Diana conspiracy(?)


“prince” Philip and Olmert. Eerie innit?

{article edited in order to turn it into English}

I’m not THAT interested in the Diana thing. I’ve read about it and there are some very fishy things about it, but it is poorly relevant to ordinary peoples lives, hence my overall indifference.

Of course there should have been a proper investigation in the very beginning, and it SHOULD have allowed Mohamed Al Fayed legitimate input into it. Also, I feel very sorry for his loss, but I feel peoples concern should be devoted to the issue of the growing fascism in the UK as with the global slaughter and oppression it and its buddies (AUZ, US, Occupiers of Palestine, other financial elitists) are doing every day all over the globe.

But I will commenent on this Diana thing, in particular in regard to a remark made in the closing stages of what will likely be the last ever official based inquiry (it is actually a Coroners inquest).

“There is no evidence that the Duke of Edinburgh ordered Diana’s execution, and there is no evidence that the secret intelligence service or any other Government agency organised it.” said Coroner, Lord Justice Scott Baker. REF

I don’t for one minute, believe any such evidence would have been actively looked for or ‘turned’ up. And failure to drag “Das Greeken Herr Phillip” (who incidentally is pretty ‘slitty eyed’ himself!) to the stand in order to provide testimony as if he’s God and doesn’t have to answer to anything is very annoying.


2 Responses to “Diana conspiracy(?)”

  1. 2 lwtc247 April 2, 2008 at 2:31 am

    My fondness for mash as suddenly increased.
    Cheers. :D

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