And here are the latest newz headlinez…



Resteraunt sorry over F word bill
– Promises next time to remember the C T B S words also.

‘Frog from hell’ fossil unearthed
– Missing remains of Marcel Petiot recovered

‘Hacker’ launches iTunes copying
– Yet another ex-PM, like elected murderer Blair, cashes in on former public role.

Housewife ‘would be paid £30,000’
– Millionaire investor in NR, now reluctant housewife, rues loss in NR’s share price.

Ivory coast’s ‘big-bottom’ craze
– Thousands of Bliar effagies burn in succinct African state


US urges reform as Castro quits
 – Castros message finally reaches USan ears.

Kosovo Serbs burn border points
– Event not un-noticed by Cornish independence post-declaration planners


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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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