Turkey and Iraq – Operation Shekhinah


I disagree it will be by pipeline through Saudi occupied Arabia and Jordan. My prediction is through Turkey and shipped south, but the late great Joe Vialls analysis should not be disregarded.

I am on record as saying Turkey will annexe North Iraq. Over the week, Turkey has said it has withdrawn its troops, but it STILL has manned permanent bases in North Iraq. I am still 100% confident that Turkey will still try and annexe it. That it hasn’t happened this occasion does not make me believe they won’t. Turkey has built a road network in Northern Iraq, quite obviously for major military purposes. It is possible it may try and annexe via a Puppet leader in Northern Iraq, but I suspect it will do so militarily, and this was just a dummy run to test PKK and resistance tactics.

Hoda Abdel Hamid (Al Jazeera English) one of the rare unbiased reporters in the area, reported that Turkey did not attack the area where the PKK are said to have their stronghold. 

The Turkish game still isn’t Over.

It was interesting to watch a Sibel Edmonds based documentarty called Kill the Messenger, in which US/Israeli and Turkey military and nuclear technology alliance was discussed as well as Turkey’s closeness to the Zionists occupying Palestine. “here’s an embed of a Google video of Kill The Messenger.” (thanks to http://wecanchangetheworld.wordpress.com)


3 Responses to “Turkey and Iraq – Operation Shekhinah”

  1. 1 t March 18, 2008 at 1:27 am

    There is no way that Turkey would want to annexe Iraq, the problems with PKK still exists and terrorists have been a great extent of problems in Turkey and still keeps being one. Though the story about Iraq is still unveiled but annexation of any lands from Iraq is not possibly on Turkey’s agenda. In my opinion the aim of Turkey is nothing else but to keep its territories against terrorist groups or any kind of minorities.

  2. 2 lwtc247 March 18, 2008 at 2:07 am

    My analysis indicated Turkey will annexe northern Iraq only. It already has a PKK “problem” By annexing the whole of ‘kurdistan’ it as near full control over the areas from which the PKK are said to launch their attacks from. The PKK do not use Turkey as its base – they are reported to go over the border into Notthern Iraq after conducting operations in Turkey – and it should be said, some of them appear to be terrorist operations, although some do seem to be ‘resistance’ type operations.

    More importantly perhaps is that It will secure huge oilfields for Turkey and its ally Israel. As the oil crisis deepens Turkey will be eyeing Iraqs oil with ever wider eyes. Syria has said it would assist Turkey in actions against the Kurds (which is deeply shameful)

    Turkey already has permanent bases in Northern Iraq and boms the area at its pleasure. The US need to partition Iraq in order to ‘win’ its war for oil. It will allow close ally Tureky to assume control over the north.

    Whether its official political annexation is not so clear, but is probably unlikely, but de facto annexation is likely. Talibani {already a US puppet} seems very supportive (by total lack of action against the Turks) of Turkey. Perhaps he’s been promised a nice slice of the oil pie.

    But I hope your right and that Turkey does not extend its reach outside its recognised border. However, the military assistance by Israel and the US makes it unlikely such hardware will be used inside Turkeys borders!!!

  3. 3 lwtc247 March 18, 2008 at 2:10 am

    P.S. Not all apparent terrorism is genuine. There are many instances where apparent terrorist acts are false-flags.
    Indo-china has many examples, 9-11 Havana, Kenyan embassy probably, Lockerbie, even the atrocious Halabja terrorist slaughter, and yes, I know Halabja falls short of some definitions of terrorism but it certainly was a repugnant act of horror.

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