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The lying liars and the ones they serve first

The little sod Liam Byrne,
who tells the public
AFTER everyone else
about his buddies latest
step into fascism.

This today from Yahoo news…

“LONDON (AFP) – European air travellers to Britain will be screened with automatic facial recognition technology from this summer in a bid to tighten security and ease congestion, the government said Friday.”
Source here.

Notice “the government said Friday” That is this Friday, the 25th April 2008.

But the government had already briefed others to do such a thing BEFORE they bothered to announce it on 25th April 2008. Yet on 25th March 2008, one ENTIRE month earlier, I reported that BA flights were telling foreign travel agents their customer would have to submit biometric data.

Yet more proof that this
INTELLECTUALLY BANKRUPT government, acts not in the interests of its citizens, but of other interests which result in those characteristics above manifesting.

I can almost visualize hear some crappy politician groaning at the inconvenience of having to do something to finally let the public know something the non-public has already been told at least one month earlier.

It’s pathetic.

PLEASE, Good people, REFUSE to submit to this biomentic/ID/database information. It is far more likely that the sleazy, self serving murderers in Westminster are pushing this through NOT in YOUR interests, and it will only cause US more serious problems later on.

I believe there is nothing more valuable to a government (which is already proven its strong fascistic tendency)than the biometric database, for strengthening that very fascism that grows daily.





Like her ‘style’, Harriet’s politics is old hat too.

To hear Harriet Harman – an utter muppet of politician ritually spout out the same tired crap about wanting hospitals schools and education *snore* improve (despite playing a significant part of the government that has for about 11 years, FAILED to do exactly that) on the latest edition of BBC’s Question Time, then go on about the brave people of Zimbabwe defying the bullies while the even braver people of Palestine democratically voted for Hamas but gained no recognition from her, and the bunch of talentless, miserable little dictators squatting in No10.

Her hypocrisy is like rotting puss oozing from a maggot ridden gangrenous wound.

Harriet Harman is the epitome of, just about everything I hate about NeoLabour and British Politics in general. That her methodology of ‘poli-speil’ is almost identical to mass murdering sadist Tony bLiar isn’t coincidental. I still can’t believe the way she wriggled her way out of the financial sleeze which embroiled her and her EX-husband some years back.

Then we have Tony Parsons saying we need Muslim leaders to say “Slaughtering people will not please our God” and that “they are not currently doing so” was yet another display of question time stupidity. Muslim leaders (in the community and elsewhere) have addressed this! Some have had to readdress this point many times over to try and please people like Parsons as well as the ruling elite in the UK and US etc. [I’ll address this point a bit more in a further post, but for now you may like to read some material I’ll draw attention to here.]

Another thing that Parsons goes on about is immigration. He professes to be a person married to an immigrant, but spouts the utter nonsense that the UK is “full” already. Yeah Parsons, full AFTER your wife got in. I wonder what you said in reply to people that said the UK was full BEFORE your wife came in? and I wonder what other kind of people say such things today. He’s like the NeoLabour socialist, (plz go with the oxymoron for now) who attacks people driving a fancy car only to have a fleet of them stashed in his garage.

And that Tory ‘woman’ (whether there are actual women in the tory party of the NeoLabour party is highly disputable – I think its gonna be more like that edition of ‘House’ where the blond ‘female’ patient was actually a man whose testes were internalized) she was absolutely terrible.

Question Time yet again showed the dross that worms its way through the corridors of power these days. It was yet another display of utter redundancy. I heard almost identical trash arguments 20 odd years ago.

Lembit Opik was the only one who seemed to offer something resembling a worthy politician, as seems to be the case in the Liberal party. Certainly relatively speaking, the LibDems are flooded with talent. Its just a pity they always fall down the u-tube at crucial moments.

Worthy also of mention was that Postman on about something like £13,000 a year. The postie really showed that idiot of a tory (is there any other kind one could be forgiven for asking – ToryBoy – LOL) for the useless pile of mindlessness she is. Also was that elderly woman in the audience who really made the best comment of the whole program when she mentioned the IMF and WB’s enslaving reach fiddling with Zimbabwe to the complete silence of the whole studio. The politicians NEVER mention anything about the genocidal policies of the WB and IMF. Its people like her and that postie that would be far better running the country. Something fresh, something unbound by fake dogma. Something of substance and valour.

P.S. George Galloway has sent a letter asking for more donations to cement the excision of the SWP hijacking of RESPECT. I don’t see why RESPECT renewal cant access the funds of (now SWP) RESPECT.






Bloody Olympic Torch

As I get older I see more crap.

One of the latest Meldrewisms is the stupid Olympic torch.

Well listen up real good OIC/UN… If global warming is such a threat, why the hell are you shipping some crappy meaningless turdy torch around the entire planet, pumping out hundreds of tonnes of CO2 from the transporting planes and the stupid torch itself.

Abd what are we supposed to feel? Happy that some stupid fake torch is nearby? Oh yes, thank you. That’ll really make me forget about the MASSIVE PRICE INCREASE IN FOOD and the MASS ECONOMIC SLAVERY and OPPRESSION and KILLINGS around the world.

And that stupid ceremony with these Grecian ladies standing around in a cirle acting all solemn like as if it actually means something. For heavens sake.

Gimme a break (preferably that torch!)

Hourra for olympic torch – we are all spared – nothing else matters.


V. Taboo

Lets hand grenade some livestock for a laugh.

People like George Galloway infuriate me with his TOTAL support & total absence of criticism of the occidental troops destroying Iraq and its people to this very day, as if they are powerless angels in BuSh’s, Howard’s, Rudd’s, Aznar’s, BLiar’s and Brown’s chains.

Why is he such a coward to denounce them as war criminals?

They are war criminals.

 It has long been determined that ‘following orders’ is no exemption against comitting war crimes.


Savers vs speculators


Duckman Max. Source:



Working and saving has become risky, says analyst
Max Keiser

I’ve grown fond of quacky Max and his financial
analysis. Here then is something fellow loons cum Nazi sympathisers, hitler apologists, holocaust deniers may also like to gander at…

Its a direct take from Al-Jazeera English’s “People and Power” page.

As markets around the world tumble and bank after bank announce massive write downs – or like Bear Stearns – collapse, governments have been quick to alleviate the problem by cutting interest rates and rescuing banks with taxpayer money.

But are savers, workers, pensioners and other people on a fixed income being penalised for the reckless speculation of a few? 

And if speculators are being bailed out on such a large scale, then will it encourage them to continue to do so in the future – knowing that the government will be there to bail them out?

In Savers vs Speculators, Max Keiser speaks to striking British police officers, consumers and pensioners to see whether they are noticing rising prices at a time when they will now be collecting less interest on their savings account.

An in-studio discussion with investors Bronwyn Curtis, from Arch Group and Justin Urquhart Stewart, from Seven Investment Management follows.

Watch part one of this episode of People & Power on YouTube

Watch part two of this episode of People & Power on YouTube


Change – change of murderer.

Parasite/Host interaction.


US Democrats vow to defend Israel

Lie to the people. Fool them into thinking that you are reluctantly being dragged into a war. You have to go to war, becasue it is a matter of defence.

Hence this story from Al-Jazeera English…



Hillary Clinton warned of a “massive retaliation” against Tehran if Israel was attacked, while Barack Obama said any {emphasis added} Iranian strike would be “unacceptable“.

“We will let the Iranians know that, yes, an attack on Israel would trigger massive retaliation,” Clinton said.

Obama had earlier pledged to help Israel defend against regional threats, and criticised Jimmy Carter, the former US president, for seeking to meet Hamas leaders while on a trip to the Middle East. 

Hamas is not a state, Hamas is a terrorist organisation,” Obama said at a Philadelphia synagogue on Wednesday.
At the debate, he said: “An [Iranian] attack on Israel is an attack on our strongest ally in the region, one whose security we consider paramount… That would be an act of aggression that I would consider unacceptable and the United States would take appropriate action.”

 And people believe one of these three hosts will be better than BuSh? How sad. How very sad indeed.


The torch and pitchfork Northsquad: “Blairwatch”, go off on a bender

Crikey! What a tremendous collection of fallacious accusations, spin and blatant lies. Where? Why non-Blair watching “Blairwatch” of course.

Having checked out the latest from our very own shrieking Mushroom, Rachel North, I followed a Blairwatch link I previously had posted on my site, but hadn’t the time to read. I refer to

Rachel had already reverted back to calling one person a Nazi, someone she presents as representative of all people who seek the truth (ergo she is a Nazi) or those who ask questions about 7/7 (and 9-11) and are not satisfied with the facile and fraudulent answers/explanations offered.

It is hardly surprising then that someone who has done absolute wonders in uncovering lies and acts of suppression, Bridget Dunne, (see also the J7 site here)   responded to the “YOU ARE ALL NAZI SYMPATHISERS” or “HITLER APOLOGISTS” or the classic …drum roll…. “HOLOCAUST DENIERS” *symbol crash* and they did so on the blairwatch site.

Sensing blood, they let rip on the lies and accusations ad homeni. They are becoming well versed in the practice. A new crusade against anyone who doesn’t swallow their pathetic line of conventionality, mainstream media and government explanation.

So be warned. Go to non-Bliar watching-“Blairwatch” and question something regarding the official line involving terrorist acts on whitey’s soil, and boom… You are a conspiraloon, therefore a NAZI, therefore a HOLOCAUST DENIER!

It is strange how they are hounding Bridget and J7. They are hell-bent on trying to trying to throw the yellow star of a “Holocaust Denier” upon J7 skeptics. Are Blairwatch trying to be the UK’s ADL? One can be forgiven for thinking so; their methodology is running in parallel.

Well no, actually it isn’t strange at all I suppose. You see, as far as I can tell, J7 want ALL unanswered and significant questions regarding the J7 murder spree to be properly investigated in a public Inquiry, while “Blairwatch” seem loathe to that, which sees the chance that jsut possibly such an inquiry may find 4 Muslims may NOT have done it, were duped into doing it, were set up to do it and that the elements of the government lying and possibly for the interests clique, or whatever combination you choose to speculate upon.

In the mind of Blairwatchers, only one explanation suffices. That 4 brown skinned Muslims did it and that there are more brown skin Muslims planning the same.

Blairwatch????? anticonformist-watch more like.


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