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Do YOU really control YOUR mind?

in which Brown strangely laughs at NLP(!)


On Darren Brown again…


Just seen one of his “Trick or Treat” programs in which he sent some dude to Morocco, which was actually the most lame bit of the show. The NY bit where some “totally spies” kinda NY blond girl was like totally hanging out with 2 guys, and like most USan young men, were each probably about  Each was probably about 220 lbs, 7 feet tall and all that at only about 14.


Brown asked the “like totally blond” girl to phone not home, but a friend, and Brown was going to predict a word that the person on the end o the line was thinking. Brown predicted tricycle and wrote it down. Eventually the guy said bicycle. The “like totally cool” girl was amazed and having instantly dismissing the thing as a failure, I too was amazed as nanoseconds later I realised that actually to all intense and purposes, Brown’s guess was as good as correct.


I started thinking… Was it a set-up? To which I reasoned No. Some time later – Eureka! It suddenly hit me how it worked. As Brown was talking to the guy on the phone, Brown said things like (I can’t remember exactly but this is close enough)…


a) “Imagine your back in school”

b) “Imagine your writing the word in chalk on a blackboard”

c) “I’m going to ask you THREE things, Imagine these three things in your head going around like cogs, going around and around again”


He mentioned things that were kids-school imagery again as well as (I think) something like “sitting down” The word three was mentioned at least twice, possibly three times.


You can see that his words were carefully selected to draw upon imagery of three connected circular things going around, of childhood and of junior school. Very interestingly he in effect issued an order, telling the man to visualise these things in his head. What else could the guy on the phone choose other than tricycle? Well as it happens the guy chose the word bicycle instead, possibly because he never experienced a tricycle before, but also possibly because of Browns use of the words cogs and therefore imagery of a gear like system was introduced which are far more common on two wheeled bikes.


I didn’t manage to catch at which point Brown told the guy when to think of a word, but I suspect it was AFTER he implanted the bike based imagery in the guys mind. Or he would have had no control over the random thoughts of phone-dude.


You may think “so what” about all this, but I’m writing on the subject simply because it is an excellent and powerful demonstration (along with my other post on Darren Brown) on how it could be that: if we think we are making a free choice, in reality, we might actually be simply regurgitating a choice someone wants us to make, especially if they made a pre-determined decision and made the appropriate effort to influence your apparent “free choice”. Darren Browns mind trick demonstrates this very well and reveals that the work needed to do so is very minimal indeed.


This is of course what propaganda does. Most of which is easy to see, {hint: it’s called the Mainstream Media – MSM} but if you haven’t woken from your slumber, if you’ve never challenged officialdom before, you are likely to be dominated by it.


Please be aware of efforts to manipulate your minds. When massive riches and power are at stake, you can bet your life (and they will frequently bet your life, on their behalf!) that they’ll be after you mind. This is one reason why it is incredibly dangerous for media to be owned by an individual like Rupert Murdock or a small group of people like the board member of Time Warner etc. (see Media and the New World Order by Antireptilian Iration and Loving ‘It’ by Stef, Famous for 15 megapixels). I implore you to be always on the look out for their tricks and to expand your sources of information. Try not to accept everything at face value.

I would just like to say when I briefly came across Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) one thing I particularly remember and that was our instructor (of whom it was said was a UK leader in the field of NLP) said Asians, to which I guess he meant far-East Asians, have a different profile compared to westerners, meaning of course different techniques for mind manipulation would be employed for them as opposed to westerners. Once aware of this, a study of western media and Asian media to specifically look for this should be easily recognisable.

Update: Ultrasound Shown to Exert Remote Control of Brain Circuits, 29-Oct-2008. – source the possibilities are very far ranging. Every scientific discovery has some slime try and use it for nefarious purposes, yet the mainstream corporate media only ever portray the potential (often unrealised) belefits. E.g. “nuclear power offers the potential to power multiple esalination plants so that countries with extensive desertification can become lush gree oasies.”. you get the picture.

P.S. I’ve misspelt Derren Brown’s name throughout this article.


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