This is what science has become? Re: teleportation.


Re: teleportation/science.

Read this New Scientist ‘showroom’ article.  Teleportation: fact or fiction?

In order to detect anything, you must interact with it. By interacting with it you alter at least one of its energy states and therefore on detection, it is no longer is a true reflection of what exactly it was previously. On the large scale of course the change in energy is effectively meaningless, but the smaller something is and/or the fewer energy states it has, e.g. a ‘typical’ photon. In detecting (and characterizing) photons, operating on the qunatum level, the error associated with such processes is no longer insignificant.

To detect if a photon has been ‘transported’ would involve even more significant errors as the photon has to be detected and then characterized, the data of which is then processed and ‘re-asssembled’ soomehow somewhere else. The alternation of its initial quantum states (and quantum theory itself is only an approximation), is going to be very significant indeed.

Then of course, you have the problems of insrumentation accuracy, and software accuracy. It is reasonable to assert, by any means of confidence, that to conclude a photon or even photons have been transported is utter lobbox and that ‘researchers’ who triumph these results are simply hiding in the very dense pea-soup of error.

But belief in (man-made) teleportation is complete madness!

According to atomic theory, the electron for example, occupies the entire volume of the universe along a density gradient. So, by virtue of the very model we have and that we believe so strongly in, it is impossible to characterise the entire parameter of the electron (its infinite density profle and interactions cannot be mapped) and of course the same applies to any other ‘particle’, such as photon. The end result is teleportation [by which I mean the TOTAL relocation of an ENTIRE ‘body’] is impossible. It is also impossible to create matter and energy at the destination point even if one was to know the profile of the ‘thing’ to be scanned. And then of course, the quantum states are not static, but dynamic due to interactions with the cosmic flux.

Whats more, is that if say a person would be teleported [which they can’t remember – it’s impossible ] then it could not be proved. If science cannot prove or disprove the existence of a soul, then how can it say it has been teleported? If a soul did exist, then does it obey (flawed) quantum ‘laws’ then then how could it ever hope be teleported by a crude machine? As such, any teleported device would be soul-less and therefore, teleportation would not have occured.

At best, teleportion would involve the plucking of the cosmic strings to shape an approximate of the initial object. The final cast of which would always be devoid of its original properties.

What my tinfoil hat says about the univsere: We are all simply semi-localized shadows of different types which vary in aspects of perceptioon such as density and colour. There is no physical substance, merely degrees of resistance to interaction and penetration. Indeed the entire universe is one big piece of fuzz and nothing ‘physical’ can be proved, merely, the degree of fuzziness reduced. 
see the “facts” section – LOL.


More on the NewScientist article…

The title itself poses a question, which has already been shown is a non-starter, involving something that is just plain impossible.

The first four paragrpahs then build up the article ‘set the mood’ (i.e. set the foundations for the con) by paying attention to a movie – a synthesis of fiction – called “Jumper”. And to cement the mood(con) the most potent tool ever to be used against the unwary – that of televisuals – is offered – the ‘trailer’.

Juices flowing, we get this:

“I was expecting the physicists to say that trying to teleport something as complex as a human being would be totally out of the question. So I was surprised when they said they wouldn’t rule it out, even if it is way beyond current technology.” writes David Shiga,’s online reporter. It kinda of depends on which Physicists you ask, now doesn’t it David? So because a select number of people ‘can’t rule it out (!)’ does that make it probable? and you dangle a fish-hook that implies it’s only a matter of technology hummm…

If one reads the linked article about Ping Koy Lam at the Australian National University in Canberra you will see there are a huge number of quuestions that can be raised about their interpretations of that data involving Quantum_entanglement itself highly open to interpretation, but which to me provides support for the ‘one particle universe’ idea (also of course, highly questionable, difference is I do not support it blindly)

“…it requires particles to be sent ahead of time to the location you want to teleport to.” – Ahead of time. Hummm that Silk Street gismo I bought the other day boasted that function! And we can all see that if you sent an object ‘ahead of time’ to its destination, then of course, teleporting it becomes rather dedundant.

Some credit to David is that he symbolizes caveats/ignorance or both by inclusion of ??? occasioanlly in his article and he does say he wasn’t impressed with the trailer (which usually allows you to ‘watch’ the entire movie in 20 seconds flat,  saving you a 1hr+ loss of life irrelevant rubbish)

I’m afraid I call for a total overhaul of Science, away from this complete druvvel and into more real world affairs such as employing it to stop and clean up pollution, to increase land-crop productivity BY NATURAL METHODS which correlate to the ways and means undertaken by natural proccessed –  physical pollination and cross breeding etc. irrigation and so forth.

Let me do a full William Waldergrave here and ask a villiage full of starving Africans not only ‘What is the Higgs Boson, and why do we want to find it?’ but ‘why should be spend money on it while you starve’. It’s someting to my shame, that I’m institutionally guilty of also!

IMO when the science has overcome the politics, either by working with it or through it, then yes, lets indulge in the Higgs Boson and teleportation for fecks sake. 

2 Responses to “This is what science has become? Re: teleportation.”

  1. 1 L Frank Morgan February 2, 2008 at 9:12 pm

    Here is a much better 4 page new theory:

    All About Light &Time

    Ode to A Self-Made Sense of Time

    A self-sustaining “body” in the universe
    Feels Time –as a short term blessing and long term curse.
    Light bounces off the moon so We feel with our eyes!
    Light bounces from Earth to cloud so We feel the skies!
    Sunlight lets Us feel the Universe Ongoing
    So the Whole of Space is just Our Time Unfolding.
    Feeling that light is mortal is a selfish lie.
    It is an Eternal Light that feeds the mind’s eye.
    Mind can thusly see the meaning of Dark Matter,
    As it gives and takes life called Visible Matter.
    Mind then feels a Greater Whole that is always new,
    Where the Soul makes Time, and unselfish Will to Do!

    Light and Time at the edge of our cosmos

    The light being reflected to us from the edge of our cosmos takes an infinity of time to reach us here on Earth. That means that the age of the universe is infinite in terms of our ability to reckon time and space. Speculation beyond what we can see in our telescopes is not science because it cannot be experimentally proven. We must logically conclude that there are other cosmos-size entities that we are not able to see yet current best theory called the Standard Model of Cosmology is all about the universe being currently in an expansion mode because of the apparent frequency shift of light coming from distant bright stars.

    The fact that visible light is just a narrow frequency band within the infinitely broad electromagnetic spectrum, is never discussed in current best theory and neither is the concept of time in a manner that can be said to be scientific. Space and time seem to be inexplicably tied to one another in a way that we have no real feel for. Thus spatial extension and time extension, both separately and together, are still very much unknowns. For the overwhelming majority of us, including most who call themselves scientists, “time” is simply how far light travels in one second at the speed of c » 30 billion centimeters per second or about 186 thousand miles per second–or to the moon and back in about two and a half seconds for a rough feel.

    The truth is that travel speed is a function of frequency of energy pulsing, so that the speed, v = c has a frequency equal to c2 —the frequency of a gamma ray that we are not able to directly measure. Frequency is a direct measure of linear energy along the line of a ray of radiation —at whatever frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum. It also means that electricity, sound, heat, light and gamma rays are just increasingly higher but narrow ranges of frequency as measured by our crude instrumentation. One here attempts total change in the feel of physical science– by making the electron the new and final quantum mass of both “light” and “time” as we pulse-experience such.
    The speed of light,c, is the speed of a gamma ray that reaches our atmosphere to produce aurora that we sometimes can see. Radiation along a given line in space is measured in terms of electron-pulse frequency. Speed changes with the inertia of the medium that it is traveling through. The Planck relation has changing speed hidden in terms of frequency so that E = nhf, must be kinetically viewed as where f is numerically equal to linear energy v2. This fundamental equality is the key to finding the new scientific sense of feel that is badly needed. Mass is not a dimension but a spin surface count of Higgs particles, and it is minimum mass count, not minimum energy, that gives us our ability to measure using the Planck relation. The minimum mass of h grams rules –so that n = 1/h electrons of h mass each that are passing in parallel with each pulse– so E º nhf º (1/h)(h)f º f making energy and pulse frequency count numerically equal. To make it so dimensionally, a unit of mass must be 1/h electrons in pulse parallel so that E = nhf = Mf = Mv2 where M has the value of unity, or multiples of unity for each pulse.

    As anthropc measure, the Planck relation is discrete in terms of unit mass (1/h electrons) moving in pulse parallel– not in terms of units of quantum energy! This tells us how terrible crude our measure is– allowing us to grossly predict using h-symmetry– but unable to see or feel the pulse level mechanical detail. Speed of pulsing, v, must be assumed to be equal to the square root of the measured frequency, or v = Öf, and the electron must have a constant mass of h grams. Our least experience (feel) of physical reality is the ubiquitous electron! We very scientifically feel using one or more electrons, and do literally feel the light reflected by the moon–in terms of an infinity of higher frequency/speed electrons. The now grossly–vague scientific sense of what “light” means must be abandoned and we must see and feel in terms of the electromagnetic spectrum. This means that gravity is a low-frequency pre-geometric inward pulsing of what we call “time and light”– as prodigious electron mass and energy drift toward the center of the field ! A complex real-time electricity overlay at the cell level runs our thoughts and our instrumentation– where we presently have no recognized way of knowing how many electrons are in parallel in what direction except in properly interpreted electric-circuit terms!

    The Planck relation, E = nhf for electrical wiring of Gravity!

    Gravity is electric current that is always field-inward directed. Much broader and deeper electrical engineering is thus the coming thing in physics, physiology, and astronomy! We are fortunate that the International Space Station is reality today! They are less gravity electrified out there and we need to know at the level of each cell of the body what it all means in terms of electron current acting in many directions at different frequencies. It may seem weird, fascinating or frightening but gravity is a form of electric current at the level of each cell! Gravity must be and is wired, else it could not produce omnipotent force as an inverse function of the square of distance to a mysterious field-central black hole (BH) entity—a BH that interactively lets our cellular functions be endlessly time and space coherent in a species-level, evolutionary manner. Qur collective mind must find the “light” to see this clearly in pulse level mechanical detail –and find ways exploit it as re-useable energy!!
    Electrons as minimum measurable mass packets are traveling past, and even through, every atom of our body– to re-join the Black Hole (BH) of the Earth’s gravity field every moment, awake or sleeping. It is the downward action of these dark matter electrons that makes us feel gravity force on every cell and atom of our body simultaneously. Only by realizing that space and time are jointly filled to the brim by dark matter—as an all-immersing ideal fluid- do we begin to understand what gravity force is and is not. Every gravity field from atom to cosmos is created and sustained by a central BH. What more fitting finality of definition could curiosity desire?

    The radius of the central BH of every “living” gravity field is continually growing –to make gravity force universally present for any visible matter in it. The Cosmos IS the universe that is visible to us, and it IS expanding—that fact alone can explain redshift. And the fact that we can see what we call light at a seemingly constant edge of our cosmos, says that for every expanding galactic size gravity field within the cosmos there is one that is shrinking– to make way for the other’s expansion. That is, the universe really is infinite, closed and stable as an integral whole. Only THAT Whole is immortal and timeless, whereas all other wholes are mortal and know the back and forth flow of light and time. It is that simple & hard to swallow– like a tiny but continuous and hidden sip of water that each cell needs to exist–yet must be ever unconscious of — to have light & time for living and dying.

    The BH at the center of a growing (living) gravity field is itself a form of life. The BH at the center of our cosmos must be growing (living) for billions of years now for us to see light being reflected from so far away at its defining edge. The BH growth of every living field comes from a steady drift of free electrons to it –that fill and bind its concentric shell structure. The BH radius must thus be able to grow– as older shells get filled up and new shells begin. For every live (expanding) gravity field of a given size, there must be one that is dying (shrinking at its BH radius.

    To have a good feel for all this simultaneous, shrinking and expansion, Einstein’s energy-matter relation is best seen as a constant Linear Energy to Linear Mass Ratio of the universe– as we anthropic see it. That is, E/M = c2 must apply always to what we call visible matter in a linear asymmetric way that allows simultaneous and coherent expansion (living) and shrinkage (dying) of visible matter in the universe. Einstein’s Universal Harmony says that the outer boundary of a visible matter object is defined by where the immersing shell-structured-field of its circulating dark matter is spinning at the speed of c. Visible matter instrumentation cannot see except by using electrons as light– to bounce off an object at that boundary where the dark matter is moving at the speed of c, and thus provide high energy return.

    Einstein only knew that visible matter, including what we call “light”cannot travel faster than c. He did not know that as visible matter approaches the speed of c in the circulating dark matter that defines a field, it simply looses all its electrons to the BH of the field and therefore no longer exists. He also did not know that the BH of the field is where dark matter spins much faster than c —-to about 237c » Ö(1/3h) as a vital part of 3D h-symmetry.
    Visible matter must live and die per the alternate expansion and shrinking of its BH center as gravity field. As long as the given field BH hole has net radial growth, the field can support visible matter. As soon as the BH of a field has net radial decay over time (shrinking), it has a massive loss of shell-binding electrons. BH shrinking means massive shrinking of the entire field. But the BH never goes away completely and actively stirs the interactive dark matter that forms whatever remains of the field. Universal Harmony (UH) never allows BH emptiness but simply demands that dark matter granulate for least spin friction per the dimensionless ratio R/G. R is the replacement sphere radius of a dark matter defined shell surface and can be any size without limit in the direction of small and big! G is the Higgs particle that gives the surface of R its mass, a world line part of which can be transferred from one R and to another spin touching next door in one of 6-degrees of freedom (simplest 3-D dark matter pre-geometry). All linear energy-mass-force is about this R to R transfer.

    The smallest quantity of Higgs particles that transfer is an R-world line of them that goes from one R to another spin-touching next door. The one-turn-of-a-helix-world- line is 1/h Higgs particles –so minimum energy transfer is E = (n =1/h)hf, where n is a single un-measurable photon-quantum –as a helical wave of 1/h Higgs particles. A ray of measurable radiation must consist of a continuous line of 1/h quantum energy R’s, for or a total electron-mass of count of 1/h2 Higgs particles that equals h grams, making the mass of one Higgs particle equal to unity so that measurable E = nhf º Mf º Mv2. The mass of R as a spinning sphere of any size, whether visible or dark, is then equal to 1/h3 – but only one world line axis of Higgs particles, can move from R to spin-touching R at any given pulse moment.

    For visible matter, pulsing means n = 1/h electrons in parallel– as practical (anthropic) measure, so that M is always multiples of 1/h electrons! The current flow of ongoing gravity is slow but it is massively present in a dark matter way that we cannot see but can feel with every cell of our body. Each body organ, especially the brain, is structured, bound by, and functions via the closed loop flow of electrons. The binding force goes from “loose” between gaseous molecules, to “stronger” between atoms and molecules in a liquid, to the “ much stronger” binding by electrons that are shared between atoms and molecules of solid matter. Why do we not see, feel and measure the electric current in all these aspects of visible matter? Because the mind’s eye would then have no time for anything else! We cannot possibly keep up visually with the flow of electrons that maintain the functioning of any one organ of our body.

    We can apply direct current math in a closed circuit loop (orbit) — where Current, I, in amperes, is equal to the electric potential, V, in volts divided by resistance to flow, R, in Ohms – known as Ohm’s Law. For one electron of current in one closed orbit circuit, we can let I = 1 ampere, V = 1 volt, and resistance one ohm. No matter how big or small the loop, it has an inertial resistance of one ohm! But this fact does not tell us anything except that the electron is the unit of electric force, energy and mass for anthropic measure—wherein we have unified gravity and electricity without using the false notions of magnetic field, anti-matter or force at a distance. See

  2. 2 lwtc247 February 6, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    Thank you Frank for that very welcome reply.

    I have just got back from what I used to call ‘holidays’ and so am utterly drained to think of anything save drinking lots of tea and perhaps posting some stuff I wrote shortly before I went on ‘holiday’.

    Please give me a few days to learn how to think again and then I’ll reply.

    Cheers for your understanding.


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