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Straight Ice

No ‘cake knife’ used here methinks, but quite amazing all the same.

image from newz organisation BBC

Check out the counter/sceptical scientist POV in the article – It’s very telling!

Antartic ice that broke away recently “proving” global warming. Ice never broke away before you see and we have always monitored the Ice sheets to record the size of any pieces breaking away.

I’m convinced.

Stop them bloody greedy Chinese, Indians, Indonesians,  Brazillians, Congalese, and Venezuelans doing what we’ve done for 200 years. Shame on them. Preserve our way of life and liberty – stop them today!

Magic Radiation


The BBC’z “On This Day” reports which present a news story from the past reports today on the Three Mile Island at the end of March 1979.

Article Here:

The 6 choice cuts are:

1) “Radioactive steam has leaked into the atmosphere in Pennsylvania, USA. “

2) “The authorities have declared a “general emergency” but did not inform the public until five hours after the gas escaped at 0400 local time. ”

3) “There’s a hell of a lot of radiation in the reactor building.” – Joe Fouchard , Spokesman for the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC)

4) “”There was very little wind this morning, so the radioactivity shouldn’t have gone very far… What small release there was will be confined to the local vicinity” – William Dornsife, Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

5) BBC: “Research released in 2002 showed incidences of cancer in the area were not significantly higher than elsewhere.”

6)1984: Sellafield ‘not linked’ to cancer cluster

We KNOW without any hesitation whatsoever, that IF the was little or no wind in that area at that time, then there most definately would have been cancer causing radiation in the local environment. So clearly the 200 2 research is flawed. Possibly a lie – almost certainly a lie.

Who did the research? Who payrolled it? How many studies were done? How were they done? Was any pressure put on the US MET office to help give the impression at the radiation wasn’t spreading further afield so that they would look for radiaton effects in a place where in actual fact there was NO radiation? – Superb!

You see, it isn’t hard to imagine that there ware a great many financial pressures or possibly “incentives” paid to XZY political parties to put pressure of the DEP to cover it up so as not to have to pay likely large amount sof compensation and undertake a MASSIVE evacuation.

It is very peculiar that French, US and UK radiation is totally harmless but Russian radiation? Well, thats completely different.

More BBC crap:


Its IRAQ’S war is it? Well mercy me!

Dear Lord there’s so much to bitch about these days.

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Viva Palestina - break the siege

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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