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unlockblock 1.0

Latest update. 15th Sept 09. This page is very popular :) and since making it, 3 more copies of ultrasurf lave landed in my lap.

Ultrasurf 93 – U93.exe  Download >> U93 – Copy.exe.doc
Ultrasurf 94 – U94.exe  Download >> U94 – Copy.exe.doc
 Ultrasurf 95 – U95.exe Download >> U95 – Copy.exe.doc

Remember to cut off the “.doc” extension. Note: I HAVE NOT CHECKED THESE PROGRAMS FOR VIRUSES or anything else – but I imagine a reasonable anti-virus proggy could stop any problem. Use at your own risk. I still hate censorship {errm which doesn’t mean crap has to be shoved infront of one face!}. Happy surfing.


UPDATE: u88exe.doc (the file linked to below) may well contain a virus.
PLEASE READ THIS POST HERE! My humble apologies if it does.


Well well well. Isn’t life strange!


After posting an article entitled The next BIG web thing??  in which I floated the idea of a way in which to get around the US based internet blocking company, (follow the link to catch the name of the company, I don’t want to mention it here), today, a friend said he had a program from the IT dept that could get around the internet filter.

He said he hadn’t checked it for spyware but it was running fine.

I know it’s bloody dangerous to run exe’s but well, at 138Kb I don’t think there will be much potential there to allow spying on me. I’m of the opinion that any computer running MS, Apple or Linux software has backdoor keys built into it anyway, so if on the WWW it could be hacked in any case, plus, if worst comes to worst, I can batter my friend and I could do with a new computer heh heh heh!

So…, frustrated at not being able to see various video clips etc. on my regularly visisted sites, I threw caution to the wind and tried it. It works! I’ve got an up to date virus scanner running (AVG) and an updated Spy Doctor. Neither is reporting anything untoward.

The one I’m running is called U88.exe and its only 138K (Quality!). The program links to its homepage. I went there but is all in Mandrin(?). My Mandrin ability is virtually non-existant. Guess our fellow Chinese friends also got frustrated at being filtered on the web and decided to make u88 – (Either that or some tattooed HK / Kowloon gangersters are now phishing through my PC!!)

The homepage ( http://ultra/wujie.htm ) suggests 8.9 is out. An internet search for 8.9 gave a link to  but it’s one of those sites that is likely to spew up porn links and crap at you. Another search result gave this one:

The version I’m running is here:  copy-of-u88exe << I’ve renamed the file to copy-of-u88.exe.doc so that I could upload it here. I don’t know if it can be downloaded. Remove the .doc extension and then try it if you want. You should get alarge yellow (but not interfering) padlock sumbol above the system tray icos if it works.

I don’t like censorship.

UPDATE: Just before I clocked Publish, I’ve found the U88 site actually links to a zipfile direct on their site…

Up to you if you need to use such a program and if you feel safe running it. If owt goes wrong, please don’t blame me, however it seems fine and internet connection is pretty zippy.

Strangely for a purely Chinese site, the programs menu’s and stuff are in English. And there isn’t an “English” button that I can find on’s site. Hummm….


Triumphalism displayed with the bones of Muslims

This comes from an e-mail a friend sent.

This is how the Christians made a Church in the city (Sedlek) of Czek Republic out of Muslims’ bones.

 For this, in 1218, one of the Christians Ruler ‘HENERY’ on his pilgrim tour to ‘BAIT AL-MUQADDAS’ brought the bones of Muslims who were slaughtered after the Christians recaptured ‘BAIT AL-MUQADDAS’ from Muslims, in order to decorate the church in Sedlek.

In 1318 and 1511 and again in 1870, they continuously brought the bones to reinforce the beautification of the church.

 Now this is the famous most church in the world just because it is made up of Muslim bones.



 Needless to say if they are real bones, not just that of Muslims, it is absolutely disgusting that are used/displayed in such fashion, in fact that they are used at all, by an organisation – the Christian Church nonetheless, who should know better.

Wonder if Tony prayed there?


Christopher Columbus discovered America


15th century manuscript featuring Bréanainn of Clonfert (Brendan the Navigator).

 “Christopher Columbus discovered America”

Was that what you were told at school? While I can’t remember EXACTLY how it was phrased when it was told to me at school, the statement above is certainly the impression I got. Who knows, perhaps the wording employed was exactly that.

Anyway, this popped into my head yesterday and my sence of conspiraloonacy has been mulling over it since.

I thought about each part of it. Let me repeat my thoughts here.

“Christopher Columbus”. Of course, being of the late 1400’s (in what today we call Italy), meant his name wasn’t Christopher at all. His proper name was Christophorus Columbus. So why do we not say “Christophorus Columbus discovered America? Is it becasue if the foreign sounding name were allowed to persist, then we would feel a sense of detachment towards it, hence the Anglicised version is used to prevent that ‘hes not one of us’ kind of thought some might entertain? If so, why then is there an effort to stop from distancing outselves from Christophorus?

Next, lets look at the use of the word “discovered”.

If you read about Brendan the Navigator, there is a case to refute Columbus’s claim of being Americas discoverer. We also have stories that there was trade routes between South America and Egypt for example. I think I also heard of stories linking the Aztecs (Southern part of North America – i.e. Mexico) to the Phoenicians, (Lebanon). There are many other stong claims that suggest the title bestowed upon Christophorus is bogus.

The Aztecs were also indigenous, as were the Navajo, Sioux, Cherokee, Apache, Blackfoot and so forth as may well be the case with the Inuit in the Northern part of North America. So the word discovered is complete and utter rubbish. “Discovered” implies nobody had ever come across it before. And this is where the lie that is rammed into your childrens heads becomes sinister, becasue if one believes White European Christian Christophorus did discover it, the logical inference is that White Euro Christians have full claim over that land. subconsciously, the ACTUAL right of the indigenous people as having total claim over their land will not have a place in your mind, neither will the white Europeans subsequent murder, rape, mutilation and enduring oppression upon those people.

Drawing upon the same mind games inherent in “discovered”, use of the word “America” is similarly barbed.  Today, the initial thought of America is the United States of America mainland. A ‘united’ land from Boston to Miami, stretchig to Seattle to Los Angeles. So when the word America is used, it implies that Christophorus, having set foot in one part of “America”, can legitimately calim ALL of that terrority. This again is a dreadful claim. In respect of the mainland, only very small pockets of land were initially occupied by the Europeans, It took many years for them to venture westward, ethnically cleansing the indigenous peoples in the process. And it wasn’t until very late on when the Europeans fought the Mexicans and reached the West Coast of North America.

Is the “Christopher Columbus Discovered America” claim all an innoent mistake? While I would like to think it is, unfortunate experience cautions me sufficiently enough not to answer Yes to that question.

Pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact (wikipedia) 

P.S. -I know those references are single source, but I’m not going kill over 1m people so single source here is OK.

UPDATE: Further reading:
Columbus exposed as iron-fisted tyrant who tortured his slaves.
By Graham Keeley in Barcelona
07/22/06 “The Independent”


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