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July 7 bombings update

Yet another strange connection…

I have just published a story about the KLIA 3 million RM robbery at KLIA airport the other day making it known my belief the British CCTV footage had been interfered with by criminal elements who are jointly responsible for the London July 7 attacks and part of the British establishment.

Rachel North – someone not a stranger to being mentioned on my blogs posts a significant new bit of information about the July 7th bombings and in particular about the CCTV footage reported to be connected with the alledged J7 bombers.

Sadly Rachel pays no attention to any possible alternative explanations as to what she casts as purely being in the context of bombing innocent people in London. When actors say “break a leg” or vulture capatilists “make a killing” on the markets, the man who offered a response to a request for words of wisdom, someone tells Mohammed Siddique Khan ‘ A few words of wisdom – kill everyone there is’ may not mean the literal ‘kill’, but could well mean to champion some challenge and succeed as if all opponents had been killed and therefore never be able to challenge the victor.

And in the context of not watching his little girl grow up, that could also mean he was going to Pakistan inorder to undertake religious Study (Pakistan and India are well known for their excellence for Islamic study) abroad and will therefore not be with his daughter.

But Rachel reports there is more CCTV footage of that murderous day on July 7th, for example at a petrol station and so forth.

I am intregued at this, but also angered. The rightful place for such ‘new’ information is NOT from a gradual hemmoraging of material in lock-down under the  possession of the Government but in a totally Independent enquiry that will leave no stone unturned.

I dont have time to write further I’m rushing like mad. Please read Rachels report and decide for yourself if it add to the likely guilt of the supposed 4 bombers.

Gotta shoot ( – Not literally you understand)


Did smart criminals learn from UK false flag terror attacks?

Photo from New Straits Times website.

In Malaysia the other day, an armed robbery took place at one of the most CCTV’d places in the country – The International Airport Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Guess what? It wasn’t captured on CCTV.

When elements within the British establishment snuffed out 52 (probably 56) innocent lives on 7th July 2005. they either sabotaged hundreds of CCTV cameras that day, or are simply sitting on the footage (and possibly destroyed it shortly afterwards).

It is entirely possible such disgusting and scandalous acts have have not been lost on the people who robbed about £1/2 million pounds worth of money in Kuala Lumpur (KL) the other day.

Reports are now saying that the cameras weren’t turned on or/and they had no record feature. Like the British murder fest on 7-7 it’s rather improbable I think.

However, if the criminals are NOT like the deadly rogue elements in Britain, and did not in some way sabotage the CCTV, a very telling point is being lost and doesn’t seem to be discussed in the Malaysian press… the robbers didn’t know the CCTV wasn’t working but did the crime anyway!

The theory CCTV prevents crime is a demonstrated nonsense.

But sadly, one gets the feeling the result will be the same as it is in the UK, and that is the mantra : “the CCTV needs to be better and we need more of it.” will be spouted by intre$ted parties.

I hope the Malaysian people don’t allow themselves to be steamrolled into the same mentally retareded crap the Brits allow ramemd upon them


KLIA Heist: CCTVs not switched on during shoot-out

Friday April 11, 2008, Certain CCTVs at KLIA have no recording feature. By ROYCE CHEAH

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