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Crushing blow to Chinese – Can Olymics possibly survive?

Oh the panic!

Surely there is no way the Chinese Olympics can take place now that the Chinese have lost the services of this man. OK he didn’t really do anything and probably just ended up getting in peoples way. His reason broke the oft cited line that “politics shouldn’t interfere with sport.” {Or is that only then the politics isn’t USUKian politics???}. Bizarrely accusing the Chinese of the Darfur situation.

I think what he was trying to say was the US can’t bomb and impose their puppet presidents as easily to gift the US all its oil while a small cabal grow filthy rich while the rest of the population are forced to eat each others ears for nourishment.Those bad bad Chinese. How dare they. 

This reminds me of a BBC World newz report I saw on the weekend. They talked about deforestation. A satellite image was shown with ‘before’ and ‘after’ images on it of a forest. A loggers road went through the forest in a cross shape. It was said that the satellite image could pick out individual trees that had fallen.At the end, the BBC “journalist” asked where is all the wood going? To which he answered himself saying “China! It want’s the wood just like everything else.”

Yes. China is totally responsible for deforestation. China is taking everything. Nobody ever took anything from anywhere apart from these bloody Chinese who have the cheek to actually pay for it (Although we should be thankful that there are cases where the workers pay is almost as miserable as their lives would be if we bomb them) The bloody cheeky Chinese!

and P.S. No, I didn’t draw the giggs on him, despite it looking that way. Perhaps he’s just fond of wearing comedy specs?

Thought for the day – by a ‘radical’ non-Rabbi


Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss & others at
Irans holocaust conference with
Irans (now departed) Manouchehr Mottaki

Hummm… just taking a gander at one of the BBC’s religion pages – 

Going through that page I find this…

 Romain, Rabbi Dr Jonathan… “is frequently asked to comment on news issues on radio and television. 


Rubinstein, Rabbi YY… “He is one the most sought after Jewish speakers in the UK” 

The question is: “Who is asking these Jewish men to speak and why?” and such descriptions are not mentioned about other people on that page?

 I’ve kind of had the same question in relation to Radio 4’s thought for the day, where certainly in the past when I used to listen to it a lot, it featured disproportionately a Rabbi. e.g. Rabbi Dr Jonathan Sacks or Rabbi Lionel Blue. It’s true many words of wisdom were probably spoken by these men and I’m not against Rabbis (or ordinary Jews) delivering religious messages across the mass media, but It seems strange to me that Jews such as Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss (Jews United Against Zionism) don’t feature or even religious people who take an anti-globalisation / anti-corporation line ANTI ZIONIST line. Who selects there people? What other projections do they get across? Surely it’s unreasonable to ask for balance? 

or maybe it is!

Recent anger inducing headline: ‘Police feared ‘airport stand-off’ about how a war criminal who landed in Britain was allowed to flee so he didn’t have to face his crimes in court. And Jack ‘the cap’ Straw apologised it. EEEEEEYUCK!

And here are the latest newz headlinez…



Resteraunt sorry over F word bill
– Promises next time to remember the C T B S words also.

‘Frog from hell’ fossil unearthed
– Missing remains of Marcel Petiot recovered

‘Hacker’ launches iTunes copying
– Yet another ex-PM, like elected murderer Blair, cashes in on former public role.

Housewife ‘would be paid £30,000’
– Millionaire investor in NR, now reluctant housewife, rues loss in NR’s share price.

Ivory coast’s ‘big-bottom’ craze
– Thousands of Bliar effagies burn in succinct African state


US urges reform as Castro quits
 – Castros message finally reaches USan ears.

Kosovo Serbs burn border points
– Event not un-noticed by Cornish independence post-declaration planners

Iron Lion Zion
Anyone know exaclty what Bob was saying here?


Anyway… In full conspiraloon mode, and in getting to the main point, it’s interesting what  can be done to the letters NWO as illustrated from Ant and Stef’s NWO flag… 



Kinda remids me of on London’s Olymopic “logo”

which as vaiorus conspiraloons worldwide will have already seen this can be re-arranged to this…


Which brings me to another point. The Olympics will discriminate against Muslim athletes as it is likely they will be fasting during the Olympic period. But who cares about that hey? 

Aspartame – toxic sludge


I have written to friends about my previous use of Aspartame.

I once thought I was overweight and so believed if I substituted my use of sugar in my hot drinks then I would be likely to lose weight. So when making a coffee, instead of a spoon of sugar I popped a tiny aspartame tablet into my hot drink.

The taste wasn’t so nice but my desire to move away from sugar was strong enough to override my displeasure at have poorly falvoured coffee.

I suffer from headaches quite often (I’m sure it has something to do with my eyes) and experience told me that when I have a headache, use of aspartame will make it much worse. Even the smell of it would pump up the severity of my headache.

I then started to hear some cautionary tales about it, but never bothered to persure enquiry into them, so that coupled with the headache problem and the fact i wasn’t losing much weight at all made me stop using aspartame.

Last year I did manage to do a good level of reading into aspartame, including the dirty conflict of interests involving one very scumworthy Donald Rumsfeld (see pic above), the FDA and the likely corruption of the principles the FDA are charged with upholding.

Since I stopped using it, I feel it has caused or contributed to an increase in the frequency of my headaches and also the duration. I could be wrong on that but it’s seems to correlate with the time when I first started using it.

It has been mentioned in the UK Parliament and now is being debated in the US. It seems aspartames dangers are finally making it into the conventional world.

The sensible thing, like GM food is….

If you doubt the safety of a product and it has NOT undergone a rigorous long and protracted study as to it’s safety, or if there is evidence it is harmful, then don’t take the risk, simply avoid it. Diabetics – sorry but you just have to learn to adapt to non-sweet food.  

This extract is from David Ickes website:

Monday, 11 February 2008

Legislators consider aspartame ban

A set of bills before the state Legislature would ban aspartame — known also by brand names NutraSweet and Equal — as soon as Jan. 1.

House Bill 2680 is up for a vote in the Health Committee on Wednesday, giving supporters of the ban more time to prove why Hawai’i should become the first state to ban a federally approved product, a move lawmakers are unlikely to make without strong evidence of a public health risk.

Read more 

“Gowin down…”


Bernanke’s State of the Economy Speech: 

“You are all Dead Ducks”  

By Mike Whitney, 16/02/08 “ICH

Even veteran Fed-watchers were caught off-guard by Chairman Bernanke’s performance before the Senate Banking Committee on Thursday. Bernanke was expected to make routine comments on the state of the economy but, instead, delivered a 45 minute sermon detailing the afflictions of the foundering financial system. The Senate chamber was stone-silent throughout. The gravity of the situation is finally beginning to sink in. Continue…

— End of Update —


Chimpy and Chumpie.

 ‘Go-win Down’ Sung lyrics that have engrained themselves within me having suffered a cursed loopback by a obsessive Aerosmith fan. Actually I kinda got brainwashed into liking it after a bit, but don’t for heavens sake tell that to the Aerosmith wannabe groupie.

  Anyway, up to 2 trillion, thats 2,000,000,000,000 (two thousand billion, or 2 million million) has now been “lost” ( space don’t stand a mark against the vastness of the Zio-cons pockets) and there is what is called ‘a credit cruch’ which for those new to my wittering and twittering blog is said by those officials who know about this kind of stuff means an end to easy credit. 

Edit:: …forgot a main point… Burrmonkey, sorry, Bernanke today signalled that additional US interest rate cuts were likely. Howeverm lowering the cost of credit when were told there isn’t any easily available credit, just woesn’t square it with me somehow.

But now Burrmonkey, sorry, Bernanke, (which again for those who don’t follow such things heads a scam “bank” which owns a rather fast printing press, instigates scam policies, buy selling scam paper to the US government, which pays interest back to the same scam bank) is now giving official acknowledgement that the ong awaited death of the US economy is coming.


Just a pity decent USans are being caught up in this too.

 Strange how the price of Gold has changed since mid 2001 (when some fruit cakes said Tush, sorry BuSh and his Ziobuddies decided to invade Afghanistan – N.B. months before before 9-11) has gone from about $270 to about $900 an ounce (333% increase – tq Paul !) while the scam propping up the dollar has succeeded in only losing 21% of its value in the same time frame, from $1.66 in 1998 to almost $2 in 2008.  

I wonder who bought all that gold the British sold in 1999, that mass murderer Tony bLiar and accomplice to murder, Gordon Brown decided to sell when gold was ridiculously cheap, a snippet at only $270 an ounce? What of the gold at the WTC that went missing? Why has Fort Knox never been audited?

Anyway… I digress, such is the difficulty in controling the power of the conspiraloonacy force that dwells within me, the US Economy is going tits-up as they say (what does tits-up mean anyway??? – I dare not Google it !). 

All eyes now point towards occupied Palestine, führer, sorry, further towards the fulfilment of the self-willed neo-Nazi Zionist capital – Occupied Jerusalem, as the centre which wields control over Ziocorp global. But I’m just a fruit cake. What do I know?

Pig state conspires to dump nuclear materials on the sly.


(Thanks to

US ‘to hit rogue spy sat Thursday’ – satellite could have nuclear material onboard – PRESSTV Tue, 19 Feb 2008 18:03:13 GMT

Officials say the US Navy seeks to leave ‘as much room as possible’ for error in its plans to shoot down a falling rogue spy satellite.

Russian Defense Ministry experts have suggested the satellite could have nuclear material onboard.

Moscow has accused the White House of testing its ‘anti-missile defense system’s capability to destroy orbiting satellites’ under the pretext of shooting down the ‘out-of-control’ satellite.

lwtc247 comment: The hydrazine is very unlikely to cause problems if the satellite crashes to earth as it is very unstable (the Germans used to use it as fule in early jet planes, however hydrazine itself is very toxic should any of it survive) and is likely to burn up on re-entry or on collision with the earth. It is the NUCLEAR components which are likely to be the issue here as Press TV suggests.

— End of Update —

Soon some people face the possibility of death as some space junk (a spy satellite belonging to Pig state) falls back to earth.

Bit of a problem however, Pig state’s satellite contains radioactive isotopes. Pretty bad PR looms for Pig state as perhaps a small town gets wiped out, and the ensuing mushroom cloud dumps its radioactivity in the local area. Imagine the cost involved or compensation and clean-up? Boy oh boy! Couple that to Pig states fraudulent economy and worthless dollar, various members of Pig state are clearly worried that the costs involved may be the straw that breaks the camels back.

Hummm…. solution, solution. What can we do’, ponders Pig state piglet?

Ah ha! blow it up in the upper atmosphere and the debris will be so scattered that we are likely to get away with it.

Pigs doing what pigs do best.

And all because of Pig states desire to ‘spy for Pig state Ziocorp hegemony’. Pig state and its loyal (often dual-loyal !!) servants don’t care that more people will end up being showered in sh radioactive particles. Cancers caused will be buried with acceptable variations of current cancer rates (which Pig state largely created in the first place having officially (!) detonated 1,1,151 nuclear devices since the 1940’s, not to mention the dioxins, bio-weapons and chemical weapons and other such lovely agents such as agent orange and dioxins et cetera). Pig state also won’t have to pay for clean up.

Aaaaah Pig state, dearest Pig state what a memorable legacy. (Last Updated: Thursday, 14 February 2008, 17:16 GMT and linked in post above)


Don’t worry, the BBC says there’s nowt to fear,

so says it’s bold title: “Why the spy satellite won’t fall on your head– well this seems just a wee bit lobboxy I’m sorry to say, as not much further down the newz report says “the probability in this case that someone will be hit is really remote.” Dr Ruediger Jehn, a space debris analyst at the European Space Agency (Esa) . I simply lurrrrrvvwe the way the BBC spins its lobbox to stop us from thinking about what is ACTUALLY HAPPENING. I suggest the BBC changes it’s motto from “Nation Shall Speak Peace Unto Nation” to something like “Trust us to make you a nation full of twonks” or something equally appropriate.

BBC Newz 14 Feb 2008




1) How a gambling addict lost £2.1m
 – victim offers 100-1 it was by gambling.

2) New meat-eating dinos identified
 – Vegetarian cafe’s profits expected to hold steady.

3) Strong earthquake strikes Greece.
 – Union leaders forced to improvise following EU ban on lightning strikes.

4) Five-seat concept car runs on air.
 – Yorkshire based alopecia sufferers file unexpected £88m discrimination suit against car creator.

5) S Korea to send ‘kimchi’ to space.
 – Analysts fear rendition program was larger than originally thought.


1) Japanese crown prince ticked off
 – Fukuda rejects accusation of yet another jobless statistic fiddle.

2) Real top Man Utd in rich league
 – Greedy Bangla workers 10% pay rise blamed for £2 drop in Utd’s profits.

3) The new breed of candidates spouse
– Sicophantic Robertson emulates Shariah row  over proposal to introduce new “Mr Tombe” law in bid to aid Haggard comeback.

4) Strong earthquake strikes Greece.
 – However San Andreas fails to prevent unwanted remake.

5) China ‘regrets’ Spielberg action
 – US spy satellites pick up unusual CNY re-run within the space of a week.

I love Fascism

…say cops in new recruitment video. “It’s great. You can trash peoples homes, shoot them, jail them, waterboard them, steal their money, rape them. Fascism’s great

The glorious reality.

Dont think were walking our way towards that? Well, your slumber is doing nothing to stop it. But what do I know, I’m just a nutter.

The Future’s bright, the future’s orange:

The destruction of Lebanon 2006 was Hizbullahs fault!


Oh yes it was!

What? You mean you don’t believe me? Well, I’m just reporting what honest Tom Levitt MP has described[1]!! So shame on you. Tom says: “The actions by Hizbullah that led to the outbreak of the conflict” under comedy concerned title : “Speaking Out: Tom Levitt” and he’s a NeoLabour MP! so he’s right and your all wrong.

Happy now?

OK. So now hopefully you’ve changed your mind. Good.

But woah! Now perhaps you swing the other way? –  and feel anger at Tom overplaying it, with a whopping 448 words (including aforementioned title) equating to a bloated 0.37 words per Lebanese death[2]. Or maybe your angry that Toms report only mirrors the ADL’s filthy propaganda report[3] by about 98%. Or perhaps that Tom went OTT in saying Israyhells response was “wholly disproportionate” – when we should be thankful he didn’t say “it was illegal!”. Good grief(!) that doesn’t bear thinking about!

To make you feel better then, Tom’s “Speaking Out” doesn’t really speak out about the fact plans for the army of Zion to invade Lebanon were drafted before the ‘kidnapped soldiers’, nor does he say owt about BuSh and bLiar’s deliberate stalling to give their Zionist buddies more opportunities to shatter the flash and bones of Lebanese people supplied with US and UK ordinance, and take heart that Israyhell is only responsible forthe political rise of Hizbullah in Lebanon in the last six months and the instability the country now faces. ” and not it’s responsible for the destruction and mass death that met Lebanon in the summer of 2006 by way of the Israyhelli kiss.

Finally, lets thank Jeh-va that Tom makes no mention of criminal proceedings against the aggressor nor of reparations.





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