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The Letter

There is a kitchen table chair
a wooden one, that’s dark brown.
The chair’s leg is plain but bowed.
between the leg and the floor there is a note,
white A5 folded, so you can’t see the writing.

It would be irrelevant if it weren’t for people.
Who put it there and why?

The floor it’s on is of polished veined marble slab
Smooth and hard – good for writing notes on.
The chair was raised,
and the note placed beneath.
I wonder why it was left there?

I now have to bend down to pick it up,
as its writer wanted me to.
But what If spilt milky cornflakes on it,
or sweet morning coffee by droppng a mug,
its shards resting in the sodden letter,
likely to slice it, if moved incorrectly.

The house is still, no noise save for the clock.
What noises did its author hear?
How many ticks did they think it would take
until it was noticed and picked up.
Why fold it so that you can’t see?
Why must eyes not see its message unless
liberated from beneath is entrapment?

What If I just left it there?
Could it result in people thinking less of me?
How will they know?
If it were important, wouldn’t it have on it my name and “urgent” and be left under a mug on the bench,
or something

What if I put it there? Yes!… was it me?
I don’t remember it, but I can’t always remember things
at times,
This is my house, so maybe it was me,
why would I do that?

I’m going to take it now.

The chair leg sings and it re-touches the marble
floor, dragging across it, slightly.
It is open and read.

” OH MY GOD! “

lwtc247,  26-Feb-07

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