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Information OVERLOAD !!!

 Edited for typo’s etc…

I can’t keep up. No, not ‘it’ up (although…)

I mean up with the unfolding disaster that is this sick and tired old world. News dear boy, news.

1) Turkey Invading North Iraq for annexation so Israel has an oil supply for when it collapses the US. 
2) UK Admits rendition when it i.e. Jack ‘the cap’ Straw previously LIED his filthy arse off saying the UK didn’t do such things.
3) Northern Rock – UK Government comitts quadruple robbery in its citizens.
4) Gold prices at record levels and oil too.
5) 9-11 LIE exposed  —  A G A I N — via. Barbera Olson (again errrm and again)
6) US approves wiretapping reterospectively – Bush said without wiretapping it would help the “terrorists” but then threatened to scrap the bill if it wasn’t reterospective and absolve the telecons companies from prosecution. hummm.
7) Yet more UK lies this time about the UK dodgy Dossier (of piece of sh1t as it is known in fruitcake circles)
8 )  Castro stepping down – He’s glad for it, but let’s hope the resistance of the Cuban people doesn’t fade.
9) George Galloway championing Barak Obama even though Obama said he would bomb Pakistan. !!
10) IAEA ‘Iran’ report coming out (Iran AGAIN has no weapons program – US ignores it AGAIN)
11) Zionist slithering smilemould occupying Palestine assassinating people in Lebanon and itching for war and killing more people in Gaza.
12) USUK continue to take measures to increase the civillian body counts in Iraq and Afghanisan.
13) Absolutely ridiculous “villiage of Kosovo” tries to break free of Serbia, against International law, yet Russia and China just sit by watching – dumb as usual (sorry to say) UPDATE: Russia threatends force – I think insincerely, but it is a serious development all the same. EU and US think they can make internation law on the hoof (no change there then!).
14) BIG ERROR CORRECTED HERE: Increasing number of reports that do much to suggest the demonisation of Serbia was FALSE and that the western attack on Yugoslavia was subject to great swathes of lies and propaganda.
15) Sibel Edmonds increasing her exposure to the public/Media showing the US,Turkish and Israely relationship in Nuclear technolgy (Sibel Edmonds – The U.S-Turkey-Israeli Allience(6 min) See here:
16) Iran oil bourse starting (maybe – again)

No. I can’t cope…

Turkey occupation of Iraq begins.

It was never really in doubt, it was always merely a matter of when.

Zionist Turkey who cleverly buttered up the gullible Muslim masses by an relaxing the headscarf ban has even more cleverly swooped their way into Northern Iraq.

Are they salivating at the thought of another “Young Turk” inspired genocide?  Probably.

Whatever, you can bet more Iraqi kids, women and men are gonna be butchered.

The Zionist scumbags.

BBC reports: “(Turkey) will return home in the shortest time possible after its goals have been achieved”. Yeah. Zionist scum always tell the truth, don’t they.

May God hasten their defeat.

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Music and the savage beast.

 My dearest Mother exposed me to many works of classical music. I got to the know the names of the composers she liked, which wasn’t that hard really as none of them have names like Davey Jones, but sadly I never took much time to learn the individual names of their works.

I stopped listening to music for quite a long time – especially music that involved stringed instruments as someone I considered reasonably knowledgeable on Islam (certain more knowledgeable than I was – wasn’t and isn’t hard to claim that title) said it was forbidden. I think this person might have said that it brings about false/induced emotional states. I think Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) might have had someone tell him something similar.

I agree music can do that and the saying “music calms the savage beast” summarises this quite well. It can also be escapism – the mind loses focus on the reality, and I guess detachment from God consciousness. 

Unlike Cat (I guess) , I never stopped completely listening to it – hard to explain why I was so ‘naught’ – perhaps I thought it was a bit petty as any ‘altered state’ wasn’t significant or harmful. Perhaps I’ve sinned. I don’t know. If any Muslims out there would like to provide any other info on this I’d be grateful.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I decided to try and get some of those classical works, and I cane across one of the most beautiful of them.

Mozarts piano converto number 21, movement 2 – commonly called Elvira Madigan. (corrected link: Sat 23rd Feb)

Oh man. It’s so beautiful. Usually when I hear a music – of just about any kind, I can visualise dynamic events/scenes, places and people, but this one, I don’t really see anything, and when I try hard, a fleeting scene of a summers afternoon and punt(boat) on a lake, with the the odd slow flying insect flying through a beam of sunshine in perhaps Hanoverian times, then some kind of ‘Merchant Ivory-esque’ lady, happy walking in full attire again on a summer day through a field of yellow barley but that’s it. Milliseconds of imagery then nothing. Strange.

Anyway I though it would be interesting to see it Google had any images that were close to what I was visualising. And a brief search later, I was quite surprised that there were some pics that wern’t a million miles away…


When you hear these beautiful sounds and scenes you wonder why we do the savage things to each other that makes millions of peoples lives across the planet a misery.

OK that’s enough talking to myself and  self indulgent emotional claptrap trivia for today.

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