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Typical day in the Palestinian slaughterhouse


I hope you are up to speed with the 60 year genocide of the Palestinian people. if not then please try to ask your self: WHY NOT?

This following video might help….I’ve watched it a number of times and I’ts pretty good:

 Synopsis: Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land provides a striking comparison of U.S. and international media coverage of the crisis in the Middle East, zeroing in on how structural distortions in U.S. coverage have reinforced false perceptions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This pivotal documentary exposes how the foreign policy interests of American political elites–oil, and a need to have a secure military base in the region, among others–work in combination with Israeli public relations strategies to exercise a powerful influence over how news from the region is reported.  Link: 

After watching that, try watching this to see the accuracy (if not too favourable to UK media Re:reporting of the Palestinian reporting) PP&PL. I’m not patient enough (or smart enough, or both) to figure out how to embed video in this blog. But I can link…

 Video Israel Doesn’t Want You to See the CBC Website: story=/news/ From the CBC Website:
Israeli army embarrassed by video broadcast Last Updated Tue Mar 19 19:52:12 2002

JERUSALEM – The Israeli army has expressed a note of contrition after a television station aired a videotape showing an army assault on a Palestinian home in which a mother of five children died.

When CBC News spoke with Ismail Hawarjeh at Bethlehem’s hospital earlier this month, there was no way to verify the story he told about how his wife had died, until Israel’s Channel 2 broacast the tape last weekend” 

Sharia law in the UK

The arabic word ”Shariah”  and Dr. Rowan Williams


I was expecting to hear of some kind of anti-Islamic rant by the Archbishop of Canterbury. I was expecting to reply saying something like ‘as a man of such a high position within the Anglican Church, he should adopt a Unitarian position based on his presumed knowledge’ but I’m wrong and offer my apologies to him. Dr Rowan Williams does seem to be wise in the way of religion.

Gordon Brown said a year or two ago, he was going to change financial regulations to allow ‘halal’ banking. So I wonder why the penal law can’t also be changed?

Actually I wouldn’t be surprized if English civil law, like many things wasn’t already based on Islamic law. Islam flourished while Europe was living is the dark ages. Much of science has an Islamic ’empire’ (for want of a better description) hetitage. For example, and I don’t know if this is true, but the mortarboards are said by some to have been the Qur’an which people placed on their heads to symbolise the acumen of wisdom and knowledge. The word Chemistry and Sugar derive from Islam as does distillation.

I wonder, why when foreigners go to Islamic countries and they break the law, the anti-Muslim west (think I’ve just answered my own question) screams out an Islamic punishment should not befall the criminal, yet Muslims in the UK are expected to abide by UK law. Not only that but I’m pretty sure that in some countries, a two-tier system does exist, Sharia law applied to Muslims and other laws applied to non-Muslims. (caveat: In countries where a heterogeneous population isn’t significant) is only applied. Anyway, many UK laws are an ASS laws and deserve to be broken – like not demonstrating within 1Km of Parliament, and that reminds me, laws which the non-Muslim Brits break (see here) such as going to war, committing genocide, bugging MP’s offering money for K’s and P’s, scuttling SFO investigations into Saudi arms deals etc… etc…

Bloody stinking hypocrites.

Listen to this condescending crap…

“For the Conservatives, shadow community cohesion minister Baroness Warsi said: “The Archbishop’s comments are unhelpful and may add to the confusion that already exists in our communities.” [2]
Endquote.  – What confusion??? What survey have you done or seen which says there is ‘confusion’ Jeez. I’m sure glad we got dem brainy pepol in awr gubberment.

 What about this:

Mark Pritchard, Tory MP for the Wrekin, in Shropshire, said the Archbishop’s comments were “naive and shocking” and he accused him of “pseudo-theological appeasement”. [2]

Mark Pritchard has of course spent many hours studying theology and general philosophy (actually I tried researching his but drew a blank as to his knowledge background)


But wait Pritchard highlights something I’ve been curious about for a long time. He says in the same article:

 He said: “The Archbishop should be standing up for our Judeo-Christian principles that underpin British criminal law that have been hard fought for. 

I want to know where this Judeo-Christian amalgamation alliance thing comes from, and I want to know how British people feel about living under Judeo law? Personally, if it was original Jewish law, I’d be fine with it. If however it was law based on Rabinnical distortions and fakery in the Talmud, I’d strongly oppose living under it. Does anyone know when exactly the Judeo component of British law came into being?


The liberal democrats and neoLabour buffoons say something similar. Funny how man-made secular law which by its very nature is flexible, suddenly becomes untouchable and rigid when Muslims are involved.

But still… Given that the majority of the population are non-Muslims, Muslims cannot realistically expect the majority of non-Muslims



Evolution – a look at the mutation twaddle

[ Update: follow-up post here: Why I can’t accept the evolutionists 8th June 08]  

The Madagascar Aye-aye.
Perhaps the worlds most scary looking creature .

 Aye-aye again.

And the aye-aye yet again. It gives me the willies!

This is a bit of a plunder from Shahids Suspect Paki blog. I’m putting it here cos I want to put this bloody scary looking creature here and I want to notch up my protestation of evolutionary fantasy here.

Evolutionists love ‘mutation theory’. They don’t just love it they need it. Another butter sword in their fantasy armoury. 

The thing about ‘useful mutations’ is that its an ‘after the fact’ explanation. It relies upon the idea that a viable organism was capable of mutating in the first place (likely involing DNA various RNA’s and available nucleic acids, amino acids, lipids, etc… well the evolutionists have NEVER indicated a non traditional method of reproducible life so it is only fair to use today’s cellular biology as a guideline). It is the same tired evo stuff that the likes of Dawkins pump out. What made that organism in the first place, what gave it the ability to undergo genetic mutations? Is it feasible to attribute mutation rates to the diversity we have today. I researched a ‘transient’ species fossil evidence a few years back and it was false. National Geographic showed little embarrassment in blowing its evolution horns loudly yet whimpered an apology when it published stories based on fake fossils.

Scene of many lock-ins for Charles Dawson

Not only that but evolutionists try to have their cake and eat it. They say life evolves into niche areas of life e.g. pandas bamboo, dodo’s needing no wings from no predators, flowers needing specific insects to pollinate, the symbiosis of many species, or any animal which possesses acute specialisation such as the Aye-eye (pic above) and so on,  but rationally, doesn’t the mutation theory means that the more complicated the organism, the less likely it can handle mutation? Surely the number of mutations that are not usefulin regards to a specialisation far outweigh those that could be useful. How could a homogeneous unicellular population evolve at the mercy of a single mutant? Wouldn’t the mutant strain be bread out? and what possible mutation would make a unicellular organism have an advantage over the rest of the organisms?

The leap of faith required to believe in evolution is surely far higher than the leap of faith some may require to believe that God created beings.

Even then, if one believes in God, in the religious scriptures, God says “We have the power to shape you and change you” allowing for the possibility that God created whole beings and may have altered their form over time. Funny how in the eyes of an evolutionist, God is never accorded to power to drive evolution. Its amusing to hear scientists allowed to say things “Force of Nature” or “its Natures way” without any qualification of what that force of way is. Well, actually its quite annoying like the rest of atheistic evolution.

Out of respect to the man who sparked this post, please comment HERE on Suspect Paki’s blog. Comments are disabled here on my blog.

SETI@ Search for Egalitarian Threatening Individuals


I used to contribute to SETI (Search for Extra Terrestial Intelligence). I downloaded many blocks of data, processed them for hourse, even leaving my PC on for days to chew through the data. Why? Well becasue of the dream that I would be the one that found the signal from another set of beings somewhere out there in the universe. Childish? perhaps, but I’m not ashamed of it. 

These days I’m just far too suspicious of the powers that be (tptb) and their mercyless assault on freedom and provacy to be part of it anymore.

Yes, I know that if ‘they’ want to hack into my data, gleaning a snapshot of my life and financial activities, they probably only have to fire off some key to my computer which Microsoft kindly embedded into their software on ‘their’ behalf and hey presto, ALL my privacy is gone. In fact I would be so unsurprised if the wireless facility built into this computer could be activated in a similar fashion or that this beady webcam built into my laptops lid could watch me at any moment in time.

w.r.t. SETI, you must admit it would be an amazing way to gain information about you or even ‘better’ still, send you information about someone else that you obligingly unscramble and process on their behalf only to send them a report with which they can hopefully trap someone else.

So Sorry, SETI get your own bloody computers!

Value privacy, value your CHILDRENS privacy and those you love

Towards understanding and the rejection of ‘the creation of crisis’.

Update: Watch Naomi’s speech (links below). Then read the article (extract supplied) for a better understanding of the pressure applied to Canadas credit rating.

The Terrorists Still at Ground Zero

By Alexander Cockburn, (Posted on ICH, 17/02/08) “Counterpunch

On January 10 Moody’s, in concert with the other main bond rating firm, Standard and Poor’s, gave the United States its top AAA credit rating. The terrorist blackmail threat came in the form of a demand by Moody’s that the U.S. government “reform” Social Security and Medicare: “In the very long term, the rating could come under pressure if reform of Medicare and Social Security is not carried out as these two programs are the largest threats to the long-term financial health of the United States and to the government’s Aaa rating.”


— End of Update —



What we do 5 seconds after thinking about World Poverty

Much is made of the content of PNAC document “Rebuilding Americas Defences”[1] where on page 63 it states: “Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.” thereby identifying that crisis can bring about change.

In that infamous document, PNAC identify a drawn out development is disadvantageous to the US. The reason being of course that other countries will legitimately gain the technology and military resilience with the passage of time. Hence the usefulness of the catalyst or accelerant to the ‘cause’, the breadth of which require a very big crisis indeed.

  Aside: It’s the opinions of this author that such a crisis was deliberately brought about to allow the occidental fascism we see today. And just about every bone in my body tells me 7-7 is almost the same. 

Come now to a sliced speech posted on the superb spiderednews[2] website, a site for which my respect grows every passing day. It’s by author Naomi Klein[3], speaking at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, a socialist and therefore moral organisation. Yes that’s right, I can make that claim as the conservative or so called neo-liberal (if I understand that term properly) think tanks are a proven failure the world throughout. Naomi has written a book called The Shock Doctrine which I guess covers the same topic.

In her talk, she mentions the rise of people like John Williamson[4] and Milton Friedman[5] – a man for whom rampant capitalism was his god.

Here now is an excerpt I transcribed from Naomi.

“I want to read you a quote from John Williamson, John Williamson, well his claim to fame is simple, he’s the man who invented the ‘Washington consensus’[6]. He thought of that name and also explained what it meant.

He is a, what do you know, he works for a think tank in Washington that is closely aligned to the world bank and the IMF and he has this uncanny knack for verbalising the subconscious of capitalism, that’s why I love him. He said this in 1993, the year of Yeltsins coup. He noticed something in his research which is, that not only did it seem that it was important for there to be crisis in order to impose what he called deep reform, which meant the Washington consensus, but he noticed that the only cases where the Washington Consensus had been imposed were countries that were facing some kind of profound crisis.

So he was musing out loud at one of these gathering where, you know, central bank presidents from Poland and Argentina and ex-finance ministers tend to gather, this is in Washington DC in January 1993, he said “One will have to ask whether it could conceivably make sense to think of deliberately provoking a crisis (textual emphasis assed) so as to remove the political log jam to reform. For example, it has sometimes been suggested in Brazil that it would be worthwhile stoking up a hyper-inflation so as to scare anyone into accepting those changes. Presumably no one with historical foresight would have advocated in the mid 1930’s that Germany or Japan go to war in order to get the benefits of the super-growth that followed their defeat, but could a lesser crisis have served the same function. Is it possible to conceive of a pseudo-crisis that could serve the same positive function without the cost of a real crisis?”

Naomi says later “Here’s the scary news. They’re [the shocks] are not working as well as there used to, so the disasters that they’re taking advantage of are getting bigger”

On the upside she says, “shock is a temporary state, by its very nature…shock wears off” identifying Latin America as being some of the first to come out of shock some 35 years ago.

Crisis manipulation is not new, but it may appear to be so, especially to those young of year and because the study of meaningful history in school suffered a horrific assault from which it has never really recovered. However, thanks to the internet, this disgraceful distortion of history looks every subsequent day to be increasingly useless.

But the most important part of Naomi says, is that of crisis synthesis and then subsequent manipulation.

Praiseworthy her speech may be, I don’t think Naomi goes far enough. Naomi’s spotlighting of the public recognition of John Williamson’s ‘Washington consensus’ {note wikipedia dates it 4 years earlier to 1989}[6] and she did touch upon Milton Friedman and his empowerment by Nixon in being granted a free hand in Chile’s darkest period embodied by the anti-Allende coup on 11th Sept 1973, but the synthesis is much wider and much older.

Both in his book “Confessions of an Economic Him’ and in interviews[7], John Perkins identifies a number of methods to make a country bow in servitude to the United States. The methods are primarily economic thereby synthesizing economic crisis.

Steven Kinzer[8] identifies another whereby the US government created an economic crisis by blocking Hawaiian sugar exports the US thereby encouraging the USan elite sugar plantation “owners” to overthrow the Hawaiian monarchy allowing for the country to be absolved in the US. Or the massacre of striking workers protesting against US company United Fruit in 1920’s Colombia[9].

John Pilger has documented the impact of neo-Liberalism on Central and South America over the last 60 years or so in addition to Chile and feature in his numerous writings on the subject as well as his movie documentary ‘The War on Democracy’[10].

A number of political commentators have done well to highlight the 1953 overthrow of the democratically elected government of Iran lead by Mohammed Mosaddeq.

Stage managed crisis and crisis manipulation has been going on for years and thankfully now, mainly due again to the internet lead information new-age, more and more people are bringing such horrors to light with varying degrees of independence to each other.

And it is encouraging that given the extent and funding and power of what I would call this evil element (and those behind it), that when exposed to just a crumb of the truth, then the human spirit can still turn towards goodness and hope, and I believe that spirit lies within us all.

This disgusting elite serving oppression upon mankind and its hegemony must be exposed and opposed. We must share this knowledge, unite together and reject this immense suffering. This involves writing, dialogue as well as actions and boycotts.

Let’s make this a better world.

Key words and shrapnel:

Naomi Klein, The Washington consensus, Neoliberalism, non-Keynesian economics, Milton Friedman, The Chicago Boys, Shock therapy, Bernard Lewis, neoConservatives. John Williamson (the Washington consensus), PNAC, Steven Kinzer, John Pilger, Adam Curtis, John Pilger, hegemony, globalisation, enslavement

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see also

The Chicago Boys:



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