The next BIG web thing??

Micro$oft DOS/Windows, the x86 processor series, M$ Office, IRC, Hotmail, Amazon, Google, Adobe Acrobat, YouTube. YM Skype, ball less mice.

It seems like the killer tech and killer apps have already killed everything!

There is one app that is lurking around the corner just waiting for a code monkey to sieze upon it and that is…

unlockblock 1.0

Many work institutions are filtering (using an US organization like Websense) YouTube, Limewire, Google video etc etc etc because of the astronomic amounts of bandwidth people are willing to take up while at work (errrrm… on their coffee break) desparate to see the latest choice cuts from Hollywood Idol Laos edition. People then have to wait until they get home to download and view it. Not at all good for other heavy internet users in the region who get bad lag at home in non-office hours wanting to conduct political research and so forth. Not only that, but of course there is now a growing amount of professional and academic material appearing on the web which is actually useful for employees and employers alike.

Trying to be clever and using proxies simply doesn’t work. Websense blocks search for proxy searches and even if you managed to get a proxy IP and port from some other place, you still can’t avoid the Websence filter. Actually my biggest gripe about this is that ALL information requests will therefore be available to the US department of terror, something Websense subscribers didn’t think about or simply don’t care.

Therefore, the market is growing for some clever chap (or chapess) to make an internediate site to which video requests can be sent. The intermediate site will then coverse with YouTube and get the relevant data. The intermediate site will then strip away or disguise the streaming video data to the person behind the Websense filter so it cannot block out the filter.

It could be financed by monthly subscription.

The application would be a client side unscrambler to reduce the burdon on the intermediate site. Such an app could get around countries filters and allow.

Actually all that is needed is that the header file (or header data) describing the bulk data to follow contains streaming video, needs to be altered by some simple algorithm. The intermediate site would need to send the YouTube data through it as direct data to client from YouTube would suffer likely blocking.

This kind of thing may well exist, but I don’t know about it. If anyone knows of such a thing, then please let me know.

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