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BBC – Nothing short of sick.

The BBC has once again exceeded itself and pushed the boat out further than ever before – further into the river Styx. The well thumbed “BBC book of propaganda” has been exercised to paint a rosy picture of the killing of over 1,000,000 Iraqi people and over 2,000,000 refugees.

Naturally without a hint of criticism, the BBC reports, BuSh’s 5 year statement in which he describes the fulfilment of his lust for slaughter as being “just”.

In case you didn’t know, it is just to make supersonic jagged shards of white hot metal penetrate the eyes, brain, belly and hearts of babies who have just began to use those body parts to see the world and to begin to marvel at it. It is just for shockwaves to rip the flesh and skin straight off the bone and bone from joints. It is just to torture people, rape them, post the rape pictures on the internet, freeze people to death on ice, make them masturbate or suffer torture only to torture them for a laugh afterwards in any case.

Neocon, neojust.

I can imagine, like a rabid Doberman, the congealing saliva dripping from the mouths of the BBC’s news directors must have been flowing copiously at the realisation that the 5th anniversary would grant them yet another opportunity to lie to the masses and cast its poisoned apologetic whitewash upon the masses.

I forced myself to watch some of BBC Worlds news on the matter, so that there would be at least someone who pointed out the filth they peddled and refused to let this disgrace of a news organisation, silently get away with it

They didn’t disappoint my expectations.

Que some young hack, who perhaps coincidently, seemed to resemble a former BBC Iraq “correspondent” Paul Wood… or perhaps it isn’t coincidence. Let me diverge briefly and remind you that Paul Wood didn’t report the genocide in Fallujah in which its inhabitants were showered with white phosphorous and the city itself devastated, because as the embedded Mr Wood said, he “didn’t see it”. That this modern day Halabjah, its very clear breach of international law as well as a total abandonment of even the slightest trace of morality was effectively covered up by people mile Paul Wood doesn’t matter, neither then, should it matter to you. Right?

Back to the young Mr. Wood wannabe – the young hack, whose name I spent no effort to remember[1], eager to climb the blood and grease soaked journo pole, he was “interviewing” some throwaway US puppet with the rather laughable title of “Minister for Reconciliation.” The “interview” took place in the city of the American Embassy in Baghdad – the green zone – where it is reported by many real journalists, that BBC correspondents operate almost exclusively in there and therefore report their news about Iraq, courteously of US military press releases and handouts. Strangely enough, the bland puppet paints the picture that it isn’t the fault of the ‘Coalition of the Killing’ but that of sectarianism and  the all singing all dancing “Al-Kyeda”

And although I was only half listening to the latest US puppet wheeled in front of BBC budget cameras, it appeared that he almost finished saying the word nuclear and then temporary blip in the transmission occurred and then the minister started talking about Hamas and Fatah.

Bridget Kendall also chipped in to the force dejour against everyone except the British and the Americans. One thing she said related to those that died. She described people who had been brutally killed at the hands of sectarian violence or “Al-Kyeda”. The sense of déjà vu didn’t pass unnoticed. What she didn’t do, was put any attention onto those that died at the hands of the USans or the British. Iraqi’s you see, don’t die at the hands of the occidentals, but are strangely prone to dying at the hands of sectarian paramilitaries or Al-Kyeda.

Even if Ms. Kendall did report it, which she DIDN’T, (the BBC’s tactic is to lie by omission – a tactics are well known to observers of what they call “BBC news” – seemingly in the Freudian slipwise fashion) then the BBC would likely paint it in the same fashion that Dick Cheney did when it was put to him that he and the US administration defied the wish of most of the American public about the Iraq war. “SO?” he retorted.

Ms. Kendall went on said many Iraqi’s fled the violence into Kurdistan. Ho ho ho! Kurdistan??? Methinks Ms. Kendal has done a Jane Standly with a bit of pre-emptive news. Kurdistan of course being the fake state that Turkey will set up (with a “fully independent” leader of course) to solve the Kurdish “problem”. It matters not that Turkish troops will continue to use their permanent bases in North Iraq and build roads to allow its armour and infantry to shell Kurdish villagers more easily.

Ms. Kendall tried to brush over the WMD lies, saying inspection teams after the war was underway, “didn’t find” them! Gurrrrr!!!! The impression to the casual viewer is that there WERE there just not found. She mentioned NOTHING about Scott Ritter who is widely reported (but not on the BBC) to have said something like all but about 20 items had been accounted, but his bosses told him even if they were found, they would never be accounted for, i.e.  the WMD excuse was precisely that – an excuse to invade Iraq. Not a peep about the Al Kayda lie, nor BBC lies about Saddam detonating a nuclear test warhead, nor of anthrax and other bio (and chemo) warfare agents. NOTHING.

The BBC also showed the toppling of the Saddam Statue in Baghdad[2], which seems to me has a number of outstanding questions raised about it being a stage managed stunt, with Mr megaclutz, Ahmad Chalabi’s rent-a-mob following a script while the American baby killers blocked off the area to ordinary people, which not surprisingly the BBC camera’s never bothered to show.

Perhaps worst of all was the horrific attempt by Hugh Sykes to reassure us that it was all worth it. He stood in front of a small children’s climbing frame and a couple of other playground items (recently put there no doubt – drawing upon knowledge of the history of western propaganda) and said “it feels better now” – an utterly revolting lie to try and bleach away the blood and misery of the Iraqi people who have been suffering for over 17 years.

Later a BBC studio news reader reported the war killed QUOTE: “10’s of thousands” – WHAT??? This paints a picture of between 20,000 and 90,000 were killed. Even the Iraq health ministry reports over 100,000. Al Jazeera earlier reported the Lancets 655,000 figure published a couple of years ago. This made me angry as a follow up report put that figure at over 1,000,000 – One million, however Al Jazeera later put the one million figure on its bottom screen ‘news bites’.

BBC news disgusts me. Al Jazeera on the other hand put this out called “The Deserter” on its “Witness” programme, hosted by Ragae Omar (an ex-BBC journo quirkily enough)

Part one:

Part two:

The difference in quality news/politics by a modest news organisation like AJE compared to the mega-rich BBC is astounding. AJE consistently beats BBC in many aspects. The BBC should give up news altogether and stick to light entertainment – It’s good at trivial stuff, but then again, I supposes it’s excellent at bring a channel for British Govt Propaganda.

As I end this I will point out that the BBC has NEVER broadcasted the alternative side by say featuring an interview with the legitimate Iraqi resistance. It’s ALWAYS putting some pro-war, pro-death advocate on and perhaps, if you are lucky, some trivial dude who complains that the noise at night time is worse than it used to be. Neither do they show successful operations against the invading murderers who have poisoned their land.

As I say in the title, the BBC is nothing short of sick.

[1] In a later “BBC news” report, anchorwoman Luise Ducette, introduced Adam Brookes, speaking from “Camp Victory” in Baghdad  talking to two Lt Colonels of the 101st Airborne. This was the young hack I mentioned above. My eyes were drawn to his name and his unremarkable persona, having already written the paragraphs about him earlier. One USan Lt Colonels said something like Iraqi children remind him of American children and they can’t leave now because of them. Stupid tosser. His presence and men are the ones who have killed HUGE numbers of Iraqi kids. But hey, this is the BBC here, this is Adam Brookes, this is USan soldiers, this is an “interview” to show us the USans are the ‘good guys’

[2] In the same report as [1], Luise Ducette, introduced another story of a man who hammered away at the Saddam Statue shortly before it toppled on Apr 9 2003. Lucky they were able to find him isn’t it? The man, {I only caught his first name} Khadam, was a mechanic of cars like Hondas as well as Harley Davidson motorbikes (yes you read that correctly, Harley Davidson motorbikes in iraq). The BBC aired his grim view. I think he said he felt betrayal by the US. He also complained about the irregular water and electricity.

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