Iran peaceful – who cares?

I’ve had to edit this post slightly, its message is the same

Not the neoconazis ot their media mouthpieces that’s for sure.

I’ve stated for about 2 years that the tactics used against Iraq are going to be and are being deployed against Iran. It’s a view that has been criticised by a number of respected analysts, but I think the signs are unmistakeable and today the BBC treats us to another example of this, in printng a story called “Iran weapons project ‘continued’” in which it says in an utterly unchallenged, uncritical and unblanmaced way : “material presented to the IAEA in Vienna came from multiple sources and included designs for a nuclear warhead, plus information on how it would perform and how it would fit onto a missile.”

Phew, what a stinker! but it’s similarity to the story I linked to the other day”Saddams Bomb“- report filed Friday, 2 March, 2001, 23:52 GMT ) ” in which warhead designs and so forth were supposedly in the hands of the Iraqi leadership were were undertainkg moved to make it a reality.

 All of which seem to have dropped down the momory hole (certainly w.r.t. the masses), as has the forged Niger yellowcake docs (from Italy) – a mere ‘flash in the pan, yet irrelevant’ to the hollywoodized public appear to be {your only as good as your last movie, as they say}  Not for public contemplation debate and continual sleuthing – so it’s hoped.

A few months ago the US National Intelligence Estimate (download it here h=ttp://  copy the URL then remove the hyphen after the first ‘h’) came out, and ultra extraordinarilly was made public – something that saw little if any comment by those who watch the daily unveiling of western neofascist government watchers and who are normally sharp eyed. It was an ‘fantastic’ pieve of propaganda but the world lapped it up.  Its killer punch was that it implanted in peoples mind that Iran DID have a weapons program but stopped it a few years back. This of course is food for Nazi’s like BuSh say later “oh, wait, they continued it, but it was made to look as if it had stopped.” I read virtually no predictions that it was suggested its role was to set a trap for Iran at the time. After it was published the Zionist slime occupying Palestine called for AlBaredi’s sacking and BuSh along with his zio-slime kept up the rhetoric against Iran.

Don’t write off Stud McCain just yet. Robed smokin (& shootin?) Obama and Clintons ‘scandals’ look rather manufactured. “McCain’s alright he’s only a sexual cheat” they will say. I mention this becasue McCain said he wanted to bomb Iran, and for all the dumbness of the other two I can’t see them taking such a step.

Looks like Romney is going to take up the Ron Paul Mantle. Perhaps Paul should stand as an independent on a Republican agenda? Then I slap myself and start laughing that i entertained the idea it actually matters.

I dare say the Iranians feel this too. May God protect them. 

UPDATE: Doomsday countries with WMD in flagrant breach of NPT criticised by AlBaredi

3 Responses to “Iran peaceful – who cares?”

  1. 3 steph February 29, 2008 at 12:58 am

    I think there is a very real chance that McCain would think about bomb Iran sometime into his presidency but Bush was going to and he wasn’t allowed. His military turned on him. McCain has very little support in the military. I think it’s pretty clear that America has adopted a cold war strategy with Iran. I think that will increase under McCain. How many hot wars did Regan have?

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