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Aspartame – toxic sludge


I have written to friends about my previous use of Aspartame.

I once thought I was overweight and so believed if I substituted my use of sugar in my hot drinks then I would be likely to lose weight. So when making a coffee, instead of a spoon of sugar I popped a tiny aspartame tablet into my hot drink.

The taste wasn’t so nice but my desire to move away from sugar was strong enough to override my displeasure at have poorly falvoured coffee.

I suffer from headaches quite often (I’m sure it has something to do with my eyes) and experience told me that when I have a headache, use of aspartame will make it much worse. Even the smell of it would pump up the severity of my headache.

I then started to hear some cautionary tales about it, but never bothered to persure enquiry into them, so that coupled with the headache problem and the fact i wasn’t losing much weight at all made me stop using aspartame.

Last year I did manage to do a good level of reading into aspartame, including the dirty conflict of interests involving one very scumworthy Donald Rumsfeld (see pic above), the FDA and the likely corruption of the principles the FDA are charged with upholding.

Since I stopped using it, I feel it has caused or contributed to an increase in the frequency of my headaches and also the duration. I could be wrong on that but it’s seems to correlate with the time when I first started using it.

It has been mentioned in the UK Parliament and now is being debated in the US. It seems aspartames dangers are finally making it into the conventional world.

The sensible thing, like GM food is….

If you doubt the safety of a product and it has NOT undergone a rigorous long and protracted study as to it’s safety, or if there is evidence it is harmful, then don’t take the risk, simply avoid it. Diabetics – sorry but you just have to learn to adapt to non-sweet food.  

This extract is from David Ickes website:

Monday, 11 February 2008

Legislators consider aspartame ban

A set of bills before the state Legislature would ban aspartame — known also by brand names NutraSweet and Equal — as soon as Jan. 1.

House Bill 2680 is up for a vote in the Health Committee on Wednesday, giving supporters of the ban more time to prove why Hawai’i should become the first state to ban a federally approved product, a move lawmakers are unlikely to make without strong evidence of a public health risk.

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