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BBC newz summary for the end of February 2008


26th Feb 2008, 14:43 GMT – MOST READ

Earthquake hits much of England
– John Prescott considers suing
Lincolnshire hotellier for not providing
‘sleep & roll’ safety bar
Democrats clash in crucial debate
– Obamas robe and Hillaries earings just don’t go.

Dollar falls to record euro low
– David Van Day beaten by Latvian entrant in famous
annual song contest.

Sea reptile is biggest on record
– Paparazzi telephoto lens snaps Prescott taking a
dip off Skeness. Met office dismiss Tsunami warning
as ‘coincidence’.

A giant airport for China’s vast ambition
– John Prescott given all clear to visit China

28th Feb 2008, 01:41 GMT MOST E-MAILED

Diabetic mice ‘cured’ with drugs
– “with 2mg/L of coke in your veins, who cares
about sugar man?” says Rodent woodstock organiser.

Sicily Mafia ‘restoring US links’
– BuSh rejects accusation that ‘war of terror’ lead
to neglect of old friendships.

Outcry in SA over ‘racist’ video
– Questions asked over security of national archive.

In pictures: Sudan cartoon protest
– That’s kind of the point.

New Haiti president takes office
– US backed presidents maintains tradition.
Citizens ask “will the looting ever stop?”


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