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I love Fascism

…say cops in new recruitment video. “It’s great. You can trash peoples homes, shoot them, jail them, waterboard them, steal their money, rape them. Fascism’s great

The glorious reality.

Dont think were walking our way towards that? Well, your slumber is doing nothing to stop it. But what do I know, I’m just a nutter.

The Future’s bright, the future’s orange:

The destruction of Lebanon 2006 was Hizbullahs fault!


Oh yes it was!

What? You mean you don’t believe me? Well, I’m just reporting what honest Tom Levitt MP has described[1]!! So shame on you. Tom says: “The actions by Hizbullah that led to the outbreak of the conflict” under comedy concerned title : “Speaking Out: Tom Levitt” and he’s a NeoLabour MP! so he’s right and your all wrong.

Happy now?

OK. So now hopefully you’ve changed your mind. Good.

But woah! Now perhaps you swing the other way? –  and feel anger at Tom overplaying it, with a whopping 448 words (including aforementioned title) equating to a bloated 0.37 words per Lebanese death[2]. Or maybe your angry that Toms report only mirrors the ADL’s filthy propaganda report[3] by about 98%. Or perhaps that Tom went OTT in saying Israyhells response was “wholly disproportionate” – when we should be thankful he didn’t say “it was illegal!”. Good grief(!) that doesn’t bear thinking about!

To make you feel better then, Tom’s “Speaking Out” doesn’t really speak out about the fact plans for the army of Zion to invade Lebanon were drafted before the ‘kidnapped soldiers’, nor does he say owt about BuSh and bLiar’s deliberate stalling to give their Zionist buddies more opportunities to shatter the flash and bones of Lebanese people supplied with US and UK ordinance, and take heart that Israyhell is only responsible forthe political rise of Hizbullah in Lebanon in the last six months and the instability the country now faces. ” and not it’s responsible for the destruction and mass death that met Lebanon in the summer of 2006 by way of the Israyhelli kiss.

Finally, lets thank Jeh-va that Tom makes no mention of criminal proceedings against the aggressor nor of reparations.





Palestine, Ozzie sytle.


The proverbial road to China begins with the first step but it doesn’t and shouldn’t end there. Australian PM Kevin Rudd apologised for the crimes the whites have inflicted upon the Aborigines in the past. However, for Rudd, it will end there.For once the BBC acts like a centre for something resembling actual journalism and reports the following quote “Blackfellas will get the words, the whitefellas keep the money” – Noel Pearson, Aboriginal leader. Not only that, but the Aborigines were subject the usual non-refuseable and nonnegotiable whitey ‘trade’ of ‘give us your riches and we’ll give you our version of religion. A story which repeats itself almost the world over. And as usual, its always the bloody Caucasians who are to blame.

 The whites can sleep better in their beds now that Rudd done something to ease the white conscience (I’m sure they have one somewhere), a pittance of acknowledgement to be inflated to utterly nullify (in their eyes anyway) the inhuman sufferings dished out upon them over hundreds of years. But what about the day after, when these now ‘cleansed’ whites wake up from that wonderful mind settling sleep? What of the second step on the road to China? Will the AUS mining companies cease to scar and toxify any lands they see fit? Will the Aborigine people get their rights (or any rights) to rule their undisputed homeland? Will the discrimination and the racism stop? Will they be allowed to do what they want and live the life they want to in their land without the evils (drugs, drink etc) of occidentals crushingly impose itself upon them?


The crimes against the Aborigines will not stop. They have been consigned into the dustbin of whitey, along with numerous other non-white races and tribes. They will continue to suffer and increasingly so at the hands of corporate interests. They are forever trapped in the white Australia.

 There is no intention to walk to China, other than a token step, which whitey will slowly and sneakily shuffle its way back towards as the years roll on.

Prove me wrong Rudd, Liberate the Australian Palestine.

Viva Palestina – break the siege:

Viva Palestina - break the siege

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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