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Who ate all the Pigeons?

Could that be the chant heard one day at football matches on Saturday afternoons all over the UK. I ask becasue over on Stef’s Famous for 15 megapixels site, a rather curously interesting thread is developing about pigeons.


I propose a parliamentary committee should be formed to look at the inclusion of pigeons in some kind of national dietry advice. Although as Kier has identified once again the arse based green leather polishers are slow off the mark. –  Woodpigeon Recipes. And looking at google images under “cooked pigeon”, I’ve found what appears to be is an underground pigeon eating movement. Stef also reveals it may be environmentally friendly.


Throw in a nan and a couple of poppadums and way-hey! Scran time.

Just keep it a bit discreet that’s all…

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