Britains ‘Flesh and Bones’ Ned Kelly

Simon Murden (deceased – c/o the police)
made Ned Kelly look like Dale Winton.

Ned Kelly famous (even if only in fiction) for surviving a volley of bullets fired at him by Victoria police (Australia). Not to be outdone by some “Ozzie Bruce”,  us ‘betta Brits’ have gone one better by surviving for a relatively lengthy period, against a volley of bullets on the A63 near Hull (March 22nd 2005).

“The Pc, referred to as officer C, who fired several bullets claimed Mr Murden continued to walk towards him and his colleague after being shot four times. ”  source

Stick that Ned Kelly!

Us Brits are superpowers compared to you plate-wearing ozzie sofites!

Either that or the policeman is lying, which of course our supporters of the establishment NEVER EVER DO. The police’s decision to liquidate someone is always honourary and brave and out of necessity. And shame on those who say the the identity protection given to police that kill civillians gives them no reason NOT to kill. And naturally, it is not worthy that our good forces face a serious examination of why the police didn’t use their ‘nightsticks’ and defence training to unarm the would be assailant (who didn’t actually assault the police) while he was severely physically injured.

Long live the police. 

Long live Britain.

Long live the British sense of ‘fair play’.

God save the Queen!


3 Responses to “Britains ‘Flesh and Bones’ Ned Kelly”

  1. 1 Alex Fear March 12, 2008 at 10:19 pm

    I’m surprised they haven’t already released evidence that he was a pedophile/rapist/junkie/downloaded child porn by now.

    Isn’t that standard textbook procedure in a defense case like this? Or perhaps they have different operating standards from the Met.

  2. 2 lwtc247 March 13, 2008 at 5:00 am

    copy and paste errors corrected:

    Hi Alex.
    I must admit, it surprized me too. Perhaps the Majesty’s Establishment Terrorists (MET for short – bastards like those who planted the stuff on the Forest Gate brothers) don’t like to share their kiddie porn/drugs/hooker props too far afield or perhaps the highly technical porn planting expert was pulling a sickie that day. Having said all that, they did say he ‘grined’ (which of course cannot be disproved or disputed) and a grin as every lawful citizen knows means nothing other than ‘please shoot me some more, please’

    Perhaps they have a points system to help them decide whether they need to plant any evidence and/or tell lies.

    Media label:
    Muslim – 100 points
    Palestinian Militant – 100 points
    African – 70 points
    Illegal immigrant – 70 points
    Iraqi / Afghani – 80 points
    White dude whose killing doesn’t causes a fuss – 51 points
    Bearded man – 30 points
    White dude – 2 points

    Cumulative points total of 50 needed before evidence is needs to be planted.

  3. 3 lwtc247 March 14, 2008 at 9:28 am

    I feel so safe knowing that everytime a person is snuffed out by the police it’s always the fault of the evil and violent civillian and not becasue of institutional death fantasists in the “force”. Hourra!

    Stolen from a comment by the antagonist

    Forgetting for a moment the ‘terrorism’ of Brian Haw, Walter Wolfgang, Bollocks to Blair t-shirts, Lindis Percy, RAF Fairford protestors and a whole host of others, what an “extremely good job” the police do:

    JEAN CHARLES DE MENEZES, 27, Shot dead by police on 22 July 2005 after being mistaken for a suicide bomber.

    PHILIP PROUT, 53, Shot by a police marksman after a baton gun failed to fire, in Cornwall in May 2004.

    DEREK BENNETT, 29, In July 2001, police shot him four times in the back in Brixton, south London. He had been holding a gun-shaped cigarette lighter to a man’s head.

    JAMES ASHLEY, 39, Shot during a police drugs raid on his house in Sussex in 1998. Ashley was unarmed, naked and with his girlfriend.

    CRAIG KING, 32, Bouncer from Greater Manchester was shot by police on 11 September this year.

    JOHN SCOTT, 42, Killed in Northumberland in July after he fired a gun as police broke up a disturbance.

    AZELLE RODNEY, 24, Shot in Edgware in April after bullets were fired into car of suspected drug dealers.

    SIMON MURDEN, 26, Killed in Hull in March after brandishing a sword.

    KEITH LARKINS, 33, Former mental patient shot in June at Heathrow after brandishing a blank pistol at police.

    DAVID EWIN, 38, Former robber killed in London in March 1995 in a stolen car.

    NICHOLAS PALMER, 23, Shot by police in south London in 2004. Failed to answer bail after arrest on arms offences.

    COLIN O’CONNOR, 39, Thief shot in 2003 in Bedfordshire after being caught with a pistol in a stolen Jaguar.

    FOSTA THOMPSON, 20, Jamaican shot in Bristol after defying police in 2002.

    JASON GIFFORD, 27, Shot in 2002 in Aylesbury after he confronted officers with a sword and shotgun

    MICHAEL MALSBURY, 62, Shot in 2001 running out of his house in Harrow firing at police.

    STEVEN DICKSON, 30, Shot in 2001 waving a home-made shotgun in Derbyshire.

    ANDREW KERNAN, 37, Schizophrenic with sword shot in Liverpool in 2001.

    PATRICK O’DONNELL, 19, Killed in 2000 after taking his mother and girlfriend hostage in north London.

    KIRK DAVIES, 30, Former soldier was shot in West Yorkshire in September 2000 after he threatened an officer with an air rifle.

    HARRY STANLEY, 46, Shot by police in 1999.

    DEREK BATEMAN, 47, Shot in Surrey in 1999 after girlfriend told officers he was armed and was threatening to shoot her, or himself.

    ANTONY KITTS, 20, Shot in Falmouth in 1999, threatening police with an air rifle thought to be a shotgun.

    MICHAEL FITZGERALD, 32, Shot in Bedford in 1998 aiming a replica Colt 45 at police.

    DAVID HOWELL, 41, Psychiatric patient shot in 1996 at a Co-op supermarket.

    DIARMUID O’NEILL, 27, Unarmed IRA suspect shot in raid in west London.

    JAMES BRADY, 21, Shot in 1995 in police ambush at village near Newcastle.

    ROBERT DIXON, 45, Wild West fan fired at police, but gun may have been replica.

    DAVID STONE, 35, Killed in 1993, carrying pistol in north London.

    IAN HAY, 39, Mentally ill farmer shot in Devon in 1993 after police tried to investigate gunshot reports.

    DAVID LUCKHURST, 46, Publican in Hertfordshire shot in 1993 after he fired rifle at officers in siege at home.

    ROBERT HAINES, 41, Known as ‘Teflon Bob’, a bouncer who has been suspected of being connected to M25 road rage killer Kenneth Noye, he was shot and killed by one of the officers responsible for the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes during an attempted raid on a building society in New Romney, but not before being tasered first.

    ANN SANDERSON, 37, Shot dead by police on Monday 11 June 2007. Reported as having “a history of mental illness” and brandishing a ball bearing gun before being shot with “a single shot to the chest”. She died at the scene and was the “first woman in Britain to be shot dead deliberately by a police marksman”.

    DAYNIEL CHARLES TUCKER, 39, from the Swale area was shot by officers in Tumblefield Road, Stansted, shortly before 9am on Saturday, December 29 2007.


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