggested its role was to set a trap for Iran at the time. After it was published the Zionist slime occupying Palestine called for AlBaredi’s sacking and BuSh along with his zio-slime kept up the rhetoric against Iran.

Don’t write off Stud McCain just yet. Robed smokin (& shootin?) Obama and Clintons ‘scandals’ look rather manufactured. “McCain’s alright he’s only a sexual cheat” they will say. I mention this becasue McCain said he wanted to bomb Iran, and for all the dumbness of the other two I can’t see them taking such a step.

Looks like Romney is going to take up the Ron Paul Mantle. Perhaps Paul should stand as an independent on a Republican agenda? Then I slap myself and start laughing that i entertained the idea it actually matters.

I dare say the Iranians feel this too. May God protect them. 

UPDATE: Doomsday countries with WMD in flagrant breach of NPT criticised by AlBaredi

Yee Haaaa! – Latest warning sign!

Holy Smoke! This c/o which linked to an article on Irans PressTV

Canada, US ink emergency troop sharing
Sat, 23 Feb 2008 17:03:35
The US and Canada have signed an agreement which allows each nation to send troops across each other’s borders in emergency situations.
The agreement was signed by the U.S. Air Force Gen. Gene Renuart and head of Canada Command Lt.-Gen. Marc Dumais, on Feb. 14 in Texas, which allows the military from one nation to support the armed forces of the other nation during a civil emergency. Full article here.

Now what kind of civil emergency would warrant such an incredible agreement? A civil emergency such as the middle classes turning against their fascist govt? A missing nuke that suddenly and rudely decides to turn up? Seems like our benevolent governments have seen something in the pipeline. The mind boggles as to what.

Who ate all the Pigeons?

Could that be the chant heard one day at football matches on Saturday afternoons all over the UK. I ask becasue over on Stef’s Famous for 15 megapixels site, a rather curously interesting thread is developing about pigeons.


I propose a parliamentary committee should be formed to look at the inclusion of pigeons in some kind of national dietry advice. Although as Kier has identified once again the arse based green leather polishers are slow off the mark. –  Woodpigeon Recipes. And looking at google images under “cooked pigeon”, I’ve found what appears to be is an underground pigeon eating movement. Stef also reveals it may be environmentally friendly.


Throw in a nan and a couple of poppadums and way-hey! Scran time.

Just keep it a bit discreet that’s all…

Comments should be made here:

Information OVERLOAD !!!

 Edited for typo’s etc…

I can’t keep up. No, not ‘it’ up (although…)

I mean up with the unfolding disaster that is this sick and tired old world. News dear boy, news.

1) Turkey Invading North Iraq for annexation so Israel has an oil supply for when it collapses the US. 
2) UK Admits rendition when it i.e. Jack ‘the cap’ Straw previously LIED his filthy arse off saying the UK didn’t do such things.
3) Northern Rock – UK Government comitts quadruple robbery in its citizens.
4) Gold prices at record levels and oil too.
5) 9-11 LIE exposed  —  A G A I N — via. Barbera Olson (again errrm and again)
6) US approves wiretapping reterospectively – Bush said without wiretapping it would help the “terrorists” but then threatened to scrap the bill if it wasn’t reterospective and absolve the telecons companies from prosecution. hummm.
7) Yet more UK lies this time about the UK dodgy Dossier (of piece of sh1t as it is known in fruitcake circles)
8 )  Castro stepping down – He’s glad for it, but let’s hope the resistance of the Cuban people doesn’t fade.
9) George Galloway championing Barak Obama even though Obama said he would bomb Pakistan. !!
10) IAEA ‘Iran’ report coming out (Iran AGAIN has no weapons program – US ignores it AGAIN)
11) Zionist slithering smilemould occupying Palestine assassinating people in Lebanon and itching for war and killing more people in Gaza.
12) USUK continue to take measures to increase the civillian body counts in Iraq and Afghanisan.
13) Absolutely ridiculous “villiage of Kosovo” tries to break free of Serbia, against International law, yet Russia and China just sit by watching – dumb as usual (sorry to say) UPDATE: Russia threatends force – I think insincerely, but it is a serious development all the same. EU and US think they can make internation law on the hoof (no change there then!).
14) BIG ERROR CORRECTED HERE: Increasing number of reports that do much to suggest the demonisation of Serbia was FALSE and that the western attack on Yugoslavia was subject to great swathes of lies and propaganda.
15) Sibel Edmonds increasing her exposure to the public/Media showing the US,Turkish and Israely relationship in Nuclear technolgy (Sibel Edmonds – The U.S-Turkey-Israeli Allience(6 min) See here:
16) Iran oil bourse starting (maybe – again)

No. I can’t cope…

Turkey occupation of Iraq begins.

It was never really in doubt, it was always merely a matter of when.

Zionist Turkey who cleverly buttered up the gullible Muslim masses by an relaxing the headscarf ban has even more cleverly swooped their way into Northern Iraq.

Are they salivating at the thought of another “Young Turk” inspired genocide?  Probably.

Whatever, you can bet more Iraqi kids, women and men are gonna be butchered.

The Zionist scumbags.

BBC reports: “(Turkey) will return home in the shortest time possible after its goals have been achieved”. Yeah. Zionist scum always tell the truth, don’t they.

May God hasten their defeat.

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3) Headless Turkey by lwtc247 @ 23. Jul 2007 – 00:30:50

Music and the savage beast.

 My dearest Mother exposed me to many works of classical music. I got to the know the names of the composers she liked, which wasn’t that hard really as none of them have names like Davey Jones, but sadly I never took much time to learn the individual names of their works.

I stopped listening to music for quite a long time – especially music that involved stringed instruments as someone I considered reasonably knowledgeable on Islam (certain more knowledgeable than I was – wasn’t and isn’t hard to claim that title) said it was forbidden. I think this person might have said that it brings about false/induced emotional states. I think Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) might have had someone tell him something similar.

I agree music can do that and the saying “music calms the savage beast” summarises this quite well. It can also be escapism – the mind loses focus on the reality, and I guess detachment from God consciousness. 

Unlike Cat (I guess) , I never stopped completely listening to it – hard to explain why I was so ‘naught’ – perhaps I thought it was a bit petty as any ‘altered state’ wasn’t significant or harmful. Perhaps I’ve sinned. I don’t know. If any Muslims out there would like to provide any other info on this I’d be grateful.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I decided to try and get some of those classical works, and I cane across one of the most beautiful of them.

Mozarts piano converto number 21, movement 2 – commonly called Elvira Madigan. (corrected link: Sat 23rd Feb)

Oh man. It’s so beautiful. Usually when I hear a music – of just about any kind, I can visualise dynamic events/scenes, places and people, but this one, I don’t really see anything, and when I try hard, a fleeting scene of a summers afternoon and punt(boat) on a lake, with the the odd slow flying insect flying through a beam of sunshine in perhaps Hanoverian times, then some kind of ‘Merchant Ivory-esque’ lady, happy walking in full attire again on a summer day through a field of yellow barley but that’s it. Milliseconds of imagery then nothing. Strange.

Anyway I though it would be interesting to see it Google had any images that were close to what I was visualising. And a brief search later, I was quite surprised that there were some pics that wern’t a million miles away…


When you hear these beautiful sounds and scenes you wonder why we do the savage things to each other that makes millions of peoples lives across the planet a misery.

OK that’s enough talking to myself and  self indulgent emotional claptrap trivia for today.

Nuclear cloud spreads over earth.


So Pig state finally managed to spread the radioactive nuclear components in satellite – USA 193, catalog number 29651, international designation 06-057A.

Pigs will be pigs!

The Rorsat-class reconnaissance satellites contained a nuclear reactor as a power source. It was later shown that 16 of 31 Rorsats had been leaking potentially radioactive coolant into space, creating a trail of droplets in orbit. [1]

 Mars Rover contained Plutonium (one millionth of a gram will kill a human). NASA’s Environmental Impact Statement for the Mars Exploration Rover-2003 Project says, “the overall chance of an accident occurring” for each launch “is about 1 in 30” and “the overall chance of any accident that releases radioactive materials to the environment is about 1 in 230.” People “offsite in the downwind direction…could inhale small quantities of radionuclide’s,” says NASA’s statement. An area as far as 60 kilometers from the launch site could be impacted, says NASA. [2]

Uranium fallout from the nuclear-powered satellites and volcanic eruptions. J. Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chem.:
Increased Uranium concentration is rain due to volcano and 1983 fall of the nuclear-powered satellite Cosmos-1402, respectively.[3]
– Yes, as early as 1983 radionuclide’s were used in satellites.! More importantly perhaps is that it also contained plutonium.[4]

 Two basic types of nuclear power supply have been used in space nuclear
reactors and radioisotope sources. In a space nuclear reactor system, the energy source is the heat generated by the controlled fission of uranium. …In an isotope power supply, the heat is produced by the natural decay of a radioisotope, which in all US-launched systems is plutonium-238.[5]








[8] Saddams bomb:

P.S. Remember the BBC report (the website is read my millions worldwide) which carried the title “Why the spy satellite won’t fall on your head“[7] – addressed to its million+ readers it is obviously saying to all these millions there is no risk, but after the USS Lake Eire fired its missiles the BBC reports this “the missile needs to pierce the bus-sized satellite’s fuel tank, containing more than 450kg (1,000lbs) of toxic hydrazine, which would otherwise be expected to survive re-entry. ” Hydrazine is very unstable. [6]

If hydrazine is capable of surviving to pose a health risk, it MUST be in a container, so it could have fallen on your heard you stupid “newz” organisation.

Shouldn’t the BBC be challenging the authorities at the very beginning, e.g. demanding to know the totality of the satellites nuclear components, What the official risks were, what will be the environmental pollution aspect of all this and then keep following it up if there were serious environmental concerns afterwards? YES of course it bloody well should. Instead what does it do? Tells a stream of lies which help the powers that be and then post event shrugs its shoulders and says ‘oh well’

Think I’m being too harsh on the BBC? then read the BBC’s filthy propaganda speil and conspiracy and establishment lies report on how Saddam detonated a nuclear bomb in secret. (Saddams Bomb – report filed Friday, 2 March, 2001, 23:52 GMT )

Saddam Hussein.
He detonated a secret nuclear bomb
you know. OH YES HE DID! – The BBC says so.

oink bloody oink!


Americas Finest – pfffffff


This photo is top. Once more, it’s from David Ickes site.

Another quality photo can be found here steeerrike two!) I’ve also put it on my BCUK site, the first post I ‘ve made on there for a while, simply becasue it deserved to

It summarizes perfectly where we have got to in this day and age.

These rag-tag idiots are going to be the next President of the most politically and economically agressive country in the world. Reflect upon that for a while.

Is is so wrong to expect someone with a bit of intellectualism and morality about them to be in a position A pair of, nay, a <b>single<b> flip-flop probably would make a better President.

I will be proved right as soon as the next President kills some innocent people. To me, the only question is how many days will it take?

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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