SETI@ Search for Egalitarian Threatening Individuals


I used to contribute to SETI (Search for Extra Terrestial Intelligence). I downloaded many blocks of data, processed them for hourse, even leaving my PC on for days to chew through the data. Why? Well becasue of the dream that I would be the one that found the signal from another set of beings somewhere out there in the universe. Childish? perhaps, but I’m not ashamed of it. 

These days I’m just far too suspicious of the powers that be (tptb) and their mercyless assault on freedom and provacy to be part of it anymore.

Yes, I know that if ‘they’ want to hack into my data, gleaning a snapshot of my life and financial activities, they probably only have to fire off some key to my computer which Microsoft kindly embedded into their software on ‘their’ behalf and hey presto, ALL my privacy is gone. In fact I would be so unsurprised if the wireless facility built into this computer could be activated in a similar fashion or that this beady webcam built into my laptops lid could watch me at any moment in time.

w.r.t. SETI, you must admit it would be an amazing way to gain information about you or even ‘better’ still, send you information about someone else that you obligingly unscramble and process on their behalf only to send them a report with which they can hopefully trap someone else.

So Sorry, SETI get your own bloody computers!

Value privacy, value your CHILDRENS privacy and those you love

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