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Britains ‘Flesh and Bones’ Ned Kelly

Simon Murden (deceased – c/o the police)
made Ned Kelly look like Dale Winton.

Ned Kelly famous (even if only in fiction) for surviving a volley of bullets fired at him by Victoria police (Australia). Not to be outdone by some “Ozzie Bruce”,  us ‘betta Brits’ have gone one better by surviving for a relatively lengthy period, against a volley of bullets on the A63 near Hull (March 22nd 2005).

“The Pc, referred to as officer C, who fired several bullets claimed Mr Murden continued to walk towards him and his colleague after being shot four times. ”  source

Stick that Ned Kelly!

Us Brits are superpowers compared to you plate-wearing ozzie sofites!

Either that or the policeman is lying, which of course our supporters of the establishment NEVER EVER DO. The police’s decision to liquidate someone is always honourary and brave and out of necessity. And shame on those who say the the identity protection given to police that kill civillians gives them no reason NOT to kill. And naturally, it is not worthy that our good forces face a serious examination of why the police didn’t use their ‘nightsticks’ and defence training to unarm the would be assailant (who didn’t actually assault the police) while he was severely physically injured.

Long live the police. 

Long live Britain.

Long live the British sense of ‘fair play’.

God save the Queen!

Aspartame – Poison


Aspartame breaks down into the body by ester hydrolysis causing the production of a methoxide anion. MeO-  The basicity of which (its conjugate acid, methanol, has a pKa of about 15) to far too great to allow it to exist in that form in the body. An acid/base reaction occurs in which it bocomes protonated forming methanol (which already destroys proteins). The methanol itself then gets oxidised in the body into methanal (formaldehyde – which is also very toxic to body tissues – formaldehyde is the fluid used to preserve biological tissues in ones body). All of this is standard chemistry and biochemistry. Nothing conspiratorial about it at all and is just two (methanol / methanal) reasons not to use aspartame or food products.

The conspiracy begins here:

Food products are sometimes say on their labeles “contains a source of phenylalanine“. They say that becasue they know people don’t want to consume aspartame as people are increasingly aware of its adverse effects – a gradual slow posioning which ramps up according to quantity ingested leading to a number of debililitating conditions. They should of course say “contains the poison aspartame” but honesty and health safety comes lower on the scale of priorities of those who make millions from its sale and incorporation into food products. 

Please read about aspartame. It really is a posion. Below is just one documentary on it called: “Sweet Misery – Poisoned World” available from the superb website

(or if you prefer short URL’s :

695.1 Mb (avi format) – a download manager might prove useful here.

For what it’s worth, please petition your MP to stop the inclusion of asparatme in food products. Some MP’s have already expressed concern about it. {6,000 products contain aspartame}

Safety of artificial sweetener called into question by MP

(Roger Williams  MP)

UPDATE: Headlined on 3/22/08:
Aspartame and Rumsfeld’s Disease- A Politically-Induced Biochemical Disaster of Global Proportions at 

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